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“Your highness, I don’t think we’re worthy of becoming your generals.” Although Josh was very proud and happy that a slave like him was given the chance of becoming one of the generals of the Istarin Kingdom, deep down he just felt unworthy. When cultivator Mana heart is crippled before reaching the 5th order, everything is over for them. The countless years of hard work disappear in thin air.

When Josh lost his cultivation, the only thing that he had left was his body which was strong as a first-order cultivator. Josh had lost all of his hopes. Josh felt if an unworthy person like him becomes the general of his Majesty’s army, then it will affect his Majesty’s reputation.

“What if I told you that I can repair your mana crippled hearts?” Josh, Scott, Amber, Henry, Eleanor, Nathan, and Tyler all widened their eyes in shock. All 7 of them raised their heads and looked at Aditya’s eyes to see if their King was lying to them.

“Don’t worry, in a few days, you will know what I mean.” Aditya then looked at the slaves who were going to become his future troops.

“From now on, I announce the formation of 7 divisions.”

“Scott you will be the Captain and leader of the First division. I admire your skills with a bow. You will train the soldiers in your division to become archers.” Scott immediately kneeled in front of Aditya. The gratitude was written on his face.

“Tyler, you will be in charge of division 2. It is your responsibility to train the soldiers in your division to become Heavy Infantry.” Tyler slightly nodded his head after bowing to Aditya.

“Nathan, among everyone, you’re the most special one. You will be the captain of Division 3. Your responsibility will be to train the member of your division to become assassins. While the other six are the main forces of the Istarin military, your division will focus on intel gathering and assassination. Your division will be named Shadow Guardian because you and your men will protect this Kingdom from the shadows.” Nathan simply bowed his head. Though deep down he was really happy that someone finally had recognized his skills. Nathan was really satisfied.

The purpose of creating Shadow Guardian is mainly to assassin people. The shadow Guardian would help Aditya in gathering information on the enemy. Information was the most important key to a winning battle. It would be the job of the shadow guardian to keep the city and the Empire clean.

“Next, is Josh. Josh, you will be responsible for the fourth division. Your group will only have people from the beast race. You will train them to become beast warriors.” Josh’s body trembled in excitement. Just imagining the beast warriors charging in and destroying the enemy made Josh’s blood boil in excitement.

“The captain of the fifth division will be Amber. Among everyone here, you’re gifted with extraordinary agility. Your division will focus on agility and quickness.” Amber lowered her head and bowed to Aditya. Among the [700+] there were at least [50+] people of the fox race. It would become easier for her to train her race people but it will be a little difficult to train people from other races.

‘Since his highness has put his faith in me, I will do the extra work and train every one of my divisions to become capable.’ Amber was confident that her division can easily beat, the Shadow guardian. Inwardly she was already competing with every other division.

Aditya was unaware of the thoughts in Amber’s mind. Even if he did, he wouldn’t stop her. Because competition between divisions was a good way to motivate soldiers and improve faster.

“Next, Eleanor, you will be the head of the sixth division. Your job will be to train soldiers with spears. Your division will mainly focus on using spears.” Eleanor was an assassin just like Nathan, but in terms of experience, Elanor only worked as Assassin for 9 months. Even though Eleanor was an assassin, she was better at using spears. Her attacks were swift and deadly.

“And lastly, Henry, unlike everyone here, you have experience in commanding your troops. You will be the head of the 7th division. Your division will train normal soldiers to become Legionnaire.” Legionnaire was the type of soldier that used a sword to attack while a shield to defend. They are the most common type of soldiers. To be honest, among all 7 generals, only Henry’s 7th division looked ordinary. The only thing that was special about Henry was his experience as a general. But Aditya has a feeling that the soldiers trained under Henry won’t be weak at all.

“Now that all the divisions and captains have been selected. It’s time to start the training. All of you won’t be allowed to join any divisions without learning the basics. So for this 1 week, all the captains and the recruits will train to make their bodies physically stronger.” Normally even a month of training won’t be enough to make these slaves’ bodies stronger. Everyone other than the captains was malnourished and very skinny. Before anything, Aditya must focus on making their bodies stronger.

Julia, fortunately, managed to come up with a special pill that can decrease the 2 months of training to only 1 week. Although this pill was a little expensive to make, the benefit of this pill was too big. This pill only worked on non-cultivators. Julia was currently making the pill in her bedroom.

‘I will have to hire someone to do the castle renovation as soon as possible.’ After that, the harsh training began. Aditya first told everyone to run around the castle 10 times. With his knowledge of the earth and also some help from Watson, Aditya created a training regime for his troops.

“Watson, please hire someone to renovate the castle. If possible make the Castle even bigger.” As if knowing what Aditya was thinking, Watson asked. “Young Master, are you planning on building training facilities for the 7 divisions?”

“Yes. Each division is unique in its way. I want each division to be big enough to let 500 soldiers train at the same time. In the future, we can increase that number. But for now, this much capacity should be enough.”

“Young Master, if that’s the case then I suggest you build the training facility behind the castle. Behind the Castle, there is a large empty land.” Aditya nodded in agreement.

“Young Master, what about the slaves. Are you planning on building houses for them?” Aditya shook his head. He had other plans for the slaves.

“For now, we will let the slaves stay in the castle. I have a plan on renovating this entire city. At that time, I will build a training camp for our future soldiers next to the training facility.” Watson nodded while remembering the things that Aditya told him to do.

‘I will also have to invest in upgrading the military weapons and armors.’

“Young Master, what should we do about the citizens? After seeing so many dead bodies, I think the people of this city are now scared. I think your words should help the citizen in calming down.” Although most people still couldn’t place their trust in Aditya, after what he did yesterday the people had some hopes that their King has changed.

“Tell the people that the culprit has been captured and in 3 days the culprit shall be executed in public.” Watson noticed the sly smile on Aditya’s face. Seeing that smile, the old butler was sure that his young master was plotting something in his head.

“By the way, did the ingredients needed to make the one-star potions arrive yet?”

“No, young Master. The ingredients should arrive before this evening.”

“That reminds me, you should buy some slaves that can help Julia with her work. While you’re on that, you should also hire some trustworthy maids and servants for the castle.”

“I understand, young Master.”

While talking to Watson about the various problems, Aditya and his butler arrived at his study room.

“Young Master, did the two nobles reply to your letters?” Watson asked even though he knew the answer. Watson wanted to see how his young master would react. He wanted to see how this master was going to solve this problem. Watson wished to see what path Aditya was going to take. Was Aditya going to shed blood or was he going to use some other ways?

After sitting on his chair, Aditya sighed and shook his head. “It seems Duke Ryan and the other Duke are not interesting in answering my summons.”

“Young Master, do you think that both Dukes are planning on overthrowing you?” Watson asked in a serious tone. If the two dukes were to attack the Azure city, there is no way that Aditya can defend the city. If the two Dukes had submitted to Aditya, then things would have been 10 times easier for him.

As Aditya supported his chin with his right palm while his right elbow rested on the table, a cold and murderous look appeared on the young dragon’s face. “I am not sure. But both Dukes have done grave mistakes by not paying the taxes all these years and by not answering my summons. For that, I will make them pay.”

“Young Master, leaving the two Dukes aside for a moment, how are you planning on cleaning the mess of the western part of the city?” The western part of the city was filled with criminals who escaped from other nations.

“Watson, I promised a certain person that I would pay him a visit. I will keep my promise.” Watson was unable to understand the meaning of Aditya’s words. But seeing the killing intent in his eyes, it was clear that the king himself was going to take matters into his own hands.

‘While I am at it, I should check my stats. After all the killing my level is still 15. I have to kill people like that pirate if I want to level up quicker.’ Most of the criminals that Aditya killed were too weak. They were a little stronger than normal humans.

While Aditya’s current strength was above a first-order, so he needed to defeat enemies on Peak first-order or above strength if he wanted to earn more Experience points

[_Name: – Aditya Bainnith

_Race: – Dragon

_Bloodline: – Inferno Blaze Dragon Bloodline

_Current Class: – War Dancer

_Current class Level: – 15

_Innate Skill: – Instant learning and adaptation, Fiery Blaze, Weapon Mastery

_Passive skill: – Eruption Wave, Molten Bolt, Silence Mind

_Strength: – 75→ 85

_Speed: – 85→ 95

_Stamina: -75→ 85

_Health: – 75→ 85

_Mana: – 75→ 85

_Free stats: – 20]

After that, it was all boring writing and reading various reports. Alex was being taught my Watson while Aditya was making plans for his next step. Aditya knew that each step that he took was monitored. The very first people who watched him from the shadows were his other wives. Surely the news of what he has done and the changes within him must have reached their ears, given how powerful their reputations were.

Knock! Knock!

“Come in”

Amber curiously opened the door. Her golden sharp eyes fell on Aditya who seems to be very focused on his work. For a moment Amber couldn’t stop staring at Aditya. Someone said that a serious man was 10 times more handsome, there was something about Aditya that made it hard for the fox race woman to resist the young dragon’s charm.

“What is it?”

Watson asked while pretending to not notice how Amber was staring at Aditya. “Well, four carriages have stopped in front of the Castle. Some woman is requesting to have an audience with his Majesty.” Aditya put his pen down and looked at Watson. Watson professionally nodded his head and left.

After 10 minutes, Watson returned with a serious face. “Young Master, the guild Master would like to meet you?”

The 7 division is like the 13 Divisions in Bleach Anime. Each Division has a role on the battlefield.


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