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Divine Path System – Chapter 621: Reflection In Red Bahasa Indonesia

Level 8 Zone, Royal Garden.

Just like the level 7s, the level 8s also entered a giant forest from the valley. But instead of panicking like level 7s, the level 8s dealt with the situation more maturely.

Without anyone informing, they took out their keys and saw the announcement.

{Welcome To The Royal Garden}

{Prove Your Worth To Enter The Palace}

Unlike the level 7s, they didn’t rush into the forest to hunt down the beasts.

In contrast to the forty level 8s, the keyholes their gate had were only 20. So, they knew half of them wouldn’t go to the next stage. Yet, they didn’t jump into the forest right away.

It wasn’t that they had great confidence.

Rather, it’s…

“We’ll put aside our grudges for some time and work together to check out the situation. Then we can go our own ways.” A skinny man with spiky red hair said.

Standing with him were two men and a woman.

Since he represented the ‘Great Four’ temporarily, the crowd listened to his words carefully.

Like the three strongest level 7s: Nora, Curtis, and Jamie, these four were at the peak of their group.

But unlike level 7s, they didn’t command equal authority.

The main reason being…

“I agree. This is for the best.” A middle-aged man with handsome brown hair nodded and following his words, the nine members behind did the same.

They were precisely the reason why the four, despite being strongest acted with restraint.

Out of the forty level 8s, ten were from Charles’ group!

What’s more shocking was that Charles’ group was actually able to beat the great four. Even though it could barely be considered a victory, it was a fact that they were able to bring down the great four.

That’s why…

“Since you guys have no objection, then let’s go.” Victor Caron, the spiky-red-haired man nodded.

Even though they weren’t in a pleasant relationship, the bigger picture was more important.

As level 8s with way more experiences than level 7s, they understood the horrors of ruins more clearly.

In this place, carelessness could cost their life.

So, they decided to check the place and gauge it properly before fighting for the keys.

As a result, they discovered the flying height limit, the translucent barrier protecting the forests, and even more.

Only after making sure that it’s not a death mission did they call off the group cooperation.

“Alright, then.” Victor Caron nodded at the crowd and his eyes narrowed. “Let’s fight for ourselves.”


Excluding Charles’ ten and great four, there were exactly sixteen people, five people in a group.

The three groups looked at the woman left out and raised a brow.

“Reveal your identity and we can take you in.”


Sia stayed silent as her mind wandered.

If it was Enigma or even if it was her at other times, she’d have used a fake ID to get into a team.

Things were less suspicious if you were in a team.

But Sia wasn’t in a mood to think so much.

“Tch. A lone wolf? How long will you survive?” Shaking their heads, the three teams left.

Sia finally returned to her senses and looked at the screen.

Then, her golden eyes flashed and she shot into the forest.

The paths into the forest were wide. Wide enough for twenty people to stand with their hands stretched.

The path was empty for forty miles until a giant red object blocked the road.


Rather than object, it’s a—

The red creature unfolded itself and flapped its wings, revealing its true form—a giant red dragon.

The pressure emanating from it was at the peak of level 8. Its strength was roughly equal to a member of the great four—the strongest level 8s in the ruins.

If it was Sia before entering the ruins, she’d be unable to defeat this thing. But after continuous growth and a progress explosion recently, her strength was a notch higher.


Brandishing her blade, Sia’s psychic powers pulled the red dragon into an illusion and her gravity powers pushed her high into the air, right to the eye level of the giant dragon.

The dragon’s eyes, dazed but enraged, shook and it opened its mouth. A huge fireball concentrated in its mouth.

Sia raised her sword with an expressionless face.


Fifteen minutes later.

A sigh escaped from Sia’s lips as she weakly sat on the dragon’s corpse. Her body had many small and considerable medium injuries.

She was so tired that she didn’t even want to move. So, she ended up staying on the dragon’s body.

As a result, she inevitably saw the ‘creation’ under the creature.

Due to the giant size of the creature, the amount of blood it let out was extraordinary.

So, nothing less than a blood lake was formed under its corpse.

Sia’s golden eyes looked at her reflection in the red liquid.

Before she knew it, the red lake rippled as tears dripped on it.

Her reflection in red…

It looked back in tears.

*** *** ***

I remained frozen as I stood in place, staring at the ashen face of Amanda next to the fire wolf.

Pain engulfed me and tears rolled down my cheeks.

This woman was the reason I had a family in the first place.

The person closest to ‘mother’.

The elder I respected.

She’s gone…

“Wuuww!” Holding back my tears, I stiffly turned toward him.

The sight nearly caused my heart to stop.

He was on his knees. The skin below his knees was gone and pieces of his flesh were torn. White of the bones could also be seen in some places.

Blood seeped out from his injuries and formed a large puddle under his body.

My heart pounded as my chest grew tighter in pain. It hurt. It hurt to see him like this.

But what hurt even more was…

Varian’s hand…

Varian’s hand was stretched in the direction of Amanda.

His right hand was riddled with injuries. But the closer his hand was to Amanda, the worse they got.

His wrist was twisted and bleeding heavily. His palm was sunken and bones were visible. His fingers were completely crushed.

“Va-Awwww!” I couldn’t even utter his name without howling in grief.

Each step felt like hell, but I reached him.

With trembling hands, I held him up and called the emergency.

As my body shook fiercely and tears fell without a stop, my eyes suddenly froze.

I looked at the puddle of blood.

The reflection in red…

It looked back in tears.


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