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Divine Path System – Chapter 632: Throne Hall [3]: Varian vs Charles [2] Bahasa Indonesia

The space around the tail was completely blocked and covered by a telekinetic shield which was further enforced by lightning and water barriers.

Not only did they stop the tail, but they also started to bite, cut and damage it.

“Bastard!” Charles cursed as he raised his hind leg and kicked at Varian.

Varian’s face, which was peaceful until then distorted hearing that word.

His mother died. Sia disappeared.

Roxanna….she even messed with his mother’s post-mortem files.

“Your bitch aunt tortured her. You need to repay!” Varian raised his hand and caught the hind leg.


With a simple motion, the broke the leg into two.


A painful scream escaped Charles’ mouth but he kicked Varian with another leg.

Click! Kacha!

Varian kicked the leg and it twisted in a strange angle while being burnt simultaneously.


As Charles groaned in pain, Varian’s lips curled up into a distorted smile.

Without any thinking, he punched down and broke Charles’ two forelegs.


Now, Charles was lying on the floor, bleeding heavily from his four limbs. They had injuries of all sorts and all degrees.

Space cuts with chunks of flesh missing. Electrocution that caused him to spasm like a fish out of water.

Macrokinetic needles that drilled holes in his legs. Ice seeping into open wounds and torturing him.


Charles’ screams reverberated across the prince’s throne hall.

But there was no one else except Varian to witness the woes of the ‘best genius’.

And he…

“Cry! Cry more you son of a bitch! You and that bitch deserves every pain in the fucking world!” Varian cursed as he rained punches on the giant wolf much bigger than him.

Yet, each of his punch was deeply entrenched in the wolf’s body and new injuries popped up all over its body.

Kacha! Splash! Kree!

Bones cracked and broke. Muscles were forcibly torn apart. Blood splurted and splashed on Varian’s face.

Feeling the hot blood on his face, Varian’s face distorted and a huge smile formed on his face.

He didn’t understand why he was feeling this good. But seeing Charles’ face distort in pain, seeing him twist and spasm, Varian felt something deep inside him calm down.

Words…painful words he suppressed deep inside his memories surfaced themselves.

[The Specimen Sia has Celestial Grade Talent!]


Varian punched the wolf’s chest and growled. “She’s not a specimen! She’s a person! You fucking psycho!”

[Even if she is electrocuted, frozen to low temperatures, she didn’t reveal anything about her talents.]

“Electrocuted…Low Temperatuers? I’ll show you!” Varian placed his two hands on either side of Charles face.


Zaaaap! Szzz!

A torrent of lightning assualted his left half of the face while a bone-chilling cold ravaged his rigth half.

Charles began to twist violently as he opened his mouth to scream. “Kreeh!”

His body also came dangerously close to escaping from Varian’s grip.



Varian kicked Charles’ chest and firmly pressed his foot on him, keeping him in place.

Zaap! Szzzz!

He continued on with the electrocution and freezing.

As it continued, Varian looked at Charles’ face and growled with red eyes.

“Do you feel it, Roxanna? Do you feel this bastard writhing in pain? Your nephew you love so much, he’s tasting the same pain you inflicted on her back then!”

Varian’s voice nolonger contained any trace of happiness. Rather, a deep grief engulfed him as tears started to stread down his face.

[Now, everything about Sia is erased from the world. From today, Sia Konstant never existed in the world from today.]

Boom! Kacha! Craaack!

Varian didn’t even know what he was doing anymore. He just kept on punching, kicking, slicing and breaking.

“Why? Why did you have to be so cruel?” He asked through gritted teeth as he continued to beat Charles to half-death.

If anyone witnessed the scene, they’d think that Varian was mocking Charles.

But in truth, despite beating the hell out of Charles, despite inflicting heavy injuries on him, the grief Varian felt far outweighed any physical pain Charles felt.

[I want to stimulate her and elicit extreme emotional response from her.

Physical and mental torture are not working. So I can only go the emotional route.

With her remaining family. I heard she has an adoptive brother. He’d do the job. I’ll be getting him tomorrow.]

Those words were the final straw.


Varian raised his hands and clenched his fists.

Space bombs, lightning bolts, torturous illusions, breaking of bones, freezing of blood….

Varian kept going even after Charles fainted.

Instead of stopping, he actually used a healing potion on Charles, helped him regain consciousness, and continued.

“B-Bast-arghhhh!” Charles couldn’t even curse as a bolt of lightning smashed his mouth.

As pain engulfed him from every fiber of his body, Charles had a wish to die.

He wanted to ask Varian to kill him, but…

“Y-You…you’ve go-arghhh crazyyyyy.”

Varian’s eyes no longer had any trace of sanity. He was like a beast filled with rage and vengeance.

His face was smiling, his eyes were crying, and his fists were punching.

As he lay waste, Charles heard the sound of gasps before they’re suddenly silenced.

From the corner of his bloodied eye, he saw the captain of his team and other members approaching the stage.

Varian…didn’t even sense them. Nor was he in the right mind to.

He kept shouting “Roxanna.” “Bitch!” “Torture!” “Deserve!”

So, when three members of Charles’ team sneak attacked on him, it was already too late for Varian to react.


Varian’s body flew across the air and he was kicked out of the stage.

[You can fly outside the stage, but if you go below, the stage’s height, flying is prohibited]

“Hueeek!” Varian’s bloodshot eyes slowly recovered as he began to regain his senses.

But the next thing he knew, someone appeared over his body and punched him down.


Varian blasted into the darkness and reached a height lower than the stage.


Lightning wings, space freeze, macrokinetic flying, ice slides…

Nothing worked.

Varian fell into the endless darkness.


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