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Dragon Monarch System – Chapter 184: Aditya vs Ashley [l];experience vs Talent Bahasa Indonesia

With each passing second, Aditya could the Aura of the Peak 5th-order cultivator getting closer to him. Aditya did not move from his place. He fearlessly stood there; waiting for the person who had almost killed him.


The old man appeared in front of Aditya. The ground beneath him cracks like a spider web just from his landing impact.

The old man Ashley stared at Aditya for a second before smiling. “Do you have any idea how many kilometers I searched for you and your friends? Hahaha! Now the mouse and cat cashing game are over.”

Ashley was laughing. He wasn’t taking Aditya seriously at all. The reason for this came from his strength. This time he was determined to kill this Divine Dragon once and for all.

“Before we start fighting, I want to ask you a question?” Aditya was on full alert mode. If the old man moved his body even an inch, he was ready to attack.

“What question?”

“Why are you helping the Mutant fire ants?” When the whole expedition team entered the Heavenly Hemlock Forest, one of the elders betrayed them. Tate was clearly trying to help the mutant fire ants. After Tate, now this old man. Clearly, someone or some organization or some third party is behind this.

“Why don’t you guess?” Ashley asked back with a smile.

“Maybe because you want something from the Ethereal Empire or you and others have some past hatred for the Ethereal Empire.” Aditya is not sure how many people are helping the mutant fire ants.

“Hahaha! You’re right. We and the mutant fire ant have a common enemy and that common enemy is the existence of the Ethereal Empire.” From the old man’s words, it was clear that there were other beings helping the mutant fire ants. Tate, the former elder of the Ethereal Empire whom Aditya killed was also a part of this.

“You don’t have to think too much. Your time has come to an end.” When Aditya blinked his eyes and opened them, the old man Ashley was in front of Aditya. He widened his eyes seeing a golden spear coming for his chest.

Aditya moved his right hand and managed to change the golden spear’s path using the Adamantite Doomblade.


The old man for a small second looked very surprised that Aditya had managed to dodge his attack. Ashley became serious after seeing that his target can match his speed. Seeing that his attack has been deflected, Ashley raised his right knee to kick Aditya but Aditya managed to see it in time. He quickly landed a full-powered punch on Ashley’s right knee.

Ashley felt pain in his right knee which again surprised him. It seems Aditya’s strength also has increased. The power in Aditya’s punch made Ashley believe that Aditya’s current strength was also matching his strength.


Once again both Ashley’s and Aditya’s spear and black sword clashed. Both cultivators exchanged few a moves. Ashley tried to attack Aditya in different ways but it seems no matter which way he tried to attack, Aditya was always able to see it and block it.


Unknown to Aditya and Ashley. Each time their attacks clashed, big shockwaves was released. Each shockwaves was strong enough to destroy everything within 50 meters range. The shockwaves was so strong that the ground had shattered like glass. Countless cracks had formed on the ground. The trees around them already had been destroyed to the point where not even a single evidence of greenery was left behind.


Each time both of their attacks clashed, the ground would slightly tremble. Neither Aditya nor Ashley had even gotten serious yet. If a 1st-order cultivator was hit with the shockwave that was being produced as a result of their attacks clashing, that 1st-order cultivator’s body would instantly be ripped apart.




It has been less than 30 seconds since the battle between the two powerhouses started. Even though for an ordinary person only 30 seconds have passed. But for Aditya and Ashley, in these 30 seconds, a lot has happened. Ashley and Aditya have exchanged more than 150 moves. Both of them has managed to learn new things about their opponent.

Ashley was frightened to learn that whatever technique he used for attacking Aditya was being copied and reused against him. What’s more, at the starting, it was Ashley who was attacking while Aditya was on the defense. But at the end, Ashley was forced to defend while Aditya fiercely attacked him. In the end, Ashley was beginning to feel as if he was fighting against himself.

Each attack was deadlier than the previous one. If Ashley failed to block even a single attack from Aditya, he felt this battle would be over. Without him even realizing it, a beginner 3rd-order had managed to make him very serious. After a certain point, he began using his full speed without holding back. But to his horror, Aditya was still able to keep up with his speed.



Ashley gritted his teeth while taking a step back. ‘What this is? I am being pushed back.’ Ashley was finding it increasingly difficult to block Aditya’s deadly strikes.

‘This brat is not even 20 years old, yet he is overwhelming me.’ Ashley suddenly felt annoyed and felt his pride was in the line. Ashley was over 500 years old. He had lived long enough to call himself one of the best spear users on the continent. Ashley might not be talented in cultivation but when it came to using a spear, no one was able to match his talent. It was his talent in using a spear that gave him an advantage even when he fought against cultivators who were more powerful than him.

But for the first time in his entire life, Ashley found that his own talent lacking in front of a man who is not even 20 years old. Although it pained him to admit this even with his 500+ years of experience he couldn’t land a single strike on Aditya.

Suddenly the old man stopped. He jumped 20 meters away from Aditya. Ashley began putting more of his mana into the diamond-shaped black earring on his left ear which was a Peak 4-star artifact.

The black diamond-shaped earring started glowing in light blue color making Aditya confused. Before he can realize what was going on, the old man Ashley vanished from his place. This time Aditya couldn’t even see the old man moving.

Suddenly Aditya felt something behind him. It was the old man who somehow had managed to teleport behind Aditya. From the corner of his eyes, he managed to see the tip of the golden spear a few inches away from his back. Aditya’s face turned pale as he realized that even with his current speed, it would be impossible for him to dodge this attack.

Ashley couldn’t help but smile showing his white teeth as he knew that his attack was going to hit Aditya. At this moment he was 100 and 10% sure that his attack won’t fail.


Just when the tip of the spear was about to touch Aditya’s back, the crimson lightning that had covered his body suddenly intensified. In that milli-second, the old man Ashley could do nothing but watch in shock. Under his shocked gaze, Aditya’s entire body transformed into Crimson lightning. It was as if Aditya’s body was made up of crimson lightning itself. Before the spear can even touch the crimson lightning at an unbelievable speed, Aditya’s body turned into seven bolts of crimson lightning and spread in 7 directions.

Crimson Lightning Blink!

The 7-crimson Lightning Blink moved faster than Ashley can even react. Even for Aditya, his current speed was just too fast. He was even having trouble controlling his current speed. After his Crimson Blink reached 3rd order and evolved to Crimson lightning blink, the power of the skill had been upgraded. While he was in Crimson lightning form, he had gained an additional [800+] boost in his agility which previously was [2385+].

In less than a second, all 7 bolts of crimson lightning turned toward Ashley. Even before the old man could react the 7 lightning bolts hit the old man which sent him flying like a cannonball.

Far away, Alicia, Sylvie, Noah and Nora, all four heard a loud cracking sound. Four of them looked at each other fully knowing that this cracking sound must have been Aditya’s lightning attack.

Meanwhile, all 7 bolts of crimson lightning joined together and took the shape of Aditya’s body. A second later, Aditya returned to his human form. He looked at the direction in which Ashley was sent flying.

‘Even if he is a Peak 5th-order, that attack must have been killed him.’ Aditya was 90% sure of it.

『Crimson Lightning Blink: –


『Description』: – An rare evolved form of Molten Volt. This skill is a combination of fire and lightning nature. After reaching 3rd-order, this skill now has been upgraded from Crimson Blink to Crimson Lightning Blink. The host is the first person to have this skill in the entire universe.

『Function 1』: – When this skill is used the user can transform into lightning for 20 seconds. For the first 10 seconds, the skill will consume [200+] mana while for the last 10 seconds the skill mana consumption will be doubled to become [400+].

『Function 2』: – When the user transforms into a bolt of lightning, for the next 20 seconds the user’s speed will be increased by [800+].

『Function 3』: – After transforming into Crimson lightning, any type of physical and mental attack will not affect the user.

Note: – The Crimson blink will enter into a cool-down period of 12 hours after each use.』

『Ding! Crimson Lightning Blink has entered into a 12-hour cool-down period. For 12 hours, the host won’t be able to use this skill.』

Aditya took out his Adamantite Doomblade which he was put in his storage ring right before his whole body transformed into Crimson lightning. This also made Aditya a little confused. He realized that after his entire body turned into crimson lightning, even his clothes the artifacts he was wearing, and the storage ring also had turned into Crimson lightning.

“Does it mean I can also transform any object that I am holding or wearing into Crimson lightning when I am using this skill?” Aditya wasn’t sure. Whenever he has used this skill in the past, his focus always has been on defeating his enemy. He never paid attention to such details.


More than 2000 meters away, there was a figure lying in a crater. The area around the crater was destroyed. The crater itself was more than 50 meters deep and 100 meters wide. If someone saw this crater they would think this crater was formed from an explosion. But in reality, in place of this crater, a small rocky mountain used to exist here.

That attack had sent the Peak 5th-order Ashley like a missile. In less than 5 seconds, his back had broken countless trees, and shoulders as he flew crushing into this small rocky mountain.

At the center of the crater, there was an old man who was buried under countless stones and rocks. The old man opened his eyes. There was a white transparent bubble-like barrier surrounding his body.

Just as the old man opened his eyes, the bubble-like barrier began cracking. Seeing this the old man closed his palm into a fist and punched the stones that were burying him.


All the stones and rocks that was burying the old man was crushed. As the old man finally stood up, the bubble barrier finally shattered like glass.

To be continued______

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