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Divine Path System – Chapter 915: The Way Out Bahasa Indonesia

A quiet valley, inside a forest bordering the boundary mountains:

Varian sneaked into a huge burrow whose entrance was large enough to fit ten spaceships inside at once.

A few seconds later, the ground shook and a shockwave spread out from the burrow’s entrance.

Varian appeared on top of a distant mountain and without any delay, he ran away.


An angry roar shook the sky and earth. Following that, a giant creature that resembled a rabbit rushed out of the burrow.

Its big red eyes glittered with anger and focused on the tiny figure that was quickly running away.

Kicking the ground, the Sovereign beast halved the distance between them in an instant.

Its aura locked onto the man and was about to crush him when he suddenly disappeared.

“Wuh?” The rabbit found itself stopping in front of a giant mountain. It’s the neighboring mountain that the rabbit always failed in destroying.

It’d attack the mountain once every ten days–today’s five days in ahead of the schedule.

But seeing the mountain that remained steady, the giant rabbit was pissed off. Even though it tried again and again for hundreds of years, this thing stood here stubbornly, as if mocking it.

Still, it wanted to return to its nest when it noticed something on the mountain.


The Giant Rabbit pounced on the mountain and opened its mouth.


The sound of sharp teeth colliding with hard shell reverberated across the miles. Sparks flew as the pointed teeth tried to penetrate the turtle shell.


The Giant Turtle missed sleep. Over long periods of sleep, it developed a defensive instinct. Whenever any creature attacked it, it’d strike back, even in sleep.

So, like all other turtles here, it’d be mostly sleeping. But here it was, wide awake and filled with worry. Its mind was filled with yesterday’s scene. A terrifying aura appeared out of nowhere and nearly blew up the top of a fellow turtle.

Hopefully, that creature should’ve died by now.

“Roar!” The giant rabbit continued its attacks but couldn’t penetrate the hard shell. The rabbit would simply leave after a few hours.

Thinking so, the turtle slowly closed and allowed sleep to sink in.

But right then, the tremors of the ground reached it and before it could understand what was going on, a six-horned giant bull struck its shell.


The mountain didn’t move a single inch but it shook violently.

“!” The turtle didn’t understand why these two beasts attacked together. But it didn’t matter.

Over the course of tens of thousands of years, there were always cases of two, even three beasts attacking at the same time. Nothing happened.

Yawning, the turtle once again allowed itself to slowly sink in to slee–

With a battle neigh, a giant fire horse shot a big fireball at the turtle.


With its sleep disturbed once again, the turtle was growing angry. But it was also puzzling.

There were turtles to its left and right. So, why me?


The answer was revealed when a giant bear appeared and increased the gravity on the turtle.

The rabbit, the bull, the horse, the bear…they were all staring at some things on its shell.

The rabbit was staring at a special herb that was supposed to be in its nest. The bull was staring at the red flower that it hated very much. The horse was staring at the…tail of a smaller horse? Finally, the bear…it was just attacking for the sake of attacking. It wasn’t really looking at anything.


Facing four Sovereign-level attacks at once, even the turtle felt the pressure. Still, if this much was enough to break the boundaries, they would’ve long been broken.

Following the sound of a huge exhale, the mountain shook violently and the turtle slowly stood up. The earth mana in the surrounding thousand miles riled up and rushed towards the turtle.

Dozens of giant boulders rose from the ground and floated in the sky, targeting the four beasts.

The boulders broke down into fine sand and then turned into a shining grey ‘heavy soil’–a much more dangerous type.

The four beasts noticed the attack and increased the intensity of their attack. Even though they weren’t intelligent, they knew instinctively that running away meant being hunted down one by one.


A giant head protruded out of the mountain-like shell and roared at the sky. Then, the grey soil turned into countless small bullets and shot toward the four beasts.

The Sovereign beasts fought back in response.

The sounds of groundbreaking and explosions echoed for hundreds of miles while the clouds of dust filled the air.

Varian, Sarah, and Enigma watched the battle unfold from afar.

“Even if you saw them as an Undead, how did you know the exact things that would piss them off?” Sarah grabbed Varian’s arm and asked with curious eyes.

“Ahem, ahem, it’s a secret,” Varian said with a lopsided smile.

Seeing the pout on Sarah’s face, Varian explained. “When I was an Undead, I couldn’t win against these four…so I plundered their nests and made a mess. It’s easy to know what they treasure and provoke them with that.”

“…you sound like an evil villain.” Enigma gripped Varian’s hand tighter.

Varian flicked Enigma’s forehead and put on a righteous face. “Excuse me, miss! I am the last fortress of righteousness in this forsaken world.”

Enigma glared at him but Varian just laughed it off.

Sarah narrowed her eyes at the exchange and thought back to Enigma’s actions so far. In the end, she didn’t say anything and decided to watch things play out.

Enigma and Varian had been in physical contact for a few minutes. Since the repulsion had been constantly falling, sliver attacks needed more time to build up.

And now–


Another dull explosion sounded in the distance and one more dust cloud and fire rose in the air.

“Oh, there we go.” Varian gently pulled his hand from Enigma’s and teleported above the mountain.

Four giant beast corpses were sprawled in front of an injured turtle. The mountain was partially burnt with parts of it flattened and bitten.

Still, having won the battle, the turtle was about to sleep when it sensed a new creature teleporting above it.

Not just that, it sensed the same terrifying energy it sensed a few days ago.

The turtle wanted to cry, “Oh shit.”



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