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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 90 Bahasa Indonesia

“How?! How can you enter the World of Night?!” Armata asked with her eyes wide open and took a few steps back. “You’re not Goddess Nyx, so how can you attain her skill?!” she continued as she tried to deactivate the skill but it didn’t let her leave.

“It’s futile, you’re now stuck in this world with me since I have a higher authority of the World of Night,” Mykel said as he stood up and approached Armata after he made Agnez fall unconscious.

While Armata got the [Nacht] skill from Nyx, Mykel had [Nacht Omnipotence] which was the highest skill rank that Goddess Nyx herself possessed. Not only he could enter the World of Night freely, he could manipulate everything inside that world that including preventing anyone from leaving.

“No, it can’t be! Who are you?!” Armata asked as she held her greatsword with her trembling hands.

“Didn’t she warn you about my existence? I’m the one that will bring her and all her descendants fall on my knees,” Mykel answered with a smirk on his face.

Armata was trembling in fear and her whole body started to tear apart until it all got sucked into nothingness. Mykel turned around and looked up in the night sky, he saw Nyx was glaring down at him with a furious expression.

“Mykel Alester!” Nyx screamed her lungs out and dove down with her long purple dress.

Mykel smiled as he healed Agnez’s body and grew her arm back. “Don’t get too excited, let’s meet again soon,” he said and left the World of Night with Agnez in his arms before Nyx could land an attack on him.

Nyx punched the ground and the World of Night was shaken by her anger that the Tartarus below her world also suffered from her anger. Her scream could be heard up to the Mount of Olympus and it was enough to bring a chill down the Olympian Gods and Goddesses.

“Mykel Alester, if you set your foot in my world again, I will kill you!” Nyx said with her trembling voice of anger.

Mykel appeared behind Edith while he carried Agnez in his arm, he then put her down carefully on the ground. Edith and the others noticed him and immediately checked on Agnez’s body which was unscratched.

“Is she alright?!” Lillith asked and she stared at Agnez with a worried expression.

“She’s fine, I just put her to sleep,” Mykel answered as he looked at Euros and the others fighting Bitria. “Don’t worry about her, just go and kill Bitria since she’s the only one left,” he said as he kept staring at Bitria. Gunna and the others nodded with understanding and then helped Euros and the others.

Bitria looked at them and she showed no fear, she tightened her grip and started to swing her short swords at Gunnar. Although she wasn’t as strong as the others, she was the swiftest compared to the other two and it was hard to land an attack on her.

Phirzia and Costrezeir swung their swords but Bitria parried them and immediately threw a counterattack and cut their armor. Bitria was about to thrust her short swords at both of them but Gunnar came in time and bashed her with his shield.

Rozan used the opportunity and cast earth magic to bind Bitria’s leg with a big lump of earth that prevented her from moving. She couldn’t move and all of them immediately charged at her and swung their weapons at her.

They stabbed Bitria from all directions and she was screaming in pain until Jeanne dealt the final blow and cut her head off. Bitria’s body was still twitching and trying to free herself, she twitched for a whole minute until it stopped moving and collapsed to the ground.

Rozan burned her body with fire magic but it took him a while until Bitria’s body turned into ashes. They looked at Bitria’s head and then Gunnar took it and threw it on the fire.

“Is it over?” Jeanne asked as she massaged her shoulder and arm.

“No, there are still thousands of fallen heroes in this city, we need to hunt them all down,” Phirzia said as her sweat fell from her chin. “We don’t have time to rest but at the same time we can’t deal with all of them,” she continued as she sheathed her rapiers.

“Here they come,” Euros said as he lifted his shield and looked at the fallen heroes, they walked toward them from all directions.

Gerrard, Sven, and Vincze teleported to where they were and immediately readied their stances.

“Bad news guys, there are a lot more of them and we saw at least hundreds of them come out from the castle,” Sven said as he looked at them with a bit of a worried expression.

[Demon Lord Tuzgolth has sent his army to defend the Jahne Kingdom!]

[Take back the Jahne Kingdom from the Demon!]

The sound of growls, screams, and screeches could be heard from the north where the tower was at. They could tell how many of the demons that Tuzgolth sent because the ground trembled the moment the notification appeared.

“What are we going to do now? We can’t fight them all even if replenish our stamina,” Rozan asked as he looked at Mykel.

“You guys can leave, I will take care of the rest,” Mykel answered. “It’s better if you guys leave as soon as possible before the demons enter the city,” he continued as he looked at Gunnar.

Gunnar nodded with understanding and grabbed Agnez then put her on his shoulder. “Come on, guys! We have to leave and there are obstacles that prevent us from leaving,” he said as he pointed at hundreds of fallen heroes that blocked the road to the gate.

All of them started running and while they were making a path to get out of the city, they started to feel the heatwave that their backs started to feel like burning.

“Dude, we need to go faster, I don’t want to die from melting,” Vincze said as he thrust his spear and skewered three fallen heroes together.

“What do you think we are doing right now?” Sven answered as he swung his scythe around to block arrows and kill the fallen heroes at the same time.

Rozan sighed and put his staff on the ground. “Protect me, I will create a path but I need someone to carry me once I used all my stamina,” he said and Gunnar nodded with understanding.

Rozan put his hands on the ground and created earth spikes that were enough to kill and launch the enemies away. The spikes kept coming up and down like waves while they protected him from arrows and magic.

“I’m out!” Rozan said and his body started to collapse but Phirzia grabbed his body before he hit the ground.

“Good work, Hero Rozan,” Phirzia said as she carried him on her shoulder.

“Th-thank you,” Rozan replied and he felt embarrassed that a woman carried him.

They managed to leave the city and they didn’t stop and didn’t look back and they could still feel the heatwave even though they were already far away from Mykel. They kept running until the heatwave disappeared and they finally stopped and turned around.

“We can see everything from up here,” Arvel said as he and the others looked at the Jahne Kingdom from up the hill. “It’s a beautiful place and I never thought I would be able to see it again,” he continued.

“That’s that but do you see how many demons are sent from the tower? Look at that, it looks like a swarm of ants from up here and I don’t think we can handle them,” Euros asked as he pointed at the demons that flew above and climbed the walls.

While they were looking at the swarms of demons, a blazing flame turned everything bright red. They had to look away because of how bright the flame was, and it felt like they were being burned alive but thankfully Rozan had replenished his stamina and created a water and ice barrier around them.

The water evaporated and the ice melted Rozan had to keep creating new barriers while the others looked at the flame that covered the whole kingdom and the flame was up high into the sky that they couldn’t see the end of it. They were speechless and their heart pounded really fast when they saw nothing but Hellfire in front of them.

If they could see from space, it looked like a massive solar wave that would swallow everything into ashes.

It only lasted for five seconds but it felt like a whole minute, the Jahne Kingdom disappeared and nothing remained but a big chunk of a crater. No matter who lived in the city, there was no hope for them and even if there were innocent people in there, at least they died instantly and without pain.

Mykel fell to his knees with steam coming out from his body, he breathed heavily and his whole body trembled because he used all his stamina for that magic.

“What a destructive power this Arcana Magic is,” Mykel said as he chuckled with disbelief.

Mykel modified his [Magic] skill to the highest rank which was [Arcana Magic] which was unlocked since he became a Demi-God. He never thought it would make such destructive power and the only Gods and Goddess who had [Arcana Magic] were Zeus, Hel, and Helios.

[You have cleared the fourteenth floor of Azazel Tower]

[You are the first to clear the fourteenth floor]

[Please enter your name]

[The red portal to the fifteenth floor is now open!]

[The blue portal to your original world is now open!]


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