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Dimensional Descent – Chapter 1998: Kira Salvatine Bahasa Indonesia

Kira was someone that Leonel had met long ago. She was actually the reason Little Blackstar had such great strength now. She was a bit quirky and silly, and Leonel found her to be actually quite adorable, but these could be considered to be less than ideal circumstances to meet though Leonel had already guessed that something like this would happen.

Back when the two of them had met in the Dimensional Cleanse Trial Zone, she had already told him that she couldn’t become one of his generals because she was already tied to one of his cousins. Obviously, that cousin turned out to be Second Nova.

Leonel had been wondering about this for quite a while, though.

The Salvatine family that Kira came from should have exceptional power. After all, how could a normal family possibly gain the blood of a Void Beast?

It had to be remembered that Void Beasts were the most powerful and devastating creatures of the universe. The Spirituals were commonly known as the most powerful race, but that was only because Void Beasts were so few in number. It was hard to rank them among such powerhouses because many believed that they had long since been instinct.

For the Salvatine family to not only have such a large vial of their blood, but to even treat that blood like a gift to give a little girl who was only in the Fifth Dimension at the time, just how great did their power need to be?

But oddly enough, Leonel simply never heard a peep about the Salvatine family after entering the wider world of the Human Domain. He didn’t hear of any of them in the Void Palace, they weren’t on any leader boards, they didn’t even appear for the gathering of powers that decided the rules of these Heir Wars either.

They seemed to have never existed at all, almost as though Kira had simply made up her name and that her family never existed to begin with.

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