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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 89 Bahasa Indonesia

“What a warm welcome that we have here,” Gunnar said as he blocked arrows and magic while they were trying to enter the city with Eros next to him. “Rozan can you do something about this? We can’t get boxed like this,” he said as he slowly pushed forward.

Rozan created wind barriers around them and all the arrows and magic got repelled. Gunnar and Euros lowered their shield, they looked at the number of fallen heroes that were attacking them. There were at least a hundred of them and they stopped attacking the moment arrows and magic didn’t do anything anymore.

“I think they’re giving up, should we strike them back now?” Sven asked as he looked around. “Gerrard, can you pick us up?” he asked.

Gerrard nodded and grabbed Sven and Vincze then he teleported them to the other side of the city. Mykel flew the throwing knives at the fallen heroes and killed them so the others could start the cleaning.

“Alright, all clear, let’s go!” Gunnar said and the wind barrier immediately disappeared. All of them charged into the city.

Mykel created an invisible wind barrier for himself and Edith, they both casually just walked into the city while the others were busy hunting the fallen heroes. He couldn’t find Bitria and Armata, he then looked at the castle and that place could be where they were.

While Mykel was checking the city, he saw a Gunnar being thrown away onto the building. He was a bit surprised to see Gunnar got thrown away like that and the only one he had in mind that could do something like that would be Bitria.

Agnez and Jeanne were thrown into a building as well and then Armata could be seen jumping toward them and stabbing the ground with her greatsword. Everyone was struggling to fight those two and it was a great opportunity for them to learn since they had been living comfortably.

“Jeanne, are you sure there’s no weakness on her? This is bullshit!” Agnez said as she stood up and spit her own blood on the ground.

“I can’t find anything and Nagy already told us that these two don’t have a weakness,” Jeanne answered as she stabbed her sword to help herself up.

Lillith snuck around Armata and silently pounced at her but her daggers got blocked by Armata using the scabbard of her sword. Before Lillith could land on the ground, Armata grabbed Lillith’s sweater with her right hand and then slammed her to the ground really hard.

“Finally, you decided to show up but unfortunately, I have been fighting demons all my life, I know when someone or something is lurking around me,” Armata said as she pointed her sword down at Lillith.

Before Armata stabbed her sword at Lillith, Lillith rolled over and Agnez took the opportunity to swing her sword at Armata. Again, Armata used her scabbard to block the attack and then used her sword and swing it upward at Agnez.

Armata didn’t realize that what she blocked was just an illusion, and then Agnez thrust her sword at Armata’s face. Armata changed her sword’s course to block it but it was an illusion again then Agnez vertically swung her sword and hit Armata’s face.

Armata managed to dodge it at the last moment but still got a long cut on her face. Before she could do anything else, Agnez and Jeanne already swung their swords at her.

Agnez used her illusions to fake her attack while Jeanne took the opportunity to attack when she saw an opening. Armata got pushed back while she carefully blocked all the illusion but the moment Jeanne swung her sword, Armata was ready to block it.

“Not every attack is a fake,” Agnez said and thrust her sword at Armata in the heart when Armata was about to block Jeanne’s attack.

Jeanne swung her sword as hard as she could and Armata knew that she won’t be able to survive that attack. Armata immediately grabbed Agnez’s face and used [Nacht] to teleport them both to the world of night.

Jeanne was surprised when she swung at nothing, Lillith stood up and looked around. “Where did she go? Where’s Agnez go?!” Lillith asked as she approached Jeanne.

“I don’t know, they were right here,” Jeanne answered as she pointed at the ground.

While they were busy looking for Agnez, Gunnar flew past them and landed on the wall. Both of them looked at Gunnar who was covered in bruises, Jeanne walked toward him and helped him up.

“Thank, Jeanne, I think we have a big problem,” Gunnar said as he groaned and pointed at someone that looked like himself and stood next to Bitria.

“Wait, is that you?!” Jeanne asked with her eyes wide open.

“Yeah, somehow she could create a doppelganger. I think you guys need to be careful around her and we need your help because that guy is hard to deal with,” Gunnar answered as he lifted his shield.

“Isn’t that guy yourself? You should know your own weakness,” Lillith said as she furrowed her eyebrows at Gunnar.

“Well, yeah I do but it’s impossible to go against myself. Nagy and Rozan were struggling as well, so we need your help,” Gunnar said.

Lillith clicked her tongue. “Leave it to me, I will kill him myself,” she said as she grabbed her daggers on the ground. She then walked toward Gunnar’s doppelganger while Gunnar and Jeanne were following her from behind.

Lillith watched every step that the doppelganger made while Jeanne and Gunnar helped Rozan and Nagy. Lillith lurked around the building while she paid attention to Bitria who was busy dealing with Euros and the other heroes.

Rozan cast fire magic but it didn’t affect the doppelganger at all because Gunnar had high status resistance and element resistance which made it impossible for Rozan. Nagy on the other hand tried to approach the doppelganger’s weaknesses but thanks to his full plate armor and shield, she struggled to get close to him.

Lillith stood on top of the building and looked down at the doppelganger. Gunnar and the others looked at Lillith and she was ready in her position, they started to attack the doppelganger at the same time to attract his attention.

The doppelganger blocked all their attacks but then Lillith landed behind him. She stabbed the back of his knees and then kicked him down to his knees, she climbed up his shoulder and locked her legs around his neck.

They watched Lillith do all the work and saw Lillith stab the doppelganger in the eyes with her daggers. She swung her body and ended up hanging down under the doppelganger’s chin while her daggers were still inside his eyes. She pulled her daggers out and immediately stabbed them on his nape, she pulled her daggers all the way to the guy’s throat.

“This is how you kill Gunnar,” Lillith said as she pulled the daggers and decapitated Gunnar’s doppelganger.

They were surprised that it was that easy but they knew it wasn’t since Lillith made it look easy for them. Gunnar looked at the back of his knees and saw them unprotected armor, and then he touched his nape and neck which were also unprotected by armor.

“I need a new set of armor, just in case,” he said as he stared at Lillith kicking Gunnar’s doppelganger’s head.

“Miss Edith? Where’s Mykel?” Jeanne asked when she saw Edith running toward them.

“He suddenly disappeared and said he’s going to save Agnez,” Edith answered as she looked at the dead body of Gunnar’s doppelganger.

(In the world of night)

Agnez was on her knees and she lost an arm, she was trembling and saw her right arm was still holding her sword on the ground. She couldn’t do anything since her body was covered with open wounds, she was waiting for Armata to deal a final blow to her.

“That skill of yours is really annoying, so I decided to cut your arm off,” Armata said as she pointed her sword at Agnez’s neck.

“How can you still be alive, I stabbed your heart…” Agnez said with her voice trembling and her eyes barely open.

“Hmm? I thought you knew that we are already dead and it’s pointless to stab my heart since it never worked in the first place,” Armata answered as she raised her eyebrow.

“Fucking bullshit,” Agnez said and then coughed blood.

“It is what it is, and I had my fun already,” Armata said as she pulled her sword. “Goodbye,” she said as she thrust her sword.

Agnez couldn’t see anything and then she heard a whisper. “You think I’m allowing you to die? I still haven’t tasted your body,”

“Mykel?” Agnez asked as she tried to move her head but Mykel was grabbing her face and prevented her from moving her head.

“Of course, who else would come all the way here to save you?” Mykel said as he removed his hand from Agnez’s face.


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