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Divine Path System – Chapter 807: The Nests [2]: Varian’s Second Battle On Pluto Bahasa Indonesia

The sky trembled violently as the clouds faded. The air itself seemed to be distorted as the three figures high above were blurred. Lightning flashed from time to time as they clashed.

“Thanks, Enigma,” Varian muttered as he appeared above the second nest.

Most of it was devastated. Large craters. Destroyed lands.

Save for twenty cocoons on the edge.

The cocoons were each as large as a two-story building. Varian’s space sense locked onto the twenty cocoons and he realized their composition right away.

Eighteen peak level 7s.

One low level 8.

One mid level 8.

The level 7s were still asleep, the low level 8 was waking up due to the commotion.

The mid level 8—

“No sneak attacks.”

Varian swatted the lightning dagger above his shoulder.

The mid level 8’s cocoon tore apart and the mid level 8 wyvern appeared. Its aura was higher than that of mid level 8, but due to the premature wake-up, it never made it to the high level 8.

The space around Varian fluctuated and the lighting wyvern that was about to fly suddenly stiffened.

Then, the creature that was as big as a three-story building gave an unwilling roar before a red line appeared on its body and sliced it into two halves.

The low level 8 cocoon that was about to tear slowly was pierced with ice spikes.

“Thankfully, they’re only level 7s.” Varian sighed and swiped his finger at the remaining cocoons.

Space was torn apart and grey fissures appeared all over, slicing the eighteen cocoons to pieces.

Varian’s space sense spread out from him in a wave and locked onto the next nest.

He teleported right to the center of the nest.



“This is your end!”

Ten level 8 Abyssals were waiting for him to arrive. Once he appeared, they spared no time and bombarded him with attacks.

Five low level 8, three mid level 8, and two high level 8.

Varian clicked his tongue as he channeled his space power to teleport. He had to destroy the nests first.

He could fight them later. Besides, Pluto might get reinforcements. It’s very less likely given the war situation, but it was a risk he had to consider.

“No, you’re not going anywhere!”

The space around Varian suddenly turned chaotic and interrupted his teleportation.

Varian’s eyes flashed as he locked his mind sense onto the space awakener in the crowd.

A mid level 8 space awakener.

The Abyssal looked at him smugly as he continued to mess with the space around Varian, preventing him from teleporting.

Three Abyssals kicked the ground and jumped into the air, reaching him in a blink.

The Six Abyssals in the back pointed their hands in his direction and six lightning dragons materialized in front of them.

The lightning creatures flapped their wings and rushed toward him at a breakneck speed.

“First things first.” Varian clicked his tongue and his eyes flashed blood red.

The space awakener Abyssal’s eyes also turned red before they started to bleed. “Y-You…No, stop…”

Veins popped up on his forehead as the Abyssal was pulled into a terrifying illusion showcasing his Emperor’s death and extermination of his race under Zions.

The effect of an illusion depended on both the mental power and how scary the scenario was.

And Varian admitted that the scenario he cooked up was very effective. The testament to that was the space around him considerably loosened.

He couldn’t teleport yet. But he could use his space powers for other things just fine.

And he did.

With two swipes in the air, the space around the cocoons started to crack. Like a mirror breaking, the space broke, resulting in grey fissures.

Ten cocoons were destroyed.

Concurrently, an invisible force spread out from Varian and turned into ten daggers. These daggers lodged into the cocoon and pierced the brains of the wyverns, ending their lives.

Almost at the same time, the temperature of the ten cocoons plummeted. The blood of the lightning wyverns froze and their life was wiped out.

A total of thirty cocoons were destroyed and the Abyssals’ attacks finally reached Varian.


Three fists punched out, aiming for his head, heart, and lower abdomen.

The air compressed due to the sheer force of the punches and in the next second, a huge shockwave spread out even before the fists reached Varian.

Varian’s clothes fluttered as the shockwaves passed him and reached a small mountain range a few miles behind him.

The mountains quickly crumbled and broke down into small rocks and stones.

Watching the three fists that were about to strike him and the six lightning dragons that would hit him right after, Varian’s lips curled into a smile.

His arms turned into giant brown branches and enveloped him in a cocoon. A lightning net covered the cocoon.

Seeing the multilayered protection, the Abyssals snorted.

Their combined powers would easily break this futile defense!

The moment the punches landed, they broke through the lightning net and cracked the brown cocoon.

But owing to its hard defense, the plantae defense only cracked but didn’t break.

The Body Awakeners were shocked but didn’t despair as the lightning dragons overtook them and bombarded the brown cocoon.

A golden light flashed and with the sounds of wood crackling, the brown cocoon broke apart.

The Abyssals watched in glee as they anticipated an injured Varian.



“Oh no!”

But the man wasn’t there anymore.

The Abyssals quickly spread out their senses and gasped.

Varian was standing behind the Space Abyssal whose body was half frozen. By using his ice powers to attack the Abyssal who was already facing his illusion, Varian managed to ease the space around him further and teleported behind him.

And then.

He clutched the Abyssal’s neck and casually snapped it.


The remaining nine Abyssals gulped.

With his teleportation powers back in place, Varian was much more dangerous.

As if to prove their fears were right, the powers of seven different divine paths spread out from him and locked onto the cocoons.

Lightning bolts rained down on the cocoons, space cracked apart, an invisible force squeezed them into meat paste and bone-chilling ice froze them to death.

In the blink of an eye, all the level 7 wyverns were killed!

Only ten cocoons were still left and that’s because Varian couldn’t one-shot the level 8s with a mass area attack!

But the shocking thing was Varian destroyed the nest almost as fast as Seth, a level 9!

Varian focused back on the Abyssals who were preparing to launch a suicide attack.

Half a minute later, Varian panted in the air while he channeled prana to heal his injuries.

The large gash on his chest, the huge burn on his back, and a dislocated jaw. This was the price for killing them as fast as he could.

But Varian didn’t regret it.

He quickly wiped out the remaining cocoons and headed for the next nest.

This was the third nest. Including this, there were only three more left. If he hurried up, then he could finish his business here and head back to Neptune in time to save the planetoids from falling.

On the third nest, Varian encountered a hundred level 7 Abyssals. They would’ve been a real hindrance if he wiped them out one by one in a conventional battle.

So, Varian put a third of them in illusions, froze the space of the remaining half, and froze the last half.

By the time he was done with the nest, half of these level 7s were already dead. He wiped out the remaining half and headed for the fourth nest.

“This and the next one. We’ll be done.” Varian muttered in a hopeful tone.

But when he reached the nest, he realized he was wrong.

The cocoons were all open and a hundred level 8 wyverns had just woken up.



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