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“I don’t know her name, but she is famously known as the Goddess of War.” The guild leader said with a mysterious smile that Aditya couldn’t see.

Just when the nickname of one of his wives was mentioned, Aditya for a moment lost his composure. His breathing quickened as his hand slightly trembled while holding the black scroll. Among Aditya’s seven wives, there was a woman who was famously known as the Goddess of War. Mainly because of her high Battle IQ, unique battle techniques, and her power to wield any weapon. Even her class was War Goddess class.

Rumor has it that she is so strong that despite being the 4th order, she has the ability to slaughter a 5th order cultivator. One had to know that it was extremely hard if not impossible for a cultivator to defeat someone with one order higher cultivation. Only certain rare persons in this world could achieve this feat in lower orders while Aditya’s wife was able to do it in higher orders. Because the gap between each order is like heaven and earth. Even the weakest second-order can kill 100 first-order very easily. While even the weakest third-order can slaughter an army of second-orders. The gap only continues with higher orders.

Among Aditya’s 7 wives, the goddess of War was undoubtfully the strongest one. People mainly feared her because of her terrifying battle IQ. So far, she never has lost even a single battle. She was one of those few people who was to this day, undefeated on the battlefield. Whenever she has led an army, just using her battle IQ she was able to destroy the enemy.

She was a battle genius. Even if the odds were against her, the goddess of war had the ability to overcome all odds and win. She was also called the child of Heaven because of her frightening cultivation speed. Her comprehension ability to learn spells and fighting techniques could compare to no one.

“May I know, when the Guild Leader actually met the Goddess of War?” Aditya asked while looking at the black scroll. As much as he wanted to open it, he refrained from opening the scroll in front of the guild leader.

“I am sure exactly how much time has passed. But it shouldn’t be longer than 12 hours.”

“I see. You have my sincerest gratitude.”

“There is no need for his majesty to express his gratitude to me. I owed her a favor which I am repaying by delivering this scroll. If there is nothing else, I shall take my leave.”

After the guild Leader left,

After taking a deep breath, Aditya slowly opened the scroll. Aditya was not scared that this might be a trap or explosion. Aditya knew that his wives wouldn’t try to kill him. If he dies, then his 7 wives will also lose their lives.

“Blast of Divine Fury! This looks like some kind of battle technique. And here, I was expecting this scroll to have some kind of message. It looks like I was thinking too much.” Curiously Aditya began reading the Blast of Divine Fury. As Aditya began reading, he felt with each passing second, his comprehension of this move was increasing.

Aditya didn’t realize that he was so focused on comprehending, that he had entered into a deep enlightened state. After the guild Leader left, Watson and Julia came to ask Aditya about the contract but seeing that Aditya was so focused, both of them didn’t bother Aditya anymore.

After about 4 hours, Aditya finally closed the scroll with a smile on his face.

[Ding! Congratulations to the host for learning a passive skill Blast of Divine Fury.]

[Blast of Divine Fury: –

[Description]- A special type of skill developed by the Goddess of War. This skill still hasn’t reached its perfect level yet. Currently, this skill can only be used by Dragons who have fire affinity.

[Function]: – It will consume [15+] mana to activate the Blast of Divine Fury skill. When this skill is used, the host will enter into a berserk state. All of the host stats except for Mana will be temporarily increased by 50%. The host will have to spend [5+] mana per second to keep this skill activated. After using this skill, the skill will enter a 24 hours cooldown.]

“With this skill, I am confident that I can even hold on my own against a Peak second-order.’ As Aditya was in the middle of celebrating, he heard someone knocking on the door.

Knock! Knock!

“What is it, Watson?”

“Young Master, the ingredients has arrived. Although we still haven’t received all the ingredients yet, I believe there are enough ingredients for one person.”

“So, who are we going to choose?” Aditya asked.

“Miss Julia has selected, Miss Amber to be the first person.”

“Alright, let’s go.”

Aditya wasn’t surprised when Julia picked Amber out of everyone. Aditya still can’t understand how Amber and Julia became friends on the very first day of her arrival.

“Is she confident?”

“Young Master, Although Milady has never done anything like this before, I believe she is more than confident.”

Both Watson and Aditya reached the underground place where criminals were used to being tortured. This was the torture chamber that no one used. Coming to the torture chamber, Julia and Amber were already there.

“Took you long enough. What benefits did you get from your enlightenment?”

“I learned a new skill. Moving on, Amber are you sure you want to go first?” Although Julia was known as the Goddess of Alchemy, since it was her first time doing something like this, Aditya couldn’t help but be worried.

Amber showed a determined smile. “Young Master, I am sure it. I trust my friend with my life. I am sure everything will go well.”

“Alright enough talking.” Julia said after she finished wearing white gloves.

“Amber, please lay down on this bed. And you two can wait outside?”

“But why, we can help you?” Both Watson and Aditya had the same question.

The smile on Julia’s face disappeared. She coldly glared at Aditya and spoke in a threatening tone. “I am going to perform a small surgery. Amber will have to take off her clothes. Do you want me to continue….or…?” Julia showed the knife in her hand.


“Of course. Me and young Master were planning on waiting outside. Isn’t that true, young Master?” Aditya repeatedly nodded his head while giving a secret thumb up to his loyal butler. Fortunately, Watson came in time and saved him.

Both Watson and Aditya were about to leave, but Julia stopped him. “Wait, how I can perform the surgery if I don’t have your blood?” Julia gave Aditya a test tube. Without any hesitation, Aditya picked up the knife on the table and cut his index finger.

“I have been meaning to ask, why do you have to perform a surgery? I thought you were going to make a pill and feed it to her.”

Julia surprisingly didn’t get angry. She instead sadly looked at Amber and replied. “Amber’s heart was injured. Just feeding the pill won’t help her. In her case, I will have to directly pour the medicine into her heart. Also, the process cannot be rushed. I have to be gentle otherwise Amber wouldn’t able to handle the pain.”

After filling the test tube, Aditya and Watson silently walked out of the torture chamber that now had become the temporary laboratory.

Julia took out an orange color pill that was the size of a round marble. “Amber, eat this pill. This pill will knock out unconscious for the next 15 minutes. This pill will also make your body insensitive to pain.” Amber nodded and ate the pill like normal candy. In the meantime, Julia began to prepare the ingredients needed to cure Amber’s, crippled heart.

“Amber, while you’re conscious I think you should change your clothes and wear these. You don’t want to get your Kimono stained with your blood.”

While Julia was busy with the surgery, Watson and Aditya stood outside. Both men leaned against the wall and looked at the thick steel door.

After a few minutes of silence, Aditya broke the ice by asking first. “How is Alex’s family settling down?” Alex was Aditya’s very first employee and assistant.

“I have helped Alex in settling down. But he has a child of 8 years old. I think we will have to open a school in the near future. The literacy rate of this Kingdom is very low. Young Master, if you want to build a powerful empire, you will have to increase the literacy rate of this Kingdom.”

There weren’t any schools in this Kingdom. In most parts of this world, only the nobles or the rich people goes to school. In a Kingdom where the people are struggling to even find 3 times of meals, going to school was nothing but a stupid dream for them. Not to mention the ridiculous high school fees.

“I was thinking of building schools in the upcoming months. But with our current income, it would be best to teach some people and let them run a school.” Normally most school teachers were either nobles or rich class people. Just hiring one teacher belonging to a noble family for a month would cost up to 100 royal gold coins per month.

“Say, Watson, have you ever met the Goddess of War?” Aditya was increasingly getting more curious about the Goddess of War, the very same woman who also was his wife in name.

“Unfortunately, no. The Goddess of War is from another continent. She very rarely visited the Dying Isle continent. Other than some Kings of big Kingdoms, no one really has seen her. I did hear people saying that her beauty was unrivaled in her home continent.”

“What about the other 5? Have you seen any one of them?”

“No, Just like Lady Julia, all other 6 goddesses are the most beautiful women in their respective continents. Just like lady Julia, everyone mostly hides their faces in the public to not attract the attention of the crowd.”

‘I wonder what kind of women my other wives are? Even though we don’t have any feelings between us, I would still love to meet them, at least even for once.’ Just like any other man in this world, Aditya also held lots of admiration and respect for the 7 goddesses.

After about 20 minutes, Julia opened the door. “How did the surgery go?” Aditya and Watson asked while walking inside.

After walking in, both Watson and Aditya saw a completely different person. Even though she still had yellow hair and 9 fluffy tails, she now wouldn’t lose to Julia in terms of beauty. The bad scars on her face were no longer there. She looked like a plant that had regained its vitality.

“As you can see, the operation was a success. With the experience, I had with alchemy things went very smooth even though this was my first time.”

“Yes, I used some secret medicine to remove the scars from her face.” The Amber in front of Aditya now looked like a completely different person. Other than her yellow hair, her body seems to have gone through changes. With all the changes, her charm and seductiveness also reached another frightening level.

When Julia and Amber stand together, Julia looks like the symbol of pureness and beauty while Amber’s body itself was made to tempt men to commit sins. Amber radiated the seductiveness of an older woman even though she was a virgin.

Her body has become more curvaceous than before. Even her height had increased by a few meters. With the changes in her body, Aditya, being a dragon who was known to have high lust was having a hard time keeping his eyes from looking at Amber’s sinful body. Her Kimono seems to be tightly held against her body, which seems to give a unique kind of charm.

“Young Master, I think Miss Amber has awakened a unique kind of bloodline and has become a Fox queen.” Watson in this multiple century-old life has seen multiple fox queens. He clearly knew how terrifying each queen was. When a fox queen reached a certain age, their powers would naturally reach 5th-order.

Fox race people were naturally born very beautiful and handsome. The longer a fox race woman lives, the more frightening her charm becomes with her increasing cultivation strength. After succubus race women, only the fox race women are said to have the most charm and seductiveness. While the Fox race queen, which is a unique kind of mutation within the fox race said to have seductive powers that can rival even the succubus queen.

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