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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 77 Bahasa Indonesia

“You want us to clear the twelfth floor on our own?” Sven asked while he was sharpening the blade of his scythe. “Do you think we can do it on our own? It’s the first time we are going to clear a floor without you though,” he continued as he looked at Gunnar and Agnez.

“That won’t be a problem but there’s something I would like to ask you first, Mykel,” Agnez said as she leaned on the table while looking at Mykel. “Who’s that woman that you met after we cleared the eleventh floor? She looked pretty, was she someone you know?” she asked as she raised her eyebrows.

“Why do you ask?” Mykel asked back while he looked at Agnez.

“I’m just asking, is she your next target? Another woman you want to conquer?” Agnez replied with her eyebrow raised and she looked pissed. The others went silent and looked at Agnez with disbelief.

Mykel approached Agnez and stood in front of her while she was sitting at the dining table. “Can you guys leave for a minute,” he asked calmly as he stared at Agnez.

In less than a minute, everyone left the suite and it was just Mykel and Agnez inside. Agnez stared back as if she wasn’t scared of him at all but her heart was pounding really fast.

“Are you mad that I haven’t touched you yet?” Mykel asked as he stood behind her and looked down at her.

Agnez scoffed. “I’m not interested in you anymore,” she said without hesitation while she smirked.

“Really?” Mykel asked as his left hand slowly wrapped her neck. “Then why don’t you look at me in the face and say it again,” he continued as he tightened his grip and used his right hand to grab her cheeks then lifted her face toward him.

“Come on, say it,” Mykel said as he stared into her eye with his eyebrow raised and started to choke her. “I’m waiting,” he continued.

Agnez couldn’t breathe and the stronger his grip, the more aroused she was. Mykel knew she liked it and he kept tightening his grip so she started to gasp and her eyes roll to the back. Before she lost consciousness, Mykel removed his hands from her and he almost broke her neck from that.

Agnez gasped for air but Mykel already grabbed her shirt and lifted her up. She was slammed to the dining table and Mykel grabbed both her hands and put them above her head. “Say it, say that you’re not interested in me anymore,” he whispered into her ear.

When Agnez tried to open her mouth to give a response, Mykel covered her mouth with his right hand. Mykel was enjoying it and he couldn’t help but smile at her who tried to say the word. She didn’t even try to resist and enjoyed it very much.

Mykel removed his hand from Agnez’s mouth and he saw her smiling without her noticing. “Why are you not answering? Did you change your mind?” he asked with his mouth only an inch away from hers. Agnez tried to move her head but Mykel put his right hand on her neck to prevent her from lifting her head. “Were you trying to kiss me? Is that what I’m feeling right now?”

Mykel kissed Agnez for only a second then he bit her bottom lip so hard that it started to bleed but then her whole body was shaking like crazy. He put his hand on her mouth before she started to moan in pleasure so nobody could hear her voice.

Mykel watched Agnez’s body shaking for a whole minute until she finally calmed down then he removed his hand and went to the door to let everyone come back inside.

Everyone walked in and saw Agnez sitting at the dining table but they could see the blood on her lips. She wiped the blood with her forearm and it looked like she got punched by Mykel. The only one who knew about what happened was Lillith and she was a bit surprised when she saw it in Agnez’s memory.

“I want you guys to be prepared and focus on clearing the twelfth floor. Euros and the others will be joining you guys as well, so you will get all the extra hands that you needed in there,” Mykel said as he sat on top of the dining table.

“Wait, boss, you said those guys will be joining us? Can they even go to the twelfth floor?” Gunnar asked with his hand raised.

“They can, they can just enter the portal, like you guys,” Mykel answered as he ate an apple from the table.

“Why three days from now? We can just go now and clear it because if we need a few days to clear the twelfth floor, I think we won’t be able to make it to the joint team this week,” Rozan asked as he looked at Mykel with confusion.

“Euros and the others still have to rebuild their home, and they barely have anything to eat. Let them rest for a few more days because they have been fighting demons for a very long time,” Mykel answered as he threw the apple into the trash can.

“What about the joint team then?” Jeanne asked.

“I will go on my own, it’s been a while since the last time I saw Asmond,” Mykel answered with a smile on his face. “I also want to try a weapon for me to use,” Mykel said as he tightened his gloves.

All of them looked so interested in Mykel using a weapon. “What kind of a weapon do you want to use, boss? A sword? A spear? A bow? A dagger?” Gunnar asked with excitement.

“I’m not sure,” Mykel said as he looked at every one of them. “Lillith, can you give me your daggers?” he asked as he reached his hand at her.

Lillith approached him and gave the daggers to Mykel, but suddenly, he grabbed her head with a smile on his face. “You saw it, didn’t you?” he asked and Lillith stood there and didn’t move a muscle. “If you say tell the others about it, I will do the same thing to you,” he warned her with a gentle and innocent smile. Lillith nodded her head repeatedly and then walked back.

Mykel looked at the daggers in both of his hands, he tried to move them with [Telekinesis] and it was easy to control both of them. Both of the daggers flew around so fast that it made all of them a bit uncomfortable and scared at the same time.

It was easy that Mykel thought he might be able to control more weapons with his mind. He looked around the room and saw Jeanne and Agnez’s swords on the wall, he unsheathed the swords with his mind and they flew toward him so fast but stopped before he stabbed his own eyes.

Four weapons were a bit too much for Mykel to control, not because of the skill but because he never tried to control that many objects before, he needed to get used to it first. He kept swinging the swords and daggers, he tried to hit the swords and the daggers at the same time to see if he could control the four of them at same time but in different motions.

“Anyone wants to be my testing rabbit?” Mykel asked as he pointed Agnez and Jeanne’s swords at them.

All of them shook their heads because it was too much for them to handle because Mykel controlled the weapons so perfectly that it looked so dangerous. Mykel turned around and looked at Agnez as he pointed her own sword at her face. “What to spar, Agnez?” he asked with a straight face. Agnez shook her head since she was still trying to calm herself down after what happened.

Mykel raised his eyebrows and sheathed both of the swords back into their own scabbard on the wall. He moved the daggers and floated in front of Lillith so she could take them back.

“I think I know what kind of weapon I’m going to make,” Mykel said as he looked at the daggers in Lillith’s hands.

“Alright, you guys are free for the next two days, I will be waiting for the result. Of course, if one of the heroes died, I will punish you guys badly. Do you guys understand?” Mykel asked as he looked at them and they all nodded with understanding.

“If the three of you are doing a great job, I will give you an artifact each,” Mykel said as he looked at Sven, Vincze, and Nagy. They all looked so excited while the others were happy for them. “Good, I will be in the office if you need me,” he continued as he walked away then he rubbed Agnez’s head so gently while he was on his way out of the suite.


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