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Divine Path System – Chapter 745: Show Me Your Hatred Bahasa Indonesia

Varian’s plan succeeded.

Despite having the chance to destroy the holy altar, he only left a few scratches on it.

If he actually went ahead and did the deed, then Mirage Queen would’ve gone furious and started the war.

But since he left her most precious treasure in an injured yet intact state, she vowed to protect it from any harm.

It’s a very clever tactic.

Of course, to convince the abyssals they weren’t attacking, Varian put himself in real danger and even took two attacks from the abyssals.

Enigma was on the lookout for him in case things went out of hand.

But thankfully, they both managed to escape with serious injuries, all according to plan.

“Four days? Good! Four days it is!” The chilling declaration of the queen filled the capital.

She sat in front of the holy altar as she waited for Varian.

Her mind sense covered the entire castle and could detect even the slightest fluctuation.

She decided to keep this hyper-alert for four full days. Even for her, it was exhausting. But she didn’t care.


The blood flowing in her veins belonged to the great abyss warriors whose fame resounded even in the main abyss.

How could she allow her bloodline to be humiliated?

Varian provoked her deepest pride and she’d have her vengeance.

*** *** ***

Varian’s eyes slowly opened. The familiar white ceiling came into view before the soft sensation on his body made him realize he was on his bed.


Varian jumped out of the bed and titled his head to call for the ghost when he suddenly froze.

Enigma sat on a couch in front of the bed. And…she was staring at him.

Looking at the familiar eyes he had seen countless times in the ‘illusion’, Varian’s heart shook and he forced his lips to curl upward. “Good job, Enigma. Can I talk to Sia?”

He didn’t want to deal with her.

The bloodshed he caused as Prince Var and the recent bloodshed in mirage abyss pushed his bloodlust to a ridiculous level.

Varian was afraid he’d start attacking Enigma if he kept staring at her.

“No.” Enigma refused his request to see Sia.

…But why?

Varian wanted to ask, but he quickly shut his mouth and walked toward the door.

He first needed to check the situation on mars. Yep. That’s why he’s going to avoid her.

Not any other rea—

“Mirage Queen is furious in the abyss. Mars’ planetoids are temporarily safe. Your plan is successful.” Enigma said in a plain tone with no emotions.

“…” Varian paused at her words and tried to think of another excuse to leave the room.

Being in the same room with her was too hard.

Varian felt the emotion in the depths of his heart threaten to burst out. But he suppressed it firmly, despite feeling suffocated by doing so.

‘It’s for the best.’ He told himself.

He didn’t want to affect the relationship between Enigma and Sia.

“I see.” Varian nodded with a ‘smile’. “Then I’ll go talk to the High General. The army needs to start some small skirmishes to prevent abyssals from thinking we’re not just bluffing.”

“…He’s a high general. He knows this better than me and you.” Enigma said in a plain tone.

“…” Varian sighed inwardly.

‘Why don’t you just let me go? I don’t want to talk to you. I don’t want to see you. The most I can do is give you a few smiles, but with that damn illusion, even that is hard.’

“Please turn around.”


Varian turned around to face Enigma with a confused expression.

Usually, Enigma wasn’t wearing her mask when around him these days and remained in her normal form.

But for some reason, she took the tri-color form and wore a dress.

That dress…

Varian clenched his fist behind his back.

It’s the same dress that Sia wore on his 17th birthday. The same dress that she wore when she killed his mother.

“Anything?” Varian parted his lips with great difficulty and asked.

Enigma looked at him with a burning gaze as if she wanted to stare deep into his soul. When she realized that he was still controlling himself, she said in a clear voice.

“The repulsion.”

“Hm? I’m working on it. As my bond with Sia deepens, it’ll disappear.”

“It won’t,” Enigma said in a definitive tone. “The repulsion to Sia long disappeared.”

Varian’s smile stiffened.

“The existing repulsion is only because of me.” Enigma raised her head and looked at him with a neutral gaze.

Her beautiful eyes were completely still like a calm lake. Yet, Varian would’ve sworn he saw a flash of intense emotions in those eyes for a split second.

“Yes. It exists because of you. But I’m working on it.” Varian said. “One day, I’ll overcome it.”

“By avoiding me?” Enigma took a step forward and her voice raised a notch. “By killing me in the illusion?”

She took another step and the distance between them reached the limit.

“If you keep the hatred inside, how can you overcome the repulsion caused by it?” She pointed at his heart and pointed at herself.

“The woman you hate the second most in the world is standing in front of you. She won’t hurt you. Yet you aren’t doing anything! Tell me, how can you overcome the repulsion?” Enigma spoke in a tone she never used before.

But Varian wasn’t in the mood to notice the details.

His mind was currently in chaos. “This isn’t the time for this. We have a war. Mars is under pressure. And mirage ab—”

“Stop running away!” Enigma yelled as she clenched her fists. “If you want to attack, attack! Beat, beat! Kill, then kill!”

Varian flinched before looking the woman in the eye. “Stop it. Enigma, I’m not getting provoked.”

“You. You really got good at this.”

“What now?”

“You didn’t have the same self-control eight years ago. You’ve really grown up.”

Varian just wanted to leave. So, he didn’t bother asking why she said what she said.

Looking at his expression, Enigma sighed deeply.

When Varian thought she finally gave up, her helpless voice rang in the air. “I’m happy that you finally found two girls who love you wholeheartedly.

I’m also proud that you are going to such lengths to make them happy.


I don’t want to see you suppress yourself for their sake.

You told them to be honest with their feelings. They are. You are the only one who is hiding his feelings.

Your anger and hatred of me.

Show them to me.”

Varian’s mind went blank for a moment before he found himself in a familiar illusion.

In the broken room of a small house, Enigma’s sword pierced through the heart of his mother.

Amanda’s eyes looked into his eyes as if asking her son what he’d do.

Enigma’s voice rang slowly.

“Sia understands you, but I understand you more than her. Maybe I’m the one who knows the most about how you’re feeling inside. That’s why, not asking you to forgive me, but please don’t show me your fake smile.

I’ll help you all you want, but I ask for only one thing. Treat me sincerely. Since you hate me, show me your hatred.”

Varian snapped.


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