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Divine Path System – Chapter 599: Sia [11]: Enigma Bahasa Indonesia

“Day 70.”

I stared blankly at Roxanna.

The burning rage in my chest was gone. It didn’t vanish though. It cooled into an icy rage.

Now, not only did I want to kill her, but I wanted to slaughter her nephew and every one of her relatives.

I will kill every single person on good terms with Roxanna and Charles

If, no, when I get out of here alive, they’ll die.

I decided to never talk to Enigma. But what happened in the past seventy days caused me to rethink.

Still, I was resolved to never contact her.

While her reasons and story made sense, I can’t let it go.

But Roxanna’s consequent words heavily challenged my resolve.

“Since your talent is so high, I needed to ensure you never escape this place. That no one ever comes to look for you.” She said, catching me off guard.

What does that even mean…?

“I asked Sovereign Kreo to erase you from every person you know.” She said nonchalantly.

“Lies!” I shrieked, my voice and body trembling in fear.

If what she said was true, then even Varian and Sarah…

It must be a lie!

Yes, a lie!

“For a Sovereign, it’s a cakewalk.” Roxanna waved her hand.

“Even he can’t find so many people I interacted with!” I said in desperation. But at the back of my mind, I already knew the truth.

“Sovereign Kreo has a lot of psychic students. They too have students. With a single order from him, the job is taken care of.” Roxanna shrugged.


I collapsed onto my knees and tears started to stream down my face.

My heart, which had hardened like a stone cracked.

V-Varian…he forgot me?

I curled in the corner and started to sob.

“I…I—” I started to choke on my tears. No words came out.

My chest grew heavy, I couldn’t even breathe.

This feeling…why does this hurt more than being burnt, cut, and frozen?

“To think you’re so attached to trash. Even though he’s a human being, for an alien, you sure are sentimental.”

My ears caught her words, but my mind didn’t.

I was lost in my own world.

This must be a nightmare. A nightmare…

Roxanna said in a carefree voice. “Now then, I have a new device. It shows you the most painful scenes you want to avoid. It’s a good mental torture device. Test it…”

The most painful scene I want to avoid is Roxanna killing Varian.

In each of the illusions, I saw him die.

Again and again and again.


*** *** ***

“Day 130.”

I said with a deadpan tone.

I faced every kind of physical and mental torture.

I had nearly died and I nearly broke.

The sole reason I endured everything was for the hope that I could go back one day.

Even though Varian lost his memories…I wanted to believe it was a lie. Maybe even if it’s true, I could do something about it.

So, I lived.

Like a rock that drowned in rain, scorched under the sun, and shivered in cold, yet existed somehow, I too lived through it all.

I reached level 5 at some point, but none of it mattered.

It didn’t help. Nothing seemed to help.


I still decided not to call Enigma.

I know it’s foolish, but I can’t find it in myself to take the final step.

Whenever I wanted to call Enigma, Varian’s blank stare flashed in my mind. His gaze that was devoid of all hope…

For causing him such pain, we both needed to pay the price.

“You are the worst specimen out of the thousands I had.” Roxanna leaned back in her chair.

I snapped out of my thoughts but didn’t answer her.

I looked at her with eyes full of loathing.

This trash of humans.

It wasn’t just her. Most humans didn’t need to be saved. Yes, indeed. It’s better to just leave them alone.

Varian and I can just live our lives in peace. Away from this filthy world.

If they intervene, we’ll kill them all!

“Sia,” Roxanna called me.

I didn’t even look at her. I don’t know what was going on with me, but I was growing stronger every day.

It won’t take long before I’d reach level 6.

Then one day, surely, I will…

I looked at Roxanna with eyes full of killing intent.

It would’ve scared even a battle-hardened general. But this woman, she’s crazy.

Instead of backing down, she smirked.

“Dear Sia, you must be feeling lonely.” She said in a coquettish voice.

I didn’t like where this was going.

“So I decided to bring you a companion.” She gestured to the newly installed glass tube beside mine.

My eyes turned red.

“It’s someone you like.” She stood up and walked to me.

My nails dug into my flesh and blood dripped on the ground.

“He’s the reason you’re sane.” She placed her palm on the glass tube.

No. Don’t do it, Roxanna.

I punched the area with her palm so hard that my wrist twisted on spot.

My expression was scarier than ever.

“Your trashy adopted brother.”

You are pushing me!

Don’t make me do it.

Roxanna said the name she should’ve never said.


My eyes burned with rage and something inside me snapped.

I channeled the mind power inside my body and reached for the deepest corners of myself.

There, a silver card lay. It couldn’t be detected by even Roxanna.

I recalled Enigma’s words before she disappeared.

‘Sia, I know you hate me and won’t accept anything from me. I…I will be in a deep sleep but if you ever need my help, call me.’

With all my might, I pushed my mind power into the silver card.

At first, there was only a small silver spark. Then, it was two, three and soon, the card started to glow.

Roxanna looked at my silence in surprise. She was expecting some sort of violent reaction and wanted to enjoy my pain.

But all she saw was a girl who stood still.

“I feel stupid for not doing this, but with his life as a hostage, you’ll tell me all your secrets, right? Right?” She leaned towards the glass tube and stared into my eyes.


But she was forced to close her eyes shut as a silver light blinded her.

“W-What’s happening!” Roxanna shrieked through half-open eyes and hurriedly tapped her comm.

The safety mechanisms activated and were about to knock out the specimen in the glass tube.



A woman appeared in front of her.

The woman’s hair and eyes were a mix of red, yellow, and blue. But the strange color combination not only didn’t make her seem weird but instead amplified her beauty multifold.

She was like a fairy from the myths.

“H-How!” Roxanna’s eyes widened as her body shivered.

Panicked, she reached for the teleportation talisman on her dress.



Enigma raised a finger and slashed in the air.


A thin red line appeared on her neck before a fountain of blood spurted out.

I watched with glee as Roxanna’s eyes widened in shock.

I laughed and laughed and laughed until I broke down into tears.

Varian…I am coming for you.


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