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Dimensional Descent – Chapter 1996: Third and Fourth Bahasa Indonesia

As Leonel’s actions seemed to garner a ton of attention due to the appearance of yet another rare Force, the situation on the night side continent was suffering its own sort of trial by fire. While Leonel had succeeded in unifying his continent, this was far from the case for the night side.

This was only to be expected. Not only were there large movements from First Nova, Third Nova, Fourth Nova and Sixth Nova, this continent also had the Omann family, the Spirituals Faith and half of the Constellation families.

While Leonel’s continent was whole, the night side continent was divided into at least a dozen large scale territories that covered hundreds of kilometers in radius. The fight over resources was great and many had begun to realize that having access to the ocean’s waters was of huge importance.

Even so, if there was one that had eked out a first place position in the hearts of those watching, it actually seemed to be Third Nova, Xavnik.

In the beginning, Xavnik had used a huge loophole to his advantage. Each family had only been allowed to send in a maximum of two Heirs, but there was no such limitation across families or alliances. This had helped the Constellation Bow Alliance form a huge coalition quite quickly before they were destroyed by Leonel, and it had likewise helped Xavnik.

Rather than having his people enter as his kill exchanges, he made a bet on himself and had them enter alone. Many realized that Xavnik may very well have had even more subordinates than it seemed, it was just that many of them had ended up on Leonel’s continent instead of his own. But regardless, he had caused so many Heirs to defect to his side that he had started off with a hot streak that he had yet to allow anyone to close.

Despite the volatility of the night side continent, Xavnik alone had taken out two Constellation families, the Cornus and Cancer families.

From the Cancer family, he gained a large waterfront territory, securing a large coastal control as had become the meta of the night side continent. Much like the Pisc and Quarius families, the Cancer family had come with the intention of targeting the ocean. However, the Cancer family was a bit of an anomaly.

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