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Dragon Monarch System – Chapter 59: Worthiness Bahasa Indonesia

Not even an entire day had passed since the Istarin Kingdom had slaughtered 50,000 troops and captured Duke Easton, the news spread faster than wildfire. Throughout the eastern part of the Dying Isle continent, every King, duke, and faction was beyond shocked.

“Your Majesty, are we really going to stand aside and watch as the Istarin the Kingdom conquers more land and becomes the next overlord?” In the Kingdom of Nyland, the current King and his ministers were having a meeting regarding the issue.

“I understand your concerns. But you also have to understand that our current political structure is not stable enough. Soon I will pass the throne to one of my sons. This itself increases the chances of starting a civil war within the Kingdom.”

The King also had some other reasons for staying out of the war. He did not mention those reasons in front of his ministers as some of them had started working for princes. “Send messages to both Kings that the Kingdom of Nyland will host both Kings for a meeting. The meeting shall take place in 3 days in the Kingdom of Thera.”

Meanwhile, Aditya after flying for a few hours finally managed to return to Azure city. The guards looked at their King who had made an unexpected return.

“Your Majesty” Both guards kneeled to show their respect to their King. All the soldiers had immense respect for their king. All the things that Aditya has done this month gained him a lot of respect both from the people and the soldiers.

“You may rise. Take this man to the underground prison.” Aditya threw Easton from the height of 3 meters. The guards caught the Duke who now looked like a beggar.

“Make sure he does not starve to death.”

“Understood your Majesty.” Two of the guards dragged Easton away while other soldiers continued guarding the King’s palace.

Aditya then flew toward the training ground. As soon as he landed, Watson, his butler, and his wife, the Goddess of alchemy both rushed out of the palace to find Aditya.

“Aditya?” After retracting his dragon wings, he turned to Julia who looked at him with a mix of various emotions. Even though it has been less than 2 days since they separated, to them it felt like a year had passed.

“Julia you look beautiful as always.” Today his wife was wearing a beautiful Light purple kimono that truly made her look like a goddess.

Julia slightly smiled as she slowly walked toward the person whom she considered her fiancé. Her each step was filled with elegance. She was like a fairy that had descended on the mortal world.

Today she had tied her purple hair in a bun which exposed her beautiful and seductive nape. Wearing sandals, she lightly walked in Aditya’s direction.

Before Julia always dressed in simple clothes. This was the first time he was seeing her in a traditional outfit. He has to admit, she looked exceptionally good in this outfit that matched her hair color.

After walking in front of Aditya, she pouted which only made her look cuter. She was unhappy about the fact that Aditya did not tell her about the Nepoca Kingdom’s invasion.

Aditya guessed her thoughts and smiled helplessly. “Thanks to the Blackheart, we managed to win both wars. If we are the body of the Istarin military then you’re the internal organs of that body that allowed our military to function smoothly. Because of your hard work, our soldiers were able to heal quickly. Your contribution in this war is bigger than anyone.”

Julia lowered her head trying to hide her smile. These words were more than enough to warm her heart. She felt happy that Aditya was appreciating her hard work. No amount of money or wealth can compare with this warm feeling that was making her heart as sweet as honey.

“Are you hurt?” Julia asked in a low tone.

“I am sorry what did you say?” Aditya couldn’t hear what she just said.

She raised her head to look into his Crimson eyes and asked. “I asked if you’re hurt anywhere.”

“I am not hurt. Even if I was injured, I had your 3-star healing pills. It was all thanks to your pills that we managed to reduce your causalities. You’re the backbone of your military.”

Feeling happy she lowered her head with a smile that bloomed on her face. “I think you deserve a reward. Tell me, is there anything that you want? As long as it’s within my powers, I shall try my best to give it to you.”

“Can I really ask for anything?”

“As long as it’s within my powers.”

She directly into his eyes and asked boldly. “Then, I want you to come and meet my parents.” Aditya’s eyes widened in surprise hearing his wife’s words.

Aditya knew that one day he will have to meet Julia’s parents. He wasn’t expecting that day to come this fast. ‘But thinking back, Julia has been staying here for more than 2 years now. It’s normal for her to miss her parents.’

‘I am not sure how they will react once they meet me.’ Aditya didn’t have the best reputation. There were countless other men out there who were a hundred times better than him in terms of cultivator, influence, and looks. He felt if he went to meet her parents, then her parents would look down on him and will try to separate them.

‘I was thinking of meeting Julia’s parents once I had become worthy enough to hold Julia’s hand in public without hiding our identities.’ Aditya wasn’t arrogant enough to think that he was worthy enough to deserve the most beautiful girl on this continent.

After spending some time with her, he began to feel that he needs to become someone who will make his wives proud. He did not want his wives to feel ashamed mentioning his name in the public.

Another reason why King Ahmed and Aditya never let anyone in this part of the continent know the fact that he was the husband of the 7 goddesses was because they knew that the public will ridicule Aditya. Although Aditya does not care about his reputation, he knew that these opinions would affect his wives.

“Julia, I….” Aditya was feeling a little conflicted. Julia was from a noble house that had thousands of years of history. Her father, who was the Duke of one of the strongest Kingdoms on the whole continent had the power to destroy even a 4th-tier Kingdom within a single night. The house of Onard had multiple 4th-order powerhouses under their command.

‘Forget about Julia’s identity as the Goddess of alchemy. Just her family background was something I can’t compete with.’ There was a huge difference between 3rd-order and 4th-order. It was like comparing an ant with an elephant.

“I understand your worries. But trust me, my parents are not the kind of people who looks down on others.” Aditya smiled feeling a little relieved.

“I don’t think I can visit your parents now. I have to deal with lots of administration work.” In fact, Aditya was planning on heading to the Zulux dynasty capital tomorrow to officially take over the Kingdom.

“Then how about visiting my parents after a month’s time?” Julia also received the letter that her mother send asking her to return home with her fiancé.

After a moment of thinking, Aditya realized that by one month he should be able to deal with all of his administrative work and should have some free time if the Nepoca Kingdom does not start another invasion. “Alright.”

“Good” Julia smiled like a child which Aditya found very cute.

“Watson, you can come out now?” To not disturb them, Watson purposely didn’t come out to greet his Majesty.

“Your Majesty, congratulations on winning two big battles.”

“Hahaha! There is no need for much congratulations.” Following Aditya, Julia stayed out of the conversation between Watson and Aditya. She was not interested in administration stuff. Politics always made her confused.

After a few hours of talking with Watson, the trio had dinner and then went to sleep.

Next morning,

Aditya woke up early in the morning. Last time had slept in his office. After quickly washing up, he left after letting Watson know about it.

While flying, Aditya finally took some time to check on his stats.

“My stats have significantly improved after. Now my level has reached 100 meaning that my cultivation has reached Mid phase of 2nd-order. If I continue with this speed, I should reach the Peak phase of 2nd-order within a few weeks.”

[_Strength: – 209 → 220

_Speed: – 377 + [100+] → 388 + [100+]

_Stamina: – 209 → 220

_Health: – 209 → 220

_Mana: – 2,781 → 2,792

_Free stats: – 68 → 90 ]

“My biggest asset in a battle is my mana and my agility. My agility has allowed me to win against 3rd-order cultivators. Currently, my agility is [388+], and combining the [100+] agility boost that I get from the Bracelet of Wind Fairy, my agility is only [12+] away from reaching [500+] point.” After some thinking, Aditya decided to put [12+] free stats points to his agility. He decided to put [8+] free stats in his mana to let his mana hit [2,800+] points. And then put the rest of his free points to his other stats which were lagging behind.

[_Name: – Aditya Bainnith

_Race: – Dragon

_Bloodline: – Crimson Heavenly Dragon

_Class: – War Dancer, Rune Monarch

_Level: – 100

_Innate Skill: – Instant learning and adaptation, Crimson Blaze, Weapon Grandmaster, Runic Enchantment, Dragon Transformation

_Passive skill: – Eruption Wave, Crimson Blink, Silence Mind, Blast of Divine Fury, Aura of Soul Fire, Lunar Vision, Disturbance of Blessings, Mystic Surge, Charm of Inferno Rune, Lightning Dash

_Artifact: – Bracelet of Wind Fairy, Crown of Seven Sea

_Strength: – 220 → 235

_Speed: – 388 + [100+] → 400 + [100+]

_Stamina: – 220 → 235

_Health: – 220 → 235

_Mana: – 2,792 → 2,800

_Free stats: – 90 → 25]

Aditya decided to keep [25+] in case of an emergency. He liked to keep some free points for tough situations where his stats is not enough.

Lightning dash!

[100+ agility]

Now that he had [2,800+] mana, he could use his skills without worrying about his mana consumption. Just as he activated the passive skill Lightning dash his speed increased to [600+].


Like a rocket, Aditya shot in the direction of Luneburg City which previously was the capital of the Zulux Dynasty.


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