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Divine Path System – Chapter 786: Death Of A Traitor Bahasa Indonesia

The Gentlemen trio.

The famous triplets of Mars—fire, water, and lightning awakeners.

“Why is it them?” Tamal gritted his teeth as he dashed out of his castle and confronted them high in the sky.

“Oh, see who it is.”

“A cockroach?”

“Even cockroach has its allegiance to its birthplace.”

“Oh, this guy is worse than a cockroach.”

“Sorry, Mr. Cockroach for comparing you to this scum.”

“Why doesn’t he just kill himself and save us this annoyance?”

The Trio mocked him mercilessly.

Tamal’s face grew red in anger but since he got used to getting angry thanks to Varian. So, he kept his rationality and checked the levels of the trio.

“You…You guys broke through?” Tamal’s eyes widened.

The three were low level 9, and went into secluded training two decades ago.

But now, not only did they reach the mid level 9, they even seemed to be halfway through it.

Logically, as a high level 9, Tamal shouldn’t worry about three mid level 9s attacking him. But the guys in front of him weren’t logical.

If it was one-on-one with any of the trio, he was confident of winning. But when the three performed a battle formation, even he would be overpowered.

Logan, the de facto leader of the Gentlemen Trio, ignored Tamal and declared in a tone that allowed no defiance. “Brave men and women of the human race, here is your opportunity. Kill these scum. Show them no mercy.”

Lex added. “These things look merely look like humans. But their inside has long been rotten beyond saving.”

Lois finished the speech. “For The Glory Of Human Race!”

“For the Glory of Human Race!”

Under the roar of the ten thousand human warriors, the sky shook and the earth trembled.

Then, these men and women who mostly spent their time against Abyssals unleashed their killing intent.

The Shadow Order forces that hurriedly assembled to battle the army felt their legs shake.

The sky itself started to glow with a red hue as the bloodlust turned tangible.

“Gulp!” A captain leading one of the Shadow Order teams swallowed his saliva.

He usually fought some geniuses, injured soldiers, and led terrorist operations. He never went to the front lines.

Just like him, most of the leaders in the Shadow Order army gulped their saliva. They too never fought on the frontlines.

The leaders themselves were in such a pathetic condition.

Looking at the ten thousand strong soldiers whose eyes flashed with killing intent, the ground-level warriors of the Order were barely able to stop from shuddering.

Since Mars lost a lot of manpower, they weren’t able to send an overwhelming force.

In fact, the average level of the Order forces was a sub-level or two higher than the army.



The army, brimming with valor, took the lead and attacked the Order.

Swords clashed with lightning bolts, fists bombarded with fireballs, and space blades fought off myriad beasts.

The trees, the mountains, the lakes, and the buildings—it didn’t matter what it was or how sturdy it was, the moment a battle occurred near, these structures collapsed.

The red blood formed lakes as the first wave of offensive killed off nearly 10% of the Order forces.

After realizing that the only way out was to fight tooth and nail, everyone in the Order tried to suppress their fears and give it their all.

“Kill these hypocrites and carve a bloody path out!” An Order Commander roared as he beat down a Lieutenant General.

The army officer spat out blood along with his teeth before grinning at that Order commander.

The officer’s body was falling apart since he was facing a high level 8 despite being a mid level 8.

But he laughed. As his bones creaked as they broke, he kept laughing.

“Bloody path? What bloody path?” The officer asked with amusement.

“The path I’ll build on your corpse!” The Order’s commander slapped down.

The ground under the officer’s feet sunk as a huge palm print was carved for two miles around him.

The officer was forced onto a knee as the huge pressure sunk his chest and broke his bones.

But he raised his head at the commander in the air and showed a bloody grin. “My corpse? It should be our corpses!”

The commander suddenly had an ominous premonition. “What are yo—?”

Before he could finish, the officer pushed all his aura into a single attack and a huge lightning net covered the commander.

Then, it exploded, devouring everything in the surrounding ten miles.

On the barren ground, the officer watched the scum die before he collapsed onto the ground.

Looking at the sky, his eyes shone with pride before they dimmed forever.

Such sacrifices happened across the battlefield.

The more the army fought, the fiercer they got.

Pain didn’t slow them. Death couldn’t halt them.

Like an unending war song, the sounds of their weapons slicing their enemies continued.

High up in the sky, Tamal was covered in wounds from head to toe.

His left arm was twisted at an impossible angle while a gaping wound could be seen on his chest.

“Y-You bastards!” Coughing out blood, Tamal cursed the Gentlemen Trio.

Their condition was only slightly better than his.

“I’ll take his head.” Lex swung his ice sword.

“And me, his heart.” Lois shot his fire spear

“Then I’ll give him a farewell gift,” Logan’s bloodied face showed a smile as he formed two lightning claws behind him.

Tamal gritted his teeth as he formed a telekinetic barrier with the remaining of his strength.

But the trio’s attacks broke through his shield and destroyed his vital organs.

Dying, Tamal crashed to the ground, right beside his ‘castle’.

As he lay on the ground, losing life, he realized that as far as he could see, everything related to the Order was razed to the ground.

The grand buildings didn’t withstand the wrath of the righteous.

The secret traps of the Order were useless before overwhelming might.

The Lord’s Castle collapsed like it was made out of the sand.

“H-How…” Tamal resisted closing his eyes as he asked.

“I…how did you find us…”

The trio didn’t answer. Instead, one of them burnt his legs while the other cooled them.

The third one kept electrocuting the dying mean.


Tamal’s screams reached every corner of the secret realm.

This was the last straw that broke the remaining Order fighters. As the final embers of their courage were snuffed out, the army began a massacre.

The Order forces tried to resist, but every time they raised their weapons, the shrill screams of their leader reached their ears.

‘If even such a pain is crying out in that much pain, it’s better to die…’

Perhaps that was their subconscious thought. Thus, the last Order member was killed three minutes later.

At the same time, Tamal’s vocal cords broke from the screaming and no more sound came out of him.


Even when he couldn’t speak, Tamal used his last energy to try asking the same question.

“Yes, we didn’t find you ourselves.” Lex laughed.

Tamal’s eyes widened.

“It is your archenemy, Varian,” Lois said with a chilling smile.

The Shadow Lord’s body shook violently as his eyes showed his unwillingness.


‘Why should I always lose to that brat?!’

‘Why is my lifelong dream spoiled by someone who didn’t even live a fifth of my life? By someone who didn’t even try half as hard as I did?’

Tamal’s mind broke down and he finally burst into bitter tears.

Logan smiled at Tamal’s tears and showed a device. “Dr. Thomas invented a device and using it, Sovereign Julius found the secret realms of the Shadow Guardians and destroyed them. Now, the device is upgraded to find you, thanks to Varian.”

Tamal gasped as he realized the implication of such a device.

Logan sneered as he confirmed Tamal’s worst suspicions.

“And not just you, every Shadow Order base in this solar system will be razed to the ground today.”


Tamal couldn’t even utter the name of his worst enemy before he died.


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