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Divine Path System – Chapter 789: Abyss Empire’s Situation [2] Bahasa Indonesia

Abyss Emperor reached the warzone a few minutes after the ‘surprise’.

The war was already in full swing.

The Valorfalls Fortress was defending against the hundred thousand strong army of the Fairies.

The defense formations flickered on and off as they worked continuously to stop the attacks that broke through the Abyssal defenses and were about to attack the defenders.

The 80,000 Abyssals stationed in the giant fortress fought with all their might.

The skies bloomed with the elemental attacks.

The ground cracked under the clashes of the physical masters.

The wind shattered and bent as gravity and space twisted and shattered.

From the clouds, it looked like countless explosions of different colors was going off all at once.

Leading the offense against the fortress was a veteran Sovereign.

Behind him were a few hundred level 9s and following them were a couple of thousand level 8s.

Such a build-up was equivalent to a planet’s whole strength.

But it was barely one-twentieth of the Fairies’ whole strength.

Even without the Celestial Ranker, the Fairies had thirty Sovereigns, thousands of level 9s, hundreds of thousands of level 8s, and millions of level 7s.

They were on a completely different grade compared to the Human Race.

And Abyssals—they were a bit stronger than Fairies!

For this very reason, the council suggested the Emperor send a few Sovereigns to the Solar System and finish the job.

But Haedon rejected it.

If he really did that, then Zions would know it through their spies. Then, the Fairies would attack that province that now had lower Sovereigns.

Without a Sovereign holding the province, it would quickly fall and hundreds of millions of Abyssals would be slaughtered.

The council was ready to accept even a billion deaths if it meant the safety of the Abyss Race.

But the danger didn’t end there. Once they slaughtered an entire province and got hold of those many ‘sacrifices’, the Fairies, using the Zion technology and artifacts, would gain a great advantage.

Things would only snowball from there and soon, he wouldn’t be able to control the flow of things.

It wasn’t impossible if the Abyssals were slaughtered until their capital even before those Sovereigns could return with the legacy.

For these reasons, every surprise assault was taken seriously.

Including the current one.


“6th Squadron! Kill those Psychics!”

“Block those beastlings!”

The ground continued to shake as literal earth-shattering attacks rained down every few seconds.

The Sovereigns were fighting above the clouds and each of their attacks resulted in shockwaves that blew off the level 7s on the ground.

The high awakeners formed into various teams and clashed with their enemies without any intention to stop.

From time to time, the Abyssal teams would retreat to the fortress and new teams would take their place.

And the formations would also attack the Fairy teams from time to time, sometimes catching them by surprise and dealing them heavy injuries.

This was the scene that greeted the Abyss Emperor when he reached the warzone.

Almost at the same time, a tall man with golden wings appeared in front of him.

“Did I beat you up too much last time that you rested for seven days?”

Abyss Emperor’s mocking voice sounded in the sky as the sky was split.

A golden light bloomed for a thousand miles in response and Fairy Emperor’s voice followed.

“Haedon, why are you in such a hurry? Huh? Did you see it already? Hahaha!”


Abyss Emperor snorted and responded with another attack.

The world dimmed for a moment before a giant explosion occurred thousands of miles above the battlefield.

High up in the sky, the two Celestial Rankers faced each other with all their strength.

Despite being far away, Abyss Emperor had already seen and confirmed the ‘surprise’.

From some of the Abyssal corpses, a strange, eerie, black-colored energy was oozing out.

Abyss Emperor probed the energy a hundred times hoping it wasn’t that.

But eventually, he accepted reality when he sensed the Abyssal corpse shaking on its own as if it was about to wake up.

Haedon gritted his teeth as he looked into the horizon, far behind the Fairy Emperor.

“Are you really going this far to end my race?”

The Zion envoy, hidden from everyone’s view, was watching everything from the beginning.

He didn’t expect to be called out like that and was a bit surprised.

But that’s it.

Curling his lips in disdain, he harrumphed as his mocking tone reached the Abyss Emperor. “The Holy Matriarch mentioned it to the Seventh Prince and here were are.”

The Abyss Emperor’s face paled as he felt a shiver down his spine.

The ignorant would be unfazed, but as someone who had witnessed the seventh prince’s power.

Forget him, anyone in his faction was enough to destroy Abyssals, Fairies, and Zions a million times over in a day.

Haedon denied the possibility that the Seventh Prince was even aware of a race called ‘Abyssals’. He was too high above for these matters of such trivial scale.

But regardless, seeing that energy in the war, it was apparent that Zions got lucky.

And they…

‘I will do my best to prevent this!’

Haedon gritted his teeth and fought off the Fairy Emperor with a burning desire to end the battle and stop the ‘problem’ before it was too late.

But Fairy Emperor equipped himself with new armor and prevented Haedon from reaching the battlefield.

The Zion envoy watched everything with a satisfied smile on his face.

In truth, the ex-wife of Zion Emperor, their Holy Matriarch, wasn’t even a concubine of the Seventh Prince.

She was just a plaything. A pet he fancied on sight. Someone the man treated like a dog.

When he took her away, he asked Zion’s superiors to compensate them and as a result, they grew up rapidly.

It’s been many years since then and the Holy Matriarch was barely hanging onto the status of a pet these days.

Forget about asking the Seventh Prince for help against Abyssals, the Holy Matriarch wouldn’t even dare to utter a word in front of him.

It was entirely an accident that one of the Prince’s concubines took interest in her and made her a servant.

What they got now was some spare change from the Prince’s lowest concubine.

‘It doesn’t matter,’ The Envoy grinned with a satisfied smile on his face as the situation on the battlefield began to unfold in the direction he wanted.

“It’s over.”

Giving the Abyss Emperor a sidelong glance, the Zion Envoy left.

As he predicted, after seven days of endless battle, the Sovereign of the Fortress was slain.

Valorfalls Fortress fell an hour after his death.

The four fortresses guarding the Blood Province followed soon after.

The Fairy Army breached the borders for the first time and advanced into the Blood Province.

Things just got out of hand.

— — —

The Abyss Rulers stood up with bitter expressions on their faces as they lowered their heads in grief.

Haedon shook his head at their response.

His face, neck, and visible skin were still dark blue—a sign that he was still recovering from the injuries.

To remain injured even after so many days only showed that he fought tooth and nail.

Yet, Haedon failed to prevent the Fairy Army from invading their Empire.

But no one blamed him. The element that pushed them to such lengths was beyond everyone’s control.

“What happened here in the last few weeks?” Haedon asked.

Mirage Queen stood up and reported the most important things.

The monster called Varian—possessing a ridiculous level for his age, he saved the Federation from destruction twice!

But the scariest thing about him was his progress speed.

If left alone, he’d reach level 9 and Sovereign state in years or perhaps even months.

By then, it’d be too late.

“A monster indeed. He needs to be killed without delay,” Abyss Emperor declared. “He should’ve gotten something from the Devas. Only that can explain his abnormal growth.”

“Your Majesty, if you’re the one who got that gift, then we wouldn’t be…” Despair Queen trailed off before biting her lip.

Abyss Emperor’s eyes flashed with grief before he shook his head and said. “There are no ifs. Besides Varian, is there anything else?”

“Your Majesty, the Holy Altar…” Mirage Queen reported the most recent events, including the loss of her Holy Altar.

Abyss Emperor didn’t say a word but merely gave her a disappointed gaze.

But that gaze was enough to make Mirage Queen feel a throbbing pain in her chest. It felt worse than death.

“There was a strange white light a few weeks ago,” Demon King said. “We tried our best, but couldn’t get any leads.”

Abyss Emperor thought for a few moments before sighing. “All I can think of is the legacy of Devas.”

The Abyss Rulers nodded. That was their best guess as well.

“Once we conquer the Solar System, all the mysterious will be unveiled,” Haedon said in a serious voice.

“Even though Blood Province is invaded, I have already dealt with the situation and am confident in preventing the army from going any further,” Abyss Emperor took a deep breath and looked at there with a burning gaze.

The Abyss Rulers straightened their backs as they realized they were about to be given what could perhaps be the most important order of their lives.

“I will send you the resources needed to conquer the Solar System, kill Varian and retrieve the legacy he inherited.”

The Abyss Rulers lowered their heads as they realized the risk the Emperor was taking.

He didn’t send the resources all this time. Not because he didn’t want to. But because he couldn’t.

The Abyssals were in a delicate balance and any distribution of Sovereign-level resources could snowball into their extermination.

Yet, the Emperor decided to take the risk.

It only showed how strongly he wanted Varian to be eliminated and the solar system to be conquered.

“The chances to change our fate will reach you in a few days,” Abyss Emperor’s words echoed in the room.

“Do not fail. If you do, we will become history.”


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