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Dragon Monarch System – Chapter 145: Conversation between two Goddesses Bahasa Indonesia

“Aditya, stop sleeping and wake up already.” Julia was here in Aditya’s room to wake him up.

“5 for minutes” Aditya replied in a sleepy tone before covering his face with the blanket.

“You have said the same line more than ten times. It’s already 9 in the morning.” However, Aditya did not care what Julia was saying. He was sleeping comfortably under the warm blanket.

“It looks like I have no choice but to force you to get up.” Julia leaned forward and just when she was about to grab the blanket, a hand suddenly shot out under the blanket and grabbed her hand before pulling her.


Julia cried out in surprise. The next second she found herself on the bed with this bad wolf. “Let me go, you wolf.” However, instead of listening to the Goddess’s words, Aditya put his left hand on her slim and soft waist and pulled her close to his body.

When her back touched his chest, she felt the warmth that was radiating from his body. “What are you doing?” Julia shyly asked while struggling to get out of bed. With each passing second, her struggle was getting weaker and weaker.

“I am holding my dear wife. Am I not allowed to cuddle?” Aditya tenderly asked. Her body slightly shivered hearing his warm voice which was filled with love.

Hearing these words, the goddess could not stop a smile from appearing on her face as her cheeks slightly blushed. Meanwhile, Aditya took this chance to give his wife a kiss on the cheek. It felt so good to kiss and bite her cheeks. But right now Aditya went for the kiss, knowing that his wife will be triggered if he bites her cheeks.

“I wonder what would the people say seeing that the great Istarin Emperor is acting like a spoiled child.” Without even realizing it, Julia’s head was resting on his right arm. The dragon king did not feel any discomfort.

“They would say that I am a caring, kind, gentle, husband who loves and adores his wife.” Aditya replied after giving her another kiss.

“Hmph! This princess hasn’t agreed to marry you yet. But if you manage to make me happy and win my heart, then I don’t mind giving you a chance.”

“Wife, how can you say that after all the things that we have done together?” Aditya pretended to be heartbroken.

“We only held hands, went on 2 dates, hugged and cuddled and…..kissed.” The last part was barely audible to Aditya. Even with his enhanced senses, he barely was able to hear her words.

“You don’t have to feel shy you know. We have kissed each other so many times.” Aditya did not understand when will her shy princess will stop being shy. What lies behind her tsundere personality was a shy girl who wants to do all the things that a couple does. But she was too shy to express it out.

Julia did not say anything in response. She instead pinched his left arm and snorted.

“Wife, are you mad at me?”




“I am sorry this 2 months I hardly was able to give you any time or attention. Most of the time I was locked in my office.” Two months and 9 days have passed since the Istarin Kingdom has taken over the Nyland Kingdom. In these two months, a lot has happened. The whole Istarin Kingdom went through changes. Also now the Istarin Kingdom has officially become the Istarin Empire.

An Empire that controls 90% of the total land of the Eastern region. Other than the Istarin Empire, there were only two kingdoms that existed in the Eastern region. One was the Thera Kingdom which was currently surrounded by the Istarin Kingdom from all sides.

The other was a kingdom located far northern edge of the Eastern region. It was a big kingdom located beyond the 13 kingdoms that previously joined hands with the Nepoca Kingdom. This kingdom was known as the Storm Isle Dynasty.

The Storm Isle Dynasty was the oldest Dynasty in the eastern region. It was one of the oldest Dynasties in the entire continent of the Dying Isle. The Storm Isle was surrounded by water from three sides. The Dynasty only shared borders with the Istarin Empire. Being surrounded by water from 3 sides made it extremely difficult to attack this Dynasty. In the past, any faction or any foreign Kingdom that has tried to attack this Dynasty has always failed. It is said that the Storm Isle dynasty has one of the most powerful water mages on the whole continent.

The Water mages have big advantages when fighting against foreign forces because of being surrounded by water from three sides. Not only that, the Storm Isle has one of the biggest ports in the Eastern region but that record is about to be broken by the Istarin Empire. The Storm Isle nearly has trade relations with all of the continents.

Despite being around only 4 times bigger than the Thera Kingdom, the Storm Isle’s wealth is even higher than the Istarin Empire. Their vast wealth is what attracted other kings in the past to attack them. Even 7 months ago, a foolish king from the Westnia continent tried to attack the Storm Isle, only to be defeated and humiliated badly.

The current Storm Isle ruler was an Empress. The Empress was a mysterious woman who never showed her face to anyone. But rumor has it that the Empress is equally beautiful as the 7 goddesses.

Right after the Istarin Empire take over the Nyland Kingdom, the Empress personally wrote a letter to King Aditya. Thus, an agreement was made. All three remaining rulers in the Eastern region decided to meet. It was mainly the Storm Isle Dynasty’s Empress and the Thera Kingdom’s king who wanted to meet Aditya.

After the Istarin Empire took over 15 Kingdoms within a week time, both rulers were afraid that the Istarin Empire might target their territories. This was especially true for the Thera Kingdom which was currently surrounded by Istarin Land from all sides. If in case of some sort of attack, the Thera kingdom would have nowhere to escape.

Aditya agreed to meet two rulers. The meeting was held in Azure city which was the capital of the vast Istarin Empire after 5 days. During the meeting, Aditya promised and even signed an agreement to not attack the Thera kingdom or the Storm Isle dynasty. However, he also added that if he found that any of the two parties are working against his enemies or secretly trying to harm his Empire in any way, the Istarin Empire won’t hesitate to strike back.

Both rulers agreed with Aditya’s demand and the agreement was signed. After the agreement was signed, the Thera King was most relieved. Aditya also had promised the Thera king that their trade relations will continue like before.

What came next was endless work for Aditya. Aditya went through long hours of paper and finally decided to give the dragonians who helped him immensely in this war with the rank of noble. All the captured territories were divided and disturbed. The dragonians had his blood and there was no possibility of the dragonians betraying him. Naturally, all the nobles of his Empire had to follow the merit-earning point system. All the dragonians were given the rank of Viscount.

Just appointing the dragonians to take care of his territories wasn’t enough. As most of the dragonians were slaves or soldiers from lower-class families, they had no knowledge of how they should govern their territories.

So Aditya had large work in his hands. He spend countless sleepless nights writing detailed plans on how they should govern their territories. What necessary steps they should take to improve the condition of their territories?

After the matter of the dragonians was taken care of. Aditya then focused his attention on increasing the defense of his Empire. Since the cities of Nyland had teleportation arrays, Aditya did not need to make any teleportation arrays. He only needed a few hours to make defensive arrays that were powerful enough to even stop a 4th-order from entering the city.

As for his territories that were located beyond the Thera Kingdom, there was no need to build any teleportation arrays or any defensive arrays. First of all, the territories in the north were very poorly developed and weren’t that rich. So the enemies weren’t going to attack that part of the territory. Second of all, those territories of his were protected by his dragonians. And the third reason was that it would take Aditya at least an entire month just to make teleportation arrays in all the cities in the north.

He at least made sure to distribute his soldiers to each city. Each city had 1,000 soldiers protecting it. He also made sure to send Nathan and his whole division to kill a large number of thugs and criminals that were hiding in his northern territory. Nathan perfectly completed his job. After becoming a dragonian he had managed to reach beginner 3rd-order. Right now he was the best assassin in the entire Eastern region.

Aside from hunting the criminals and thugs, Nathan was also tasked to kill the nobles who worked for the kings of those 13 kingdoms. Aditya was sure that those nobles will become a headache if he lets them live. Also, the nobles must have fled with a large number of gold coins. Aditya wanted those gold coins to develop his territories.

In these two months, Nathan has killed over 10,000 criminals, thugs, and nobles. But knowing that there were still some more rats left to be cleaned, Aditya did not call Nathan back.

Along with the increase in his territories, Aditya also had to recruit a large number of soldiers. He also turned a large number of them into his dragonians. The dragonians were his personal army. This time more soldiers agreed to become dragonians knowing that dragonians have a chance of becoming noble. For a normal soldier, becoming a noble is like a dream.

Ever since the day Aditya killed the Deep Sea palace king, he had placed all the Wild Dragon and Wyverns in the High tide Harbor city. If the Deep Sea palace did dare to attack the Istarin Empire for revenge, the combined powers of more than a few hundred powerful Wild dragons and Wyverns should be more than enough to deal with them.

Unfortunately, there was no attack or not news from the Deep Sea Palace. The Deep Sea Palace acted as if they did not care about the loss of half of million mermen soldiers and their King. Their silence worried Aditya. Aditya felt that the Deep Sea palace was secretly planning something. Or Maybe he was just overthinking. Regardless, Aditya handled this matter with utter importance. Not knowing the power of his enemy, Aditya remained on his guard.

“Get up. It’s already late. Your duties as the Emperor are waiting to be completed.”


“I feel very tired.” Not physically tried, it was mental exhaustion. There is a limit on how much Aditya and Watson can together do.

“Why don’t you appoint someone as your prime minister?”

“I just can’t find anyone who meets my expectations.” Julia rolled her eyes.

“Did you ever try looking for a prime minister?”


Aditya sighed again. These days he was so busy that he barely had time to see his woman not to mention finding a prime minister. The only time that Aditya ever saw Julia was when they were having their meals. “I just did not get time to do it.”

“Having a trusted prime minister can let you have more free time.”

“Speaking of time, maybe in a few more days, I will have to leave with Alicia.”

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