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Aditya sighed again. These days he was so busy that he barely had time to see his woman not to mention finding a prime minister. The only time that Aditya ever saw Julia was when they were having their meals. “I just did not get time to do it.”

“Having a trusted prime minister can let you have more free time.”

“Speaking of time, maybe in a few more days, I will have to leave with Alicia.” Instead of hearing Julia’s reply on the matter, what Aditya got was a pinch on his wrist.

“I apologize but I have to keep my promise to her.” Aditya felt a little guilty. In these two months, he had barely spent any time with his wife. Now he was going to leave in a few days with another woman. It was normal for Julia to feel jealous and maybe sad as well.


“Also, it’s not like I am leaving forever. I will be staying there for not more than 15 days at most. Besides, I can return any time using the teleportation array.”

“I am pretty much done with my work. Why don’t we have a date today?” Before leaving Aditya wanted to spend as much time as possible with Julia.

“No, I have important work today. Sister Paige and I will be recruiting some female alchemist.” Two months ago just when the war ended, Julia called Paige here. Paige was made the vice assistant of Goddess Julia. Being taught by Julia herself, Paige was a capable alchemist that many factions sought out.

“Paige can do all that by herself. She is very capable.” Julia pushed Aditya aside and got up.

“No, this is an important matter. We’re recruiting alchemists for the Istarin Kingdom so I will need to be there. There are more than 1000 female cultivators who are applying to become an official alchemist of the Istarin Kingdom. I have to make sure that only the talented and hard-working ones are selected.”

When it came to things related to Alchemy, Julia was always very serious about it. It’s not that she did not trust Sister Paige, rather she felt Paige was not made for this kind of task. Paige was a quiet type of person. She will only speak when necessary.

“When are you going to be free?” Aditya also got up and then removed the blanket that was covering his body. Aditya’s upper body was naked. He was shamelessly flexing his upper naked body in front of Julia.

However, Julia did not look the least bit disturbed as she had seen his upper naked body many times. This was not the first time he was sleeping like this.

“I should be free by evening.” Julia got up from the bed.

“Alright. Then our date will start in the late evening. Be ready.”

Julia did not reply. Instead, she walked out of his bedroom. “I will consider.” Aditya heard her reply after she walked out of his room.

When Julia walked out of his bedroom, the maids who were walking in the hallway giggled seeing Lady Julia walking out of his Majesty’s room. By now, everyone in the castle knew Aditya’s relationship with Lady Julia.

“Thank you for working hard as always.” As Julia had worked as a Maid for 2 years, she knew how difficult the life of a maid was. She had a deep respect for Maids. Whenever she saw a maid, she would always greet them and praise them. Her small act can make the maid’s days brighter.

As Julia walked past the maids, the maids bowed to Julia.

“Lady Julia is so kind to us.”

“I want to become just like her.”

“Did you know that Lady Julia used to work as a Maid back when the Istarin Empire was still the smallest Kingdom in the Eastern region?”

“There is no way I will believe that.” The new maid refused to accept it. Everyone knew how high Lady Julia’s position was. She had the second most authority after the King himself. So the thought of Lady Julia working as a maid felt more like a joke to the new maid.

“Really? Lady Julia is the head of the alchemist division. She was in charge of making pills for the soldiers.”

“Since you’re new here, let me explain. Lady Julia was made the alchemist division head around 2 and a half months ago. Before that, her status was just like ours. But no one in the royal palace dares to look down on Lady Julia.”

“In the future, it wouldn’t be surprising if Lady Julia becomes the Empress.”

Julia did not know what the maids were talking about. After leaving Aditya’s room, the goddess was heading to the living room. She was planning on waiting for Aditya to wash up before they can have breakfast together.

“To think in 5 months, the small castle where I once worked would change this much.” Compared to that small, old, gloomy, and dark castle, the royal palace was around 10 times bigger. There were more than hundreds of maids working in the royal palace. They made sure to keep the royal palace clean.

After walking to the living room, Julia was surprised to see an unexpected guest waiting for them. This guest was nonother than Alicia. Right now Alicia was sitting on the couch and silently enjoying her tea. Behind the couch, Alicia’s maid was silently standing. Seeing Julia coming, she politely nodded her head.

After heading her head back to the maid, Julia turned to Alicia. “I wasn’t expecting you to come here.”

Alicia put the tea cup on the table and looked at Julia with a smile. Right now the goddess wasn’t hiding her face so Julia was able to see her smile. “Good morning, Julia. I had some business with Aditya. But it turned out that he is sleeping. I thought it wouldn’t hurt to wait for him while enjoying this expensive tea that he bought.” Alicia then picked up the teacup and took a sip with her eyes closed.

Julia was surprised to hear Alicia’s reply. Alicia hated waiting for others. But now Julia found her long-known friend changing a little. Julia wondered why Alicia was alright with waiting for Aditya. She suppressed the questions in her heart before greeting her back with a smile. “Good morning, Alicia. If you did not have breakfast yet then why don’t you join us for a light breakfast? I will order the chef to cook something delicious for you.”

“I will pass. By the way, is he awake yet? Normally he would be awake by 5 in the morning.” Aditya and the Guild leader had many transactions in the past two months. In their meetings, Alicia learned how hard-working Aditya really was. Aditya was not a lazy type of person. He was the type of Emperor who would get up earliest in the whole royal palace.

Aditya had to buy materials to make mana gathering formations, teleportation arrays, defensive arrays, and illusion arrays. “Well, today Aditya decided to take a break. For the last three weeks, Aditya did not get a wink of sleep. Even if he is a beginner 3rd-order cultivator, staying sleepless for so many nights can harm his body and also making his brain function slower. I and Watson managed to convince him to take some rest. Who would have thought that he would end up sleeping more than 12 hours?”


“It seems he was mentally exhausted.” Julia sat on the opposite couch facing Alicia.

“By the way, when are you planning on taking Aditya with you to Westnia continent?” Julia curiously asked. Alicia was like a friend to her. A few years back, when Julia was still living in Apogale city with her parents, she happened to meet the Goddess of wealth. Apparently, the goddess of wealth wanted some pills which Julia gladly made. From there both became friends. Alicia helped Julia many times when she was in need. The same could be said for Alicia. Alicia even met Julia’s mother once. Both were close enough to call each other’s names without using any formalities.

“Before I answer, let me tell you this. I have no intention of taking away your men. If possible I don’t want to take this path at all. These two months I have been doing my best to get more time. Unfortunately, my parents had reached their limit. They said that if I did not introduce my boyfriend within 3 days, they will come to Dying Isle continent to find me. Not only that, my mother even threatened me to say that she is going to expose my fake identity in Dying Isle if I don’t bring my boyfriend home.” Alicia had a helpless smile on her face.

She had no romantic feelings for Aditya. Alicia felt very happy that Julia, one of her only a few friends has found a life partner. If possible, Alicia rather not separate Aditya from Julia knowing that this could potentially hurt her.

“Alicia, do I look angry to you?”


“Look I understand the situation of your home. Besides, as that bad man’s wife, you also have the equal right to possess him. From the moment, Aditya had defeated the Zulux dynasty, I knew that he was destined to attract women like magnets. I won’t be mad even if you learn to love him and decide to become one of his wives.”

Alicia was touched by Julia’s words however she felt that her friend was misunderstanding her. “Julia, I will never fall for Aditya. I am not his wife and I will never become his wife.”

Seeing her serious face, Julia only shrugged her shoulders and nodded. ‘Only time will tell’

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