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Divine Path System – Chapter 589: Varian [3]: Accelerated Recovery [2] Bahasa Indonesia

As he inched closer and closer towards the top of the tree, Varian’s mind raced.’I’m not sure what this tree is doing, but.’

He raised his hand and clenched his fist. ‘It is the central piece for this battle.’

In the overwhelming purple, a defiant golden light shone brighter and brighter until it enveloped Varian’s whole body.

He shone like a star in the purple world.


Varian used his telekinetic power and pushed himself to the tree while he enveloped his hand in a solid space glove. Then, he pulled back his hand and punched out with all his strength.


It all happened in the blink of an eye, but when psychic flowers recovered from their surprise, Varian was already punching the tree’s umbrella.

The flowers trembled and their mental power reached Varian in the blink of an eye.

They were determined to stop him at any cost.

Varian knew that too. And he also knew that facing so many psychic flowers, he had no way of avoiding their mental attacks.

He’d be drawn into their illusory world. Once he’s inside, the psychic flowers would then attack his mind to disrupt his attacks.

Even if he managed to hold onto his attack, his sense of direction and distance would already be twisted beyond help.

So, once in illusion, even if Varian managed to punch with even half his strength, he wouldn’t be punching the tree, but empty air.

Facing this situation, there wasn’t much he could.

The mental barrier he set up was easily bypassed by the psychic flowers for some reason.

‘There’s only way.’ Varian spread his psychic power to specific parts of his mind and watched as the foreign psychic power entered his mind.


He was quickly dragged into a world of blue and his punch abruptly slowed down.

Then, the world spun violently as Varian—who was on his way to punch the umbrella in reality, was forced by the psychic flowers to deviate from his target.

They should’ve succeeded.

But the psychic power in Varian’s mind came into play right at that moment.

It took control of its body and refused to change the course of his direction.

So, under the horrifying screams of the flowers, Varian’s punch, which now contained only 30% of its initial power punched the giant umbrella.


And broke it into pieces.

The purple light started to disappear as the natural sunlight started to replace it.

“Haa!” Varian woke up from the illusion and glanced at the flowers below.

Every morpher flower shone with a purple light and charged their final attack against him.

As Varian wanted to teleport, the psychic flowers attacked his mind and prevented him from doing so.

As a result, Varian found himself descending from a height of hundreds of meters while being about to be targeted by the morpher flowers.

‘It’d be very dangerous to take so many poisonous attacks.’ Varian thought with a frown, but he soon relaxed.

When the flowers were on the verge of landing a final attack and gravely injuring Varian, something happened.

The giant plant umbrella completely collapsed.

As a result, the sunlight finally reached the flowers.


The flowers stopped abruptly as if they were frozen.

Varian landed on the ground gently and looked at the tree and flowers with a look of realization.

It was a relationship of symbiosis.

The flowers needed a specific type of light to function—and when they did, they were very powerful. The tree provided them that very light.

‘This is the end.’

Varian raised his hand into a knife and slashed at the tree.

It was a simple slash in air using his physical strength, but the result was a very sharp shockwave.

The shockwave, in the shape of an arc reached the tree in the blink of an eye and upon contact, split it into two.

Before he knew it, Varian’s physical prowess reached a terrifying state. A single gesture was enough to deal a terrifying damage.

‘The flowers…’ Varian turned around and glanced at the flowers.

He snapped his fingers.


An invisible force uprooted the flowers and ground them to pieces.

‘Haaa~’ As the battle ended, Varian sighed deeply.

A blue screen lit up in front of him, as if it had been waiting all this time.

[+400 Xp]

[+500 Xp]

“Right, Status.”

[Superhuman Level 7: 0.5k/10k

Space Level 7: 0.5k/10k

Lightning Level 7: 0.5k/10k

Plantae Level 7: 1k/10k (+400 Xp)

Psychic Level 7: 1.5k/10k (+500 Xp)

Macrokinetic Level 7: 1k/10k

Water level 7: 0.5k/10k]

Yesterday’s fight improved his paths considerably. But today’s results weren’t too bad.

If Varian could, he preferred staying here and fighting. But to reach the Ruler’s Abode in time, he had to keep moving.

‘Plantae got 100 XP more than Psychic, hm…’

Varian glanced at his body and noticed the cuts everywhere. Even though the battle ended, he was fighting a fierce poison.

As the mainstay of the fight, the plantae path naturally got he most improvement.


Varian was more happy with the improvement in his psychic power.

He looked around and noticed the desolate surroundings. But unwilling to risk it, he dug an underground cave under the tree and jumped in.

Then, he closed his eyes and spread his psychic sense inward.

It quickly reached the memory palace of his brain and found the area of his sealed memories.

A grey fog surrounded his memories of Sia.

But compared to the first time he saw it, it was visibly weaker.

[66% fog left.]

Varian entered the ruins on the evening of 30th and the next day, he reached level 7.

As a level 7 psychic, he entered his memory palace in excitement to clear up the grey fog.

He could remember the notification of that day clearly.

[90% fog left]

But when he was done, the notification changed.

[88% fog left]

2% per try!

His current prowess allowed him two such sessions every day without damaging his mind. Thus, 2% per each session.

So, from 31st onward, Varian was able to cut down 4% of the fog everyday.

According to that calculation, today, the fog should start at 70% today and after his two session, it should end with 66%.


[66% fog left.]

The notification clearly implied that at some point, Varian’s speed improved.

As his psychic power nibbled away the edges of the grey fog, the sealed memories resurfaced.

Out of those countless memories, one particular memory drew his mind in.

But before Varian lost himself in the memory, a notification sounded.

[63% fog left]


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