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Dragon Monarch System – Chapter 131: Deep Sea palace Bahasa Indonesia

“So basically, Your Majesty went to the Silver Meadow Grove and captured these wild Dragons and Wyverns?” Aditya nodded in response. After nodding his head, he glanced around once again only to see everyone’s shocked faces.

A few minutes ago, when Aditya suddenly returned with 33 Wild dragons and Wyverns, the whole Azure city was in an uproar. No one knew what was happening. Many thought that Azure city was being attacked. The soldiers who were guarding the walls prepared for the battle after blowing the war trumpet.

All of his generals, all the dragonians who were in the city, and even some of the adventurers came out to fight. By the time Aditya realized that the sudden appearance of 33 Wild dragons and Wyverns has alerted everyone, the whole city was in a state of turmoil. Aditya had to come out and explain everything to Watson and others.

“Your Majesty, What are you planning on doing with all these Wild Dragons and Wyverns?” Watson asked in a low tone. He did not want anyone to hear their conversation.

Aditya mysteriously smiled before he started walking towards the eastern entrance. “I will tell you later.”

Watson nodded before ordering everyone to go back to their posts. As for the wild dragons and the Wyverns, their Dragon Monarch had ordered them to stay outside the city for now and not attack anyone unless they were provoked.

Who knows some dumb adventurer might try to attack one of the Wyverns as Wyvern’s body parts had high value in the market.

“Your Majesty, you’re saying that we are surrounded by enemies.” Aditya did not tell Watson anything about his dream of the future nightmare. Watson being the smart butler, easily was able to pick on the clues that Aditya left in his words. He did not have to explain things too deeply.

“Pretty much. Everything is ready. The death of the current Nyland king will give this war the final push it needs. But this time, I am not interested in engaging these pathetic beings in a war. I will take matters into my own hands. But before that, I will have to ensure the safety of my Kingdom. Also, one more thing, increase the security around the High Tide Harbor City.”

“Keep on sending scouts. If they find any strange movement from the sea, let me know as soon as possible.” Watson simply nodded his head.

“By the way,….” Aditya walked back into the royal palace and sat down on the couch in the living room. While Watson naturally began pouring his King a cup of tea.

“I thought you have taken a few days off.” Watson smiled as he elegantly poured the hot tea into the cup.

“Your Majesty, It was lady Julia who asked me to return with the pills that she had made. These pills can heal the mana hearts of all the new slaves that his Highness has bought a while ago. I was planning on returning after giving these pills to you but I could not find you anywhere in the royal palace. When I asked the maids and the servants if they knew where his Highness was, no one could reply. I was so worried.”

After knowing about the threat that was surrounding the Istarin kingdom from three sides, Watson had discarded the plan of taking a few days off. To him, his Majesty and the Istarin Kingdom came first.

“How are Julia and others?” Even though it only has been a few days since Aditya left, he felt as if a long time passed.

“Everyone is doing fine. Little Zak even pleaded to Lord Adam to come here with me, but Lord Adam refused to let him go.” Aditya chuckled remembering the little Zak.

“Your Majesty, can you please tell me what you were planning on doing with the Wild Dragon and Wyverns?” Watson was Aditya’s right hand. Aditya had no problem telling his right-hand man his future plans.

“The Istarin Kingdom currently has 11 major cities adding the newest High Tide Harbor City. The Zraka city already has 4 Wyverns One of the Wyverns happens to be a beginner 4th-order powerhouse.” The Wyverns that previously swore their allegiance to Aditya were now protecting the Zraka city and were working under Duke Zayne. The 3rd-order Wyvern had now managed to reach beginner 4th-order with the high-level resources and pills that Aditya had given to the Wyverns.

“The Zraka city already has a high defense with 4 Wyverns protecting it. As for the other 10 cities, I am going to use the Wild Dragons and the Wyverns to enhance those cities’ defense.” These 11 cities were the main bone structure of the Istarin Kingdom. he safety of those cities was a great concern to Aditya. He cannot always be there to protect his Kingdom, so his dragons are going to protect the city in his absence.

“Your Highness, I can sense dragon bloodline in this baby pup.” Watson noticed that Aditya was been carrying this little white wolf pup in his arms ever since he returned.

“Yes, this baby wolf pup will be staying in the royal palace. I felt it would be dangerous to leave this little fellow outside in the wild. I am sure once this little fellow grows up, she will become a strong mighty wolf of the Istarin Kingdom.”


As if understanding what Aditya was saying, the wolf pup barked in excitement.

“It looks like this she is very intelligent.” Watson was surprised when he found that this little wolf was intelligent enough to comprehend their words. Normally only a Peak 2nd-order magical animal has the intelligence of an adult human.

“Watson, can you please go to the Seeker of impurity guild and ask the guild leader to come and see me for a meeting?”

“Alright.” Watson then left the room while Aditya silently sipped the tea. When he was done with the whole cup of tea, he went to the training grounds and called Henry and other generals.

“How can I help you, Your Majesty?” Right now Henry, Aditya, Amber, and other generals were overseeing the training of 7th division soldiers.

“I want you all to select the most loyal ones from your divisions. Before you select anyone, ask them if they are ready to gain this power and if they can handle the responsibility that comes with this great power.”


“You all may now leave.” Previously Aditya only wanted to give this opportunity to the most loyal soldiers. He had no plans of giving his golden blood to any of his recruits. but after his nightmare, he again realized that his Kingdom was relying too much on him and that without him, anyone can defeat his Kingdom. Although in a few more months, the power of the Istarin Kingdom will grow several folds, it was not enough.

In a month and a half time, Aditya was going to leave this continent with the Goddess of wealth who is also the guild leader of the seeker of Impurity. At that time, he won’t be there to protect his Kingdom. If he does not plant the seeds right now, then the safety of this Kingdom will be threatened. The decision to give create more dragonians was made to nurture more strong cultivators. No dragonians can betray Aditya. Meaning that he won’t have to worry about getting backstabbed either.

Scene change_____

An extremely handsome-looking man emerged from the seawater. The man was so handsome every female who saw him instantly froze as their hearts began beating wildly. The women felt as if they were falling in love with their men. Some women even began blushing and panting just from looking at this man.

The man had a gentle smile on his face. Even though he had just risen from the seawater, his body wasn’t wet at all. In fact, pale white skin was dry.

As the man walked toward the land, hundreds of soldiers stood opposite facing each other, forming a path for the man to walk. At the end of the path, the King of the Nepoca Kingdom was standing with a smile on his face.

As the man from the sea stepped on the Nepoca Kingdom land, all the soldiers bowed their heads. They did not rise their heads till the man had passed past them. At this moment no one dared to make any noise. Even the male soldiers felt this man was too beautiful.

“Welcome to the Nepoca Kingdom, Your Majesty.” The Nepoca Kingdom King, Ethan gave a small bow to greet the king of the Deep Sea palace. King Lewis returned the greeting with a small bow.

“Sir Lewis, please come this way.” King Ethan personally lead the Lewis of Deep Sea palace to the luxurious royal carriage.

After getting inside the royal carriage, King Ethan ordered his maid to bring the best wine in his kingdom.

“Sir Ethan, I am sure you pretty much know the reason for my sudden visit.” Ethan nodded his head with a smile.

“We, too have been bothered by the Istarin Kingdom. Our meeting will mark the alliance between two of our factions.” Lewis also nodded his head with a gentle smile but deep down he was having different thoughts.

‘Foolish, greedy King I never said that I was going to become your alley. I am only joining your hands to gain my footing on the land. Once I deal with the Istarin Kingdom, it won’t be long before I snatch your Kingdom as well.’ No one knew what lay behind that gentle smile on his face.

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