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Dragon Monarch System – Chapter 127: Factions that are hiding under the Sea [I] Bahasa Indonesia

In a certain part of the royal castle, Aditya came to meet the blacksmith that bought it. His name was Percy Lowe. He is a 3-star blacksmith whose age was above 100+. Percy was a dwarf who used to work under a certain faction which was destroyed by the enemy and Percy was sold as a slave after his mana heart was crippled.

“You’re doing it wrong. You should control your strength. Your movements are too balanced.”

“Keep harming before it cools down.”

Clang! Clang!

Walking in the forge room, Aditya found Percy instructing other fellow dwarves. After getting Percy, Watson bought a few dwarves and let Percy teach them. Percy was very happy with being able to teach and pass down his forging skills to other young dwarves.

Knock! Knock!

Aditya gently knocked on the door to draw Percy’s attention.

“This humble servant greets the king.” Following Percy, all other dwarves stopped their work and bow their heads to the King. This was everyone except for Percy who had seen the King of the Istarin Kingdom.

“Continue with what you guys were doing. Percy, come with me, I want to show you something.” Percy nodded and walked out of the room after giving one or two more instructions to the young dwarves.

“Are you having any problem living here?” Aditya asked while walking forward. Percy was keeping a meter distance from the King and following him from behind.

“Your Majesty, it would be a great sin for me to say that I am not happy even after all the things that Sir Watson has provided me with.” Aditya looked around and looked at Percy’s eyes to see if the dwarf was lying or not.

When he turned around Aditya saw Percy’s sincere eyes. Feeling Percy’s sincerity, Aditya was very satisfied.

“Percy, what would you do if I told you that the Istarin kingdom has the power to heal your Mana crippled heart.” Hearing these words Percy’s body slightly trembled in overwhelming emotions. He stopped walking and looked at the man who was also his Master with various emotions. Percy wasn’t sure if Aditya can heal his mana-crippled heart. In his knowledge in this world, no one has the power to heal mana’s, crippled heart.

“I am not lying.” Aditya turned around and looked at Percy who was standing 6 meters away from Aditya.

“I can give you back what you have lost.”

“You have been living in this palace for more than a week now. I am sure you have met at least one of my generals.” Percy just nodded his head as he has seen Tyler and Amber in the castle.

“Let me tell you, all of my generals were slaves with mana crippled hearts. I healed them and now they are working as my generals. If you still don’t believe in my words, then you can wait for a few more days till I get the pill that will cure your crippled heart.” Aditya wanted to earn Percy’s trust and loyalty. Gaining these two things was very important. Aditya does not want his subordinate to be a slave. Percy was someone who was going to be a very important part of the Istarin kingdom. Even the dwarf did not know that the moment Aditya saw him, he had become Aditya’s subordinate.

Aditya not only wanted Percy to teach his blacksmithing skills to other young dwarves, but he also wanted the dwarf to progress his blacksmithing skills and become a blacksmith capable of making 5-star weapons and armors.

At this moment Percy did not know if the King is lying or saying the truth. Logically speaking there is no such thing as a cure for a crippled heart. But there was a small ray of hope and expectation in Percy’s heart. He was afraid that having too many expectations would only lead him to disappointment and depression.

“Your Majesty, you have no idea how much forging means to me. When my heart was crippled, I lost my ability to forge weapons. But If I can regain what I have lost, then I promise that I will forever serve his majesty till the end. I will live and die with the Istarin Kingdom.”

“Come with me.” Aditya did not show his happiness. He instead asked Percy to follow him to the storage room which was located in the basement of the castle.

“Your Highness, why are we here?” In Percy’s knowledge, Aditya is the most different and unique king that he had ever seen. After living in this palace for 10 days, Percy has never heard anyone in the palace disrespecting the King. Everyone in the palace has endless respect and admiration for the King.

“Before I tell you why I have bought you here, first I want to give you something. Don’t try to resist. At first, it might be painful but I assure you that this will only benefit you. There is a chance that this will also cure your Mana crippled heart.” Suddenly Percy started to feel nervous after hearing Aditya’s words.

Aditya bit his thumb finger, drawing out golden blood which shocked Percy once again as he did not know how Aditya has golden blood. Though Percy has heard that Aditya was a dragon, he did not know that Percy has golden blood.

“Take this.” Aditya put a drop of golden blood on Percy’s forehead. Suddenly the whole room was brightened by the Crimson and golden light that started coming from Percy’s body. The dwarf’s entire body trembled violently as he fell to his knees with his hands on his knees.

Right now Percy felt as if his muscles, his blood, his organs, everything was being filled with an endless amount of energy. Every part of his body was changing from the inside. He can feel the change that was rapidly taking place in his body.


Percy couldn’t stop himself from screaming out in pain when the endless energy entered his crippled heart. After having his mana heart crippled, Percy was always in constant pain. Whenever his heartbeat rose, he would feel endless pain. But now that foreign energy was forcefully entering his heart, he felt like he was being torn apart from the inside out.

Percy couldn’t handle it anymore. The dwarf started rolling around in pain. At this moment Percy did not out what Aditya was seeing. Aditya frowned seeing Percy in this much pain. The process shouldn’t be this painful. But after a few seconds, he saw crimson and golden bright Aura surrounding Percy.

Percy’s height started growing. His black skin started getting a little brighter. The size of his body also grew with his muscles. After around 5 minutes of endless pain, Percy’s consciousness was on the verge of collapsing.

Fortunately, the pain started disappearing. When it did, Percy without even needing to open his eyes felt the strange yet familiar energy around him. “This…..” His lips trembled as he for a moment thought it was nothing but an illusion. His mind almost refused to believe what he just sensed.

“Congratulations Percy, it looks like my divine bloodline has healed your crippled heart. Not only that now, but you have also become half dragon and half dwarf. Your cultivation also has reached Peak 1st-order.” Aditya was sure that if Percy’s mana heart wasn’t crippled, his cultivation directly would have reached 2nd-order.

Percy opened his eyes as a drop of tear rolled down his right cheek. Right now, no words can express the amount of happiness Percy felt. Without needing to say any words, he got on his knees and kneeled before Aditya with his head touching the ground.

“My King, no words can describe my gratitude toward you. His Highness has returned to me something which was a part of my life for more than a hundred years. Thank your majesty.”

“Get up. No need to bow your head to me.” After wiping the tears on his cheeks, Percy stood up.

“As for the reason why I bought you this room…” With a wave of his hand, the whole storage room was suddenly filled with mountains of weapons and armors.

“This…..” Percy felt like his eyes were going to pop out of their socket. What he was seeing right now was no different from seeing the impossible. The storage room was 20 meters long and 15 meters wide. Right now the whole room was filled with an uncountable number of weapons and armor.

“Your Majesty, can you please tell me from where you got all these weapons and armor?” Percy’s voice trembled in excitement. For a blacksmith, nothing was more spectacular than seeing a mountain of armor and weapons.

“I got these armor and weapons during the goblin invasion. These armor and weapons belonged to the goblins whom I had killed during the invasion.” Percy gulped down. He took a few steps forward and picked up a 3-star sword.

With a single glance, Percy realized that this sword was damaged. When he looked carefully he again realized that almost every weapons and armor here was damaged. “Your Majesty, do you want me to repair all these damaged weapons and armor?” Percy asked in a slightly nervous tone.

“What do you think?” Aditya asked with a smile. What he has shown is just 1/4th of what he had in his storage ring. If the storage room was big enough, Aditya would have taken out all of the weapons and armor from his ring.

“This is just 1/4th of what I currently have. I had to put extra hours into picking up and storing these weapons and armor. If I had not picked any of these weapons and armor, then I could have killed another million goblins.” Percy’s jaw dropped on the ground hearing his Majesty’s words. Although he was super happy to see this many armor and weapons together. It was a different story if he was ordered to repair all of these armor and weapons.

“Percy, can you do it?” Aditya asked in a serious tone. Aditya had a feeling that with the Nyland King’s death, another war is going to break out. Before that happened, he wanted to upgrade his soldier’s powers to have the best weapons and armor.

“Your Majesty, it will take me a long time to finish repairing all everything in this storage room. I am sure you have noticed that most of the weapons here are just slightly damaged while most armors are very badly damaged.”

“Then start by repairing the weapons.” Percy seriously nodded his head. He picked up 15 swords and then left the room.


Today the sea for some reason looked very calm and quiet. But the situation under the sea was anything but calm.

A 6 feet and 3 inches tall man holding a trident was sitting on a throne that was made from thousands of pearls. Before the man, there were three mermaids who were on their knees. The three mermaids did not dare stare look at the man who was sitting on the throne that was made from Pearls.

“Tell me what happened to Gorge?”

“Majesty, we had sent Gorge to the surface. He went to the nearest Kingdom in a disguise of being a rich merchant. In a short time, using the precious resources that we have given him, he rose up to become one of the most wealthiest merchants. After becoming merchant. under our orders Gorge began expanding his business. Not only that he secretly began digging more information on the a kingdom named the Istarin.”

“How powerful is the Istarin kingdom?” The man who was sitting on the throne made from countless pearl directly asked.

“According to our information, the Istarin military has multiple 3rd-order powerhouse. Before we heard that their King was capable of killing 3rd-orders when he was just a 2nd-order. Right now, no one knows how powerful the Istarin King was.”

The man for a moment remained quiet which made the three mermaids slightly nervous. After 5 minutes of dead silence, the man opened his mouth to speak. “Start preparing the army, we will start the Istarin Kingdom. This will be our first step in taking over the land.”

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