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After 10 minutes, Watson returned with a serious face. “Young Master, the guild Leader would like to meet you?”

“The guild Leader? Why would the guild Leader come here to meet me? And Which guild are we even talking about?” In this world, guilds existed almost in everyone city and in every kingdom. Since the Istarin Dynasty was too small and its economy wasn’t that big, no guild ever bothered to set up its branch office in Istarin Dynasty. Even when King Ahmed requested several guilds to open their branch in his Kingdom, those guilds never gave any reply to King Ahmed.

Currently, there was a certain guild that was considered the most powerful and influential guild in the continent of the Dying Isle. The Seekers of Impurity was a guild that suddenly started rising in power in the last 5 years. The Seekers of Impurity guild became powerful to the point where it suppressed the power of existing guilds. Although Aditya is not sure, he did hear from some people that the Seekers of Impurity were expanding very rapidly in all Kingdoms regardless of any Kingdom’s political and financial structure.

The old Aditya was a man of alcohol. He stopped listening to these kinds of rumors. Because of the negligence of the old Aditya, the new Aditya has to suffer.

“Young Master, I am not sure why the Seekers of the Impurity guild would come over to our territory. But this is a rare opportunity. If a guild that is influential and powerful to be called Dying Isle continent’s number one guild, opened its branch in our territory, it can push our economy.” When a guild opens its branch in a city or in a rural village, that place receives a huge increase in visitors. Adventurers would come to that city or rural town, bringing foreign goods with them, thus affecting the prices of goods in the market. It also opens more job opportunities for the common people.

But there is one disadvantage. Normally adventurers are second-order or above-order cultivators. Currently, Aditya can only handle Mid-Second-order cultivators, if a higher-order adventurer comes to this city, then he won’t have the power to defend his city in case something bad happens. With the increase in adventurers, there is a high chance that the order of the city might get disturbed if the adventurers decide to fight in the city.

‘What I am even thinking? Compared to the benefits that my Kingdom will receive the disadvantage could be overlooked. Also, I still haven’t even met the Guild Leader. So the reason for the guild Leader’s sudden visit is still unknown to me.’

“Watson, let go.” Today’s meeting might be one of the most important meetings in the Istarin Dynasty history. If things go smoothly, Aditya might receive the golden fruit that will help him in lowering the food princes of his Dynasty.

Tap! tap! Tap!

The guild leader who was sitting on the couch turned around to see a man walking in. The man was wearing sky blue Kimono with red rose petal designs on the kimono’s shoulder and chest area. The man was 177 cm in height. He had long dark blue hair and crimson red pupils with a vertical slit. The man was 19 years old. Despite his age, there was an Aura of authority, an Aura of nobility, and An Aura of superiority around him. Despite his young age, he looked very mature. His otherworldly handsome face seems to have the power to charm any women’s heart.

The guild leader noticed when the king of the Istarin Kingdom walked, his posture was always straight. His face never even for a second showed a trace of nervousness. He looked very proud but not arrogant like other noble men of his age.

“I hope I didn’t make you wait long, Guild Leader of Seekers of Impurity.” Saying that Aditya sat on the couch located opposite.

“I should apologize to his majesty for coming here without any notice. Please forgive my offense.” Hearing the Guild Leader lowering her head, Aditya chuckled inwardly and said nothing. Aditya was an Inferno Blaze Dragon. He could sense the power sitting opposite was extremely dangerous. The Guild Leader wasn’t even trying to hide her powers. She was even stronger than Watson and any other cultivator that Aditya met after coming to this world.

‘Even if she had not decided to apologize, it’s not I could have done anything in response. Her power is definitely in third-order or above.” This was the gap between cultivators. A third order has the power to destroy a small country like the Istarin dynasty within one day or 2 days.

“So, since Guild Leader came to suddenly, I am sorry I couldn’t prepare anything for you. But if you wait long enough, I could tell my butler to bring you tea and snacks.” The guild leader sitting opposite Aditya looked very mysterious. She was covering her face with a black veil. The guild leader was wearing a beautiful black Kimono that covered her sinful body.

But her dress couldn’t properly hide her curves and tempting curry hip. It was like the Kimono was sticking on the skin like glue, highlighting her curves even further. Any man would have a hard time not looking at the guild leader’s lustful body. But Aditya was the King, he is different from others even though dragons high sex drive.

“That won’t be necessary but I have to thank your highness for asking. I am going to stay in this city for a while if our guild and this Kingdom manage to reach an agreement.” The Guild Leader said the last part hinting at the reason why she came to meet Aditya.

Aditya was not a fool. He could see that the guild leader wanted him to get into the business. “If the Seekers of Impurity guild wants to open their branch in the Kingdom, then I am more than happy as long as the guild follows all the rules and regulations of this Kingdom.”

“Don’t worry, Your Highness. The Seekers of Impurity guild would give its 100% in following the rules and regulations of this Kingdom.”

“Our guild has a strict policy for adventurers. Even if some adventurers violets the rules and regulations, the guild will take strict actions and also will compensate the Kingdom. Also, each of our branches is protected by 4th-order cultivators. If any adventurer dares to start a fight in this city would be punished by the guild master himself. I think this should give your highness the assurance that you need.” Aditya silently nodded his head. Now that one of his biggest worries has disappeared it was time to talk about another matter.

“Our guild follows a certain set of rules. First rule, the Seekers of Impurity guild shall never intervene in wars between two Kingdoms or in any Kingdoms political affairs.”

“The second rule, the Seekers of Impurity will never accept any assassin mission regardless of the target’s identity. Even if the target happens to be a criminal. That rule can only be bent for bandits.”

“Third rule, the guild does not promote any kinds of ideals. The guild is neutral in all kinds of fights.”

“Fourth rule, the contract shall be terminated if any noble or the King himself tries to meddle into the affairs of the guild.”

“Fifth rule, the guild does not sell information. If any King or noble of any Kingdom or Empire tries to force the guild into giving information on other Kingdoms, the contract shall be terminated. Without the contract, the guild will stop working in that Empire.”

“The sixth rule, if the King or the nobles tries to force the adventurers of the guild into joining their troops, the guild shall stop operating in that particular city and that city’s King or noble won’t receive any taxes.”

“7th and most important rule, if the guild is attacked under any King or any nobles orders, the guild shall take appropriate measures. In worst-case scenarios, the guild shall use a 6th-order cultivator as a counter-attack.”

‘A 6th-order? I don’t think the guild leader is lying. If she was then her guild wouldn’t have been this continent’s top guild.’ Just realizing how much destruction just a single attack of 6th order could do sent chills down Aditya’s spine. The Dying Isle continent never produced any 6th-order cultivator. Most 5th order and higher-order cultivators live in the Main continent or also known as the higher continent. The very same continent from where Aditya’s biological parents live in.

“I have no problem with the rules of your guild. I am happy that the guild wants to take a neutral stance and won’t interfere in political and economical matters. But what about the taxes?” This was the most important part of this negotiation.

Since the Kingdom of Istarin is located near the Silver Meadow Grove Forest, it wouldn’t be surprising if ten thousand or even a hundred thousands of adventurers come to the Istarin Kingdom and choose a monster extermination mission. Aditya knew that as long as his Kingdom continues to develop, the tax number would only continue to increase. Not just that, if a guild is opened in his territory, it would generate thousands of jobs for the people of this Kingdom which will be a great help in restoring the economy.

“Before we talk about taxes, let this lady tell your highness about the ranking system of our guild. Each cultivator, according to its cultivation order will be given a rank starting from E all the way to S or SS or SSS rank. Similarly, the job requests are also ranked according to their difficulty. Generally, E-rank jobs can pay from somewhere between 5 silver coins to 20 silver coins. While D rank jobs can pay somewhere from 10 silvers to 50 silvers.”

“C rank jobs can pay somewhere from 25 silvers to 5 gold coins. B rank jobs can pay between 1 gold coin to 100 gold coins.”

“Our guild generally pays 18% of our total earnings. For example, for a B rank mission, if the mission completion reward is 100 gold coins, we will take 2 gold coins as fees.” Although 18 percent might not look much, given the millions of adventurers connected with the Seeker of Impurity guild, and the huge number of missions posted by the guild, at the end of the month Aditya would still get a huge chunk of money.

“I am good with 18% but what about the other businesses owned and will be operated by the Seeker of Impurity Guild?” Aditya was not stupid. Even though he doesn’t have much information on how the guilds in this world operated, from his experience he was sure that the continent’s biggest guild must have other businesses. This is how the giant business companies back on earth operated. For example amazon, the company started with delivery and then gradually expanded its business in other sectors.

The guild leader looked visibly surprised when Aditya asked about their other businesses. She wasn’t expecting Aditya to think so far. Being this continent’s biggest Guild, the Seeker of Impurity also run their potion store, auction house, weapon store, hotels, and restaurants.

‘She mentioned 18% of their total earnings in Istarin Kingdom’s territory. I would be stupid if I had signed the contract only for 18%. Generally, weapon stores, auction houses, and potion stores had high tax rates. If I agree with only 18% percent then I would take a huge loss.’

After some discussion, both parties came to an agreement. In the end, the Seeker of Impurity guild agreed to pay 18% of their total earnings from guild jobs. For auction houses, the tax rate was set to 37% of the total earnings. And for potion and weapon stores, the tax rate was 40% and 30%.

“Your Highness, tomorrow I will send someone with the contract.” After discussing with Aditya for an hour, the guild leader knew that she couldn’t underestimate Aditya. Aditya was like a natural merchant. He saw through her plan. Even she was terrified of Aditya’s financial knowledge.

Aditya nodded his head with a relieved smile. Fortunately, the guild leader didn’t try to pressure Aditya with her power as the continent’s largest guild. In this contract, no one wasn’t losing anything. The guild was getting a new kingdom to expand their business while Aditya was getting a new source of earning.

“Now that we have talked about the contract, your majesty I shall take my leave.” The guild leader stood up to leave. There was a hidden smile beneath that black veil that no one saw.

Aditya also stood up. “One more, I was told to pass this to your Majesty by a certain interesting person.”

A black scroll with golden borders lines on its edges appeared in the guild Leader’s hand. “Can I know who that person was?” Aditya asked while taking the scroll from the guild leader.

“I don’t know her name, but she is famously known as the Goddess of War.”

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