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Dimensional Descent – Chapter 1997: Long Time Bahasa Indonesia

As Third and Fourth Nova faced off against one another, First Nova had made great progress as well. As expected, he made great use of having Vega by his side.

The Quarius family had high affinity in both the Wind and Water. Their understanding and comprehension of both is exceptionally profound, and thanks to this, their seafaring vessels are without a doubt the best in the whole of the Human Domain.

Adawarth’s trust in Vega was no less than Leonel’s trust in AIna. As such, after reaching a certain point, the two separated themselves between two territories, one underwater and the other on land. Their efficiency was quite great and their progress was excellent.

These two, First and Third Nova, were without a doubt the two with the strongest presence in the water on the night side supercontinent. The others could only be said to be much further behind, but this didn’t mean that they didn’t have their own advantages.

Sixth Nova had focused entirely on his military might. Much like Leonel, he claimed a territory as quickly as possible, carving out a place for himself. Although his territory wasn’t the largest as that right was left to Xavnik, it was the second largest.

However, he had run into problems of his own as well, much like Fourth Nova. He found himself sandwiched between both the Omann and Spiritual Faith. Much like Vega and Adawarth had separated, his partner, Bruno, had no choice but to take the helm in sweeping toward the west while he moved toward the east.

After several clashes, the Omann and Spiritual Faith seemed to realize that Sixth Nova wouldn’t be easily dealt with, and as such they turned their attention away. Even so, most seemed to believe that Valor’s days were numbered.

The Spiritual Faith didn’t seem to be taking part in these Heir Wars for the sake of victory. Rather, they had only sent in a few dozen individuals, all of whom had Spiritual blood running through their veins. Their only goal seemed to be to display their strength and spread awe for the Spiritual Race.

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