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Divine Path System – Chapter 753: Doing The Unthinkable Bahasa Indonesia

Mirage Queen checked the spatial map with a sensuous smile on her lips. She was heading toward a rather remote planetoid with only a level 7 leading it.

“What choice will you make, Kreo?”

Humans had a vast network of spy bots near the mirage abyss. So, she knew her arrival wouldn’t be a surprise to humans.

Kreo must have already known about her actions. Since he’s out of commission currently, it must mean he’s doing something extremely important.

The only thing the queen could think was that he was in the middle of laying the trap.

“If he doesn’t want to see a million human corpses, Kreo would have no choice but to abandon his plans and confront me on the planetoid.” The woman her plump purple lips.

There’s also the case that Kreo wouldn’t come out even when reaped the lives of a million souls.

“Then…” Mirage Queen’s lips curled up into a beautiful smile as she uttered horrendous words in a melodious voice. “I can feast on all the planetoids I want.”

Thinking of the human soldiers that’d be akin to helpless lambs under her whims, Mirage Queen’s face flushed pink and her chest heaved up and down.

“I…I…can’t wai—whaaat?” Her spaceship suddenly shook and Mirage Queen stumbled from her throne and rolled down the stairs before she crashed face first into the floor.

The beautiful abyssal who ruled over billions of abyssals raised her head as silver armor covered her body.

Despite being someone who took care of her appearance, she didn’t bother to correct her disheveled hair at all.

Her eyes burned with a cold rage as she spread her mind sense to find the damn culprit who dared to attack her.

“Who dares?!”

Like light spreading in darkness, her mind sense spread across space and found the culprit.

A familiar spaceship with something akin to a lance attached to it.

“VA.RI.AN.” Gnashing her teeth, Mirage Queen shot her mental power toward the ghostship.

It easily passed through the spaceship and entered inside as it searched for the man that courted death.

She probed every corner she could to no avail until she found something blocking her.

A wall—to be precise, several walls that were encompassing a tiny room.

“This again.” Mirage Queen’s eyes glowed purple as her mind sense slammed into the walls again.

But like tides facing the tall dam walls, her mind power was pushed back.

It was then that ghost ship once again collided with her spaceship. The driving spirit of the spaceship had already anticipated the danger like the first time and avoided a collision from the lance. However, it couldn’t avoid a sidewise collision that sent the spaceship flying for miles.

The insides of the spaceship shook, but since Mirage Queen was in protective silver armor, she wasn’t affected, unlike the last time.

“Obliterate that damn bug!” Mirage Queen ordered.

The spaceship gave a low hum and shot towards the incoming ghost ship. Black light lit in front of the spaceship as it slowly charged an attack.

It’s an attack equivalent to a Sovereign’s casual punch. However, due to the time it took to reload, it’s practically useless for battle.

But now, Boo had to be wary of the attack.

The two spaceships avoided the other’s attack and their collision caused sparks that lit up the dark space.

The speeds at which they collided were insane and it only grew with each collision.

Contrary to Varian’s expectations, despite having an absolute weapon like a celestial lance, the battle wasn’t one-sided.

The biggest surprise was probably the combat power of the queen’s spaceship. Since she’s a psychic, her spaceship was by design one of the best among the abyssals.

So, not only did the ship’s spirit keep the queen safe, it even managed to threaten Boo.

And since Boo only had a fraction of its true abilities, it didn’t gain any upper hand in the confrontation.

“Ouch, ouch, ouch.” Varian closed his eyes as pained cries left his mouth at each collision.

Since Boo needed a proper weapon, it used up most of the celestial walls. This left Varian and Sia with only a tiny room to safeguard themselves from the queen’s attacks.

The distance was just over three feet—close enough to feel each other’s breath.

The plan was for Varian and Sia to stick themselves to the walls using their powers and not move at all.

But they underestimated the collisions.

Even when Varian used his telekinetic power to hold himself to the wall, he ended up stumbling forward and crossing the safe distance whenever the collisions occurred.

Naturally, his body started to repel Sia.

His skin and flesh broke down as if they were made of blocks and the floor already had a puddle of blood.

Naturally, the process of ‘breaking down’ was pretty painful.

“Ouch-argh, fuck!”

Before the blood puddle could grow too much from the blood gushing out of his knees, Varian used his plantae powers and healed his injuries.

Then, he stuck himself to the wall once again and even Sia helped him.

But the speed of the ghost ship rose once again and reached the maximum speed of a Sovereign.

“Oh boy.” Varian sighed.

Sia looked at her own reflection in the blood. Every few seconds, ripples would spread out and remove her reflection.

These ripples came from her tears.

It was painful to watch Varian pay such a big price just for staying closer to her.

The last time Enigma took over, Sia wasn’t able to ‘see’ what was happening outside. But after that, the repulsion went down to three feet.

Sia had a guess regarding the incident, but she didn’t want to pry any further.

Regardless of the method taken, she believed the day Varian’s repulsion disappeared was the day his negative emotions towards Enigma dissolved.

Varian sighed at Sia’s tears, but he didn’t ask her not to cry. It’s impossible.

So, he instead focused on the situation.

“Master! Two high level 9s left the planetoid and are heading in this direction. They’re both lightning awakeners.”

With the help of their military friends, Boo was up to date with all the secretive information.

“If they stall us, then Mirage Queen will get away.” Varian’s face turned serious.

Even though the current method of stalling her was bad, it was the only option Varian had.

And even though he knew she’d get away once enough reinforcements arrive, Varian wanted to delay her as much as possible.

“Boo, smash that ship away from planetoids and abyss.”

That way, the reinforcements would take longer to arrive.


“Sovereign Irene, tell the high general it’s imperative to hold back the reinforcements coming from the planetoids!”


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