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He somehow endured the pain that was testing his very consciousness. It was a struggle to keep his eyes open. He never thought that a single attack would damage his body this much. Aditya had a feeling that even if he wipes the blood from his right eye, he would never be able to see anything with his right again.

“Alicia?” The first thing Aditya did was to move his wings to check on Alicia. Fortunately the princess was alright. Other than her face being covered in his blood, nothing else had happened to her.

The goddess of wealth opened her eyes and the first thing that she saw was Aditya’s concerned face. In less than a second, she noticed the blood covering half of his face and his forehead. Even though more than half of his face was covered in blood, she can feel the pain that was written on his expression and reflected on his eyes.

Alicia’s eyes moved from looking at his face to his right arm. It would be an understatement to say that Aditya’s right arm has been injured or damaged. The fact that his right arm was still there somehow connected with the rest of his body was a miracle itself. Looking at his right arm, it was as if someone had stabbed his right arm’s flesh over and over; until the flesh on his right arm was cut to the point where his bone also could be seen.

In some areas, his own flesh was hanging, barely attached to his right own. It was as if someone had peeled off his flesh. Red Crimson blood was oozing out of his body non-stop. Within 10 seconds, more than half of Aditya’s body was covered in his own blood.

Alicia’s eyes then moved to his right wing. The condition of his right wing was even worse than his right arm. There was huge fist size holes on his wings. Alicia was able to see the white bones that was covered in blood in some areas. 90% of his wing was utterly destroyed to the point where Alicia doubted if Aditya will be able to use his wings again in his life time.

Not just that, but also the impact of the attack had broken several of his ribs. His right shoulder had been cracked. Aditya was also feeling pain from the right side of his neck and the right part of his skull. If he had to guess even his skull had cracked from the impact. Even Aditya who has just killed 7 beginner 5th-order cultivators with his top speed wasn’t able to see anything. If he did not had dragon senses which is a natural ability that every dragon had, Aditya probably would have died today.

The veil that kept the beautiful and charming face of the Goddess hidden from the rest of the world was no longer there. At this moment the princess of the Ethereal Empire felt choked as her eyes turned red. Her entire body was trembling as she stared at Aditya. Even though she wanted to say thousand words at this moment to comfort him or to ask him if he was okay or not, for some reason nothing came out of mouth no matter how much she tried. It was also at this moment Alicia hated herself. Not only she ended up becoming a burden to Aditya. Now she couldn’t even utter a single word in this situation.

Huff! huff! Huff! Huff!

Aditya panted like a wounded like that is about to die. It was taking his all to just keep his consciousness from fading. Using his right hand, Aditya somehow pushed Alicia and tried to stand up but when he tried to exert force to stand, his body began trembling. His legs started shaking and more blood began coming out of his body.

‘Idiot stop moving otherwise you will die.’ Alicia wanted to shout and say these words but nothing came out from her mouth. She felt as if someone was choking her throat. Making her feel suffocated.

With her shaky and fragile hands, two pairs of soft palms reached out for his face. This made him turn his attention to her. Without any notice or warning, Aditya found his face buried in her soft, comforting, and warm bosom.

“Don’t…go…” This was the first time the princess of the Ethereal Empire, the goddess of wealth and the richest businesswoman on this planet had shown her fragile side to anyone. The princess who was also the goddess has never shown her weak side to anyone. She always stood proud. No one in this world, not even her family, had seen the princess looking this fragile and weak. The proud, calm and reserved woman of the past now looked like a weak, and fragile girl whose eyes had nothing but endless tears.

Aditya barely heard her words. Her words were barely audible in his ear. Aditya somehow raised his right hand to look for his storage ring and as expected from the impact the storage ring had fallen somewhere from his middle finger. It was not just his storage ring but also his mid 5-star black sword also had fallen somewhere as he was flying like a cannonball.

[Health: – 02/336]

This was the first time Aditya’s health had dropped so low. His injuries was so worse that it was a miracle that he was still alive. Aditya knew that if he didn’t had the Divine Dragon Bloodline which had made his body tougher compared to normal 3rd-order cultivators and if not for his dragon scales which only further enhanced his defense, his entire body would have been exploded like a water balloon.

At this moment the princess did not care the blood staining her body. She did not care how close they were. What she cared about was his health. Looking at the blood that seems to endlessly kept coming out of her body, she feared that he might die soon. Her shaky right hand was still holding Aditya’s head to her bosom while her other hand managed to take out the Peak 5-star healing pill from the storage ring.

Without any hesitation, without caring how much many millions she had to spend to get this healing pill, she put the green viny an inch size pill in his mouth.

Feeling a pill in his mouth, Aditya shallowed it.

As soon as the pill reached his stomach, a green color Aura began spreading around Aditya’s entire body. In a few seconds his entire body was covered by a green Aura that was slowly healing his wounds. Aditya closed his eyes. With the green Aura, the endless pain in his body also began decreasing. Aditya’s bleeding stopped first before his tissues began regenerating.

“You….” Aditya was about to ask what kind of pill this was, but Alicia put her index finger on his lips and stopped him.

“I will tell you later.” At this moment Aditya saw a different type of emotion in Alicia’s eyes. The way she looked at Aditya had changed. Actually this change started happening when Aditya, Alicia, Sylvie and Noah came to the blackwood city and fought mutant fire ants.

Ever since that time, the goddess has been showing her different sides to Aditya. Aditya never thought Alicia would have a playful side. Before he only used to think that this woman is always serious and workaholic. But surprisingly she had other personalities as well. She can become playful. She can become a normal high school girl. It’s just that she never showed any other sides to anyone.


Sylvie and Nora both women were shocked beyond words. Both of them were left speechless. Their bodies froze as they watched Aditya and Alicia being sent flying at super fast speed. Even to them everything happened in the blink of an eye. Everything was so fast that it wasn’t until Aditya crushed on the giant boulder that they realized what was happening.

As for the elite soldiers and Noah, they couldn’t even understand what was happening. It was only when they heard the sound of trees breaking they realized something was wrong.

“Who are you?” Noah looked at the old man that was silently standing in the air and looking at Aditya’s direction. Noah’s words also had attracted the attention of everyone. Sylvie, Nora and every one of the elite soldiers turned their attention to the man that was standing in the air and looking at Aditya’s direction.

“To think the brat would be able to survive my attack.” The old man looked shocked seeing that Aditya has managed to survive his attack. He normal 3rd-order’s body would have exploded from that attack yet Aditya, a mere beginner 3rd-order was able to survive this attack and also protect the princess, this was simply amazing. This also goes to show just how much potential Aditya had.

“It’s shame that I will have to kill a young man with this much potential. Even in the main continent his talent would be considered at the very top.” The old man paid no attention to other members of the expedition team.

“However for the sake of my dream I will have to kill you child.” The old man’s eyes flashed in regret as he slowly began flying in Aditya and Alicia’s direction. However just when he had started flying, everyone stood in his path and stopped him.

The old man looked at Noah, Nora and Sylvie. Suddenly the look on his face changed. His expression went from being neutral to full of killing intent. “Move out of the way or I won’t mind killing you all either.” At this moment Sylvie and Nora, both of their faces turned deadly pale as they realized that the old man in front of them was a Peak 5th-order cultivator.

Even if they had 10 or even 100 Beginner 5th-order cultivators at this moment, it won’t be enough to stop this old man. The different between a beginner 5th-order and a Peak 5th-order is just too big. There was a stats difference of 2000+ in these two ranks. The old man can literally kill any third-order with his Aura. The old man was beyond dangerous. The appearance of a Peak 5th-order meant nothing but death.

‘This is really bad. Currently Aditya is badly injured while I am not sure about Alicia. Though I can still sense her Aura meaning that she is still alive. Aditya’s Aura is getting weaker. It is as if the candle that his representing his life is about to burn out. If this continues Aditya will probably die in a few minutes. But if Alicia feeds him the 5th-order healing pill, then he might be able to make it.’

But this wasn’t their current problem. ‘How do we deal with his old man? First of all, why is he even helping the mutant fire ants? Does he not care about the lives of the people.? Since even Aditya couldn’t stop this old man, I don’t think even if I and Nora combine our strength we will be able to stop him either.’

“Everyone Aditya has done everything in his powers to protect us. Now it’s our time to protect him.” Noah then looked at the old man who had long white hair and white eyebrow. The old man had a few wrinkles on his face. He looked like a handsome 50 years old man. But his real age was probably above a few century.

The old man was around 6 feet tall. He was wearing an old Yukata. He was holding a golden spear in his right hand. He had a diamond shaped black earring on his left ear and he was wearing a jade bead on his right arm.

“If you want to stand in my way then I will have to kill you all as well.” The old man replied in an emotionless tone. Even though there was no killing intent in his words, everyone felt a chill running down their spine hearing his words.

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