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Divine Path System – Chapter 486: Sprinting To Level 4 Water Path (4): Ascension Bahasa Indonesia

If anyone studied dungeons, a question would naturally arise.

If low dungeons can hold only up to level 3 magic beasts, then what happens when a beast reaches level 4?

It enters a mid dungeon.


The dungeons’ spaces were interconnected. That was also the reason Cross Tunnel Formations work between dungeons as well.

The process of a magic beast exceeding its dungeon’s level limit was called Ascension.

Once it happens, the dungeon’s space would then open up a connection with a higher dungeon and send off the beast.

But the real problem only started.

During this short period when the space was open, magic beasts from the higher dungeon would descend into this dungeon.

And because of that, the total power of a dungeon would skyrocket, and naturally, a Dungeon Break would occur.

However, it wouldn’t be magic beasts of that lower dungeon that would break outside but the magic beasts of the higher dungeon.

By expelling these higher energy creatures, Dungeon would once reduce the overall power and achieve stability.

So, in the case of Drowner Dungeon, it meant that a peak level 6 beast was about to advance to level 7, and once that happens, level 7, level 8, and perhaps level 9 magic beasts would break out of this dungeon.

This underwater town would be destroyed in seconds. But the real damage would come once these beasts reach the coast—which they would in a few seconds and attack the cities.

“Oh well, I just wanted normal training.”

As Varian lamented, Ghostship rushed into the dungeon gate.


Varian widened his eyes as he saw a world full of…water.

There was no sky, no land, nothing. It was only water.

“What the fuck?” Varian glanced above and cursed. “Where is the sky for fuck’s sake?”

“There isn’t one.” Sarah shrugged.

“Yes, master.” Boo appeared in front of him and tapped in empty air.

A Spherical hologram appeared and at the edge of the hologram was a shifting red mark, indicating their position.

“This dungeon is essentially a large sphere filled with water—a mini ocean of sorts. If you reach its edge, you exit the dungeon.” Sarah explained.

Varian nodded in surprise and looked out.

The vast world of this mini-ocean was filled with colorful, beautiful, and dangerous species.

Lantern Fishes, Killer Whales, ice octopus, and more.

“Varian, the best place to train water path is in the water itself,” Sarah said and walked to the exit.

“Come on.” She opened the door and jumped out.


Varian followed her and entered the mini-ocean.

As he felt the cool and soft sensation of water from every part, Varian sighed in relief.

But he still had a problem.

“I can’t breathe,” Varian told Sarah. Of course, with his level, he had no problem for a few hours. But it still irked him.

Sarah nodded and opened her mouth. Usually, water would’ve gone in, but it didn’t happen.

“Once you get to level 3, these problems would be cleared. Just like lightning resistance, you know?” Sarah answered patiently.

Varian nodded in anticipation.

Until he reached level 3 in the lightning path, his own lightning attacks would hurt him. But once he did, his own attacks didn’t hurt him and he also gained a sense of resistance against natural lightning.

“Let’s start the training,” Varian said and was about to pick a good-looking turtle when Sarah asked.

“Can you show me your full strength? All the auras and paths.”

“Huh?” Varian was confused.

“There’s no one in the dungeon anyway, I just want to confirm something.” She insisted.

“Fine.” Varian nodded and released his aura. D

Boom! Boom! Boom!

With a single punch, a vacuum appeared as water in that region was blown away.

Next, a large space crack appeared in the middle of the mini-ocean before it was swallowed by a lightning dragon, only to be filled with fierce vines of a sturdy plant. Then even the vines were swept away by the telekinetic power.

“Holy…” Sarah almost cursed feeling the extent of his power.

She improved greatly after the Solar Trial. But his improvement was just absurd.

He was level 5 back then and now peak level 6?! What the fuck!

“Tell me I’m dreaming.” She said with deadpan eyes that refused to accept reality.

“Well, no. I’m peak level 6.” Varian replied, only to get a soft punch in the shoulder.

“I want to die.” Sarah leaned against him and muttered in a depressed voice.

“Don’t compare yourself with me.” Varian patted her head lightly.

Sarah’s eyes narrowed and she held his arm comfortably.

She thought Varian was comforting her until he added. “I awakened less than 3 months ago. You all who awakened years ago are comparing yourself with me? How unfair for me.”

“You.” Sarah glared at him with a pout.

“Hahaha.” Varian laughed and pinched her soft cheeks lightly. “I’m kidding. I have a different way of progressing. So, don’t compare yourself with me. By the way, how strong are you?”

“Waiting for you to ask,” Sarah smirked and released her aura.


A chaotic water current rose and swept away the school of fish in the distance. Not only did the chaos subside, but as her aura continued to rise, the mini-ocean had a mini-tsunami of sorts.

“Wow. You are stronger than me.” Varian muttered in shock.

As far as he remembered, Sarah in the solar trial was somewhere between 1/6 and 2/6 power bracket.

But now…was this 6/6? What the fuck?

“Well, I’m not that strong,” Sarah said with an embarrassed face.

“No, no. You are. There’s no shame in admitting it.” Varian said with a serious face.

“I mean it literally,” Sarah exclaimed. “My water powers are amplified here. But if it’s outside, your strength…it’s equal to mine.”

“Glad to hear I caught up.” Varian simply smiled.

“You surely did…” Sarah trailed off as she looked at him with a complicated gaze.

The first time they met, the distance between them was enormous. No one thought that Varian could ever catch up.

And now, the distance between them was zero. But Sarah was scared. She knew that from now on, it’d be her chasing after his steps.

Would she ever be able to catch up?

Sarah bit her lip as she felt a great sadness enveloped her. But she quickly shook her head and gave him a cheerful smile.

“Why don’t we fight the ascension monster?”

“W-Wait, what?” Her proposal really caught him off guard.

“With our strengths, we should be able to do it.” Sarah insisted, partly because it was true, but mostly because she wanted to fight together with him as an equal before the chance slipped out.

“Just like you, its powers would be amplified. It’s very dangerous.” Varian rubbed his chin in thought.

Even if he used all his powers, he would be equal to 4/6 or 5/6 of peak level 6. That strength was far from enough.

Even if Sarah teamed up, it won’t be sufficient.

“Let’s just give it a try, alright? It can also help you with your water path training. And if anything goes wrong, there’s always Boo.” She said, with a bit of pleading in her voice.

Varian looked at her sparkling eyes and nodded reluctantly.

And the duo soon reached the heart of the mini-ocean.

In the crystal blue water, they saw a long mass of blackness. That mass’ was as large as a mountain.

The mountain moved and shrunk….and they saw what it truly was.

A giant black snake that just uncoiled—it was longer than a mile and bigger than a house!

“Holy shit!”


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