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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 96 Bahasa Indonesia

“What? How did you know which one of them that are the recipients from those factions?” Lyneth asked with her eyes squinted and shook her head. “Even though I’m not an Awakener, I know much that it’s impossible to know who’s your Benefactor unless they told themselves about their Benefactors, correct?” she asked and looked at Mykel and the others.

“It’s possible if the Benefactor himself or herself guide them,” Caesar answered as he stared at something.

“How do you know?” Lyneth asked and the others looked at him with curiosity as well.

Caesar gulped and looked at Lyneth. “Because my Benefactor wants me to hunt those Awakeners as well and right now he’s guiding me to the place where an Awakener with his Benefactor from the Tower Arcana faction,”

After Caesar answered and explained it to them, Kastor and some of them received the same notification. All of them were shocked and convinced that Jared wasn’t lying about it since they were a bit skeptical about his alibi.

Mykel looked at them and smiled a bit because he was glad that his plan worked really well. It was his idea and at first, those Gods and Goddesses who attended the meeting weren’t convinced enough until he mentioned Zherthlsh and told them that she could stir the problem between Awakeners.

After his battle with Zherthlsh, all the Gods and Goddesses that attended the meeting could finally justify their action to hunt those Awakeners by using their recipients. Now that hundreds of Gods and Goddesses had ordered their recipients to hunt them down.

Mykel believed the other Gods and Goddesses who didn’t join him looked at the situation as an opportunity to take revenge for what they had lost because of Nyx. Since it wasn’t them who started it so they wouldn’t be punished and could get away with it.

Dionysus, Loki, and Aphrodite could be the ones who encourage them to join since they were good at luring the Gods and Goddesses with their words. Mykel couldn’t ask for more and all he had to do was to enjoy the show while the world turned upside down thanks to Nyx’s scheme.

Kastor stood up as he held his phone, he made a phone call to his assistant. He asked about the situation and about the members with Benefactors from the Tower and Death factions. Everyone was listening to his conversation with his assistant and then he sat down and put his phone on the table.

“This is madness,” Kastor said as he pulled his hair back and stared at the table.

“What did she say?” Lyneth asked.

“Some of the members received the same notification from their Benefactors,” Kastor answered as he rubbed his face in frustration. “The members with Benefactors from those two factions left and disappeared,” he said with his face covering his face.

The guy with slick black hair’s phone rang and he looked at the caller, he looked at the message and then put it back in his pocket. “The situation is getting worse, there are multiple reports of dead bodies in all districts,” he said as he sighed.

“I don’t think that every single one of them is a part of Demonic Cult. I know some of them and they’re nice people,” Kastor said as she looked at Caesar.

“I also want to believe that, but nobody knows, Kastor, everyone has their own secret and we can’t just believe what we know especially after what happened,” Caesar replied as he checked on the members through Enma.

While everyone was busy checking the situation, they heard a very loud explosion in the distance. The ground trembled lightly and they all immediately walked to the window and looked outside. A cloud of black smoke could be seen from the distance between the tall buildings.

“Is it happening again?!” The guy with slick black hair asked his friends as he walked outside the room.

Mykel and Lyenth left the room while Jared was still in the room with two Awakeners guarding the room. Kastor and Caesar didn’t want to waste their time anymore since they were worried about their members.

“Mykel, we have to check on our members as well. We can’t let this happen to us as well,” Lyneth said as she held Mykel’s hand so tightly.

When they left the government building, another explosion happened and it made all the people who gathered in front of the building run in panic. Lyneth and Mykel immediately went inside the car and left the building and went back to the Guild Association building.

Mykel heard the news about at least seven explosions happening in all districts. It was enough to make everyone panic, and the worst part was the information about Awakeners from the two factions that were being hunted down got leaked on the internet.

Gunnar and the others went to Mykel’s office and they were looking at him with curiosity.

“Boss, what’s actually happening? This is worse than back then,” Gunnar asked as he looked at the black smoke covering the sky.

“It’s the same as what you watched, read, and listened to. The Demonic Cult was the one behind all these attacks, and it doesn’t seem like they’re going to stop it soon,” Mykel answered as he looked at his phone and read the news.

“What should we do?” Gunnar asked.

“There’s nothing we can do because it’s happening all around the world. We can’t wander around randomly and waste our time and energy. Let the governments take care of this since it’s their job, we can only watch and make sure the people that you know are safe,” Mykel answered and sighed.

The night came and there were dozens of explosions that happened around the world since last night and hundreds of Awakeners died because they were being hunted. Mykel smoked his cigarette on the balcony while he listened to sirens down the streets, it was a busy night for everyone including the Awakeners that were running for their lives since they were behind hunted down.

(Somewhere in the dark alley)

“What the fuck is going on, why everyone is suddenly being hostile to me!” A guy in a black hoodie said as he hid in the dark and rested his legs after he ran for hours.

He took a peek on the street and there were a group of Awakeners that seemed to know his location already. “Fuck!” he mumbled in frustration and then started walking quietly.

He walked and followed the dark alley but then he realized it was a dead end. He panicked and looked around but there was no path for him to go, he couldn’t climb the wall and he was stuck in the corner.

“God damn it!” He grunted as he punched the wall.

“He’s there! I see him!” A guy said as he pointed at him.

“No! Please! I have nothing to do with anything!” The guy in a hoodie yelled as he went on his knees to show them that he was innocent. Before he could say another word, an arrow struck his skull and his head stuck on the wall.

“Nice shot! Did you get the Arcana Coins?” The guy asked his friend who held a bow.

“No fucking way! I got 10,000 Arcana Coins by just killing him?! This is fucking awesome!” The friend answered as he patted his friend with disbelief.

Not every Constellation rewarded them plentifully since they didn’t join the meeting so they only gave him hundreds or a thousand of Arcana Coins but those Awakeners didn’t bother about the reward since it was easy money. Only those who joined Mykel would spend that many Arcana Coins on their recipients.

A guy in a hat watched those people cheering in the dark alley and then he hurriedly walked away since he was being hunted as well. He looked around and didn’t know where to go because it was pointless for him to hide since they would find him eventually.

He walked and then bumped into someone, he looked at the guy who wore a mask and a hoodie. “Dude, watch your step,” he said and then walked past him.

“I can show you a good place to hide so those Awakeners can’t find you. Are you interested?” The masked guy asked as he stared at him.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” He said as he kept walking.

“You know, there are at least a dozen of them over there, and they have been looking for one since an hour ago,” The masked guy said.

The guy with a hat looked at him as he took a deep breath. “Who are you? Why do you want to help me?”

“I’m a part of the Demonic Cult and everyone is safe in our hiding spot. If you’re interested come and follow me because I don’t have time to waste,” The masked guy said and walked into the dark alley.

The guy with a hat followed him from behind while he kept his guard up since his Benefactor warned him about the masked guy. He followed him down the stairs that seemed to lead into a basement room. It wasn’t dark inside the room and it was enough to convince him that it was safe for him to enter.

The moment the guy with a hat entered the basement, a sword struck his head and decapitated him in an instant. The masked guy turned around and looked at the headless guy on the ground while his friend wiped the blood from his sword.

“Good work, my servants,” Zherthlsh came out from the dark in her demon form and approached the dead body as she drank the blood from the guy’s neck and washed her face with blood.

“Find me more,” Zherthlsh said as she threw the head on the ground.


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