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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 52 Bahasa Indonesia

“So how was it?” Mykel asked Gunnar as he stared at Nagy and the others sitting on the sofa in the living room.

“It’s a mess, they couldn’t even kill a single demon on the first floor. We had to spoonfeed them and I don’t think we can do it like how you do it, boss,” Gunnar answered while resting his head on his fist and looking at the three of them.

“I see, I guess I should bring them to the tower myself,” Mykel said as he put down the cigarette in the ashtray.

“Now you guys are screwed!” Rozan said as he pointed at them with a grin on his face.

Mykel looked at Lillith’s status screen and he was expecting her to be good but he never thought it would be that good.

[NAME: Lillith Mort]

[LEVEL: 7]



[ARCANA COIN: 4,300]


[Merciless (Passive): The User will deal a lot more damage to the target that is lower level or weaker than the User. (Current level is 1. Increase damage to weaker enemies by 20%)]

“So when are you going to bring them to the tower, boss? Are you going to bring them now?” Agnez asked while staring at Mykel with chips in her hand.

“Not today, I have to meet with the Fraternity with Lyneth,” Mykel answered while reading the message that Lyneth sent him.

“Huh? Why?” Agnez asked as she looked at Mykel weirdly.

“It seems that they want to propose something about working together from now on after what happened during the breakout,” Mykel answered as he looked at Agnez who seemed to be not fond of that idea. “I know what you’re thinking, but if we keep on making them our enemy, people will look at us as the bad guy here and I believe everyone is starting to think that way as well,” Mykel explained and looked at Jeanne, Gerrard, Gunnar, and Rozan.

“If that’s what you want, then I will follow you, but I won’t work with them unless you tell me to,” Agnez said as she walked away and grabbed her sword that she hung on the wall.

“What are you doing?” Mykel asked and looked at Agnez that seemed to be preparing to leave.

Agnez furrowed her forehead and pointed her hands at Gunnar and the others. “Of course, we are going to follow you there. We have to show them that if they decided to do something behind our back, we can wipe them all,”

Gunnar shrugged his mouth and nodded in agreement. “Let’s gear up, boys, we have a different kind of battle that awaits, us,” he said as he grabbed his shield and axe.

Jeanne immediately grabbed her sword while Rozan grabbed the staff. Lillith just stared at them and didn’t do anything since she already had her daggers hidden on her back.

“What about us?” Vincze asked as he raised his hand and looked at Mykel.

“Go to the training ground and train, you need to prepare for tomorrow because I’m going to bring you all to the ninth floor in Lucifer tower,” Mykel said as he stared at them.

“You guys are so screwed and I can’t wait to see that,” Agnez said as she chuckled mischievously while the others were smiling and smirking.

“We are good to go, boss,” Gunnar said with the others standing next to him.

Mykel nodded. “Alright, let’s pick up Lyneth in her office,”

Lyneth said that it was better for them to come to their headquarters instead of them coming there to the Guild Association to show their good intention. Since Lyneth was the best in this kind of thing, Mykel agreed to her and just followed her decision.

A total of six cars were parked in front of the Fraternity building and took all the attention of the Awakeners from the Fraternity. The moment they saw Lyneth and Mykel they were showing their hatred and dislike toward them but the two of them just ignored it and went into the building.

The receptionist was surprised to see Lyneth and she immediately stood up and smiled at her. “Madam Lyneth, what can I help you today?” she asked while kept smiling.

The receptionist took a peek at Gunnar and the others with the weapons on their back and waist. “I don’t think we can allow them to get inside the building with weapons on them,” she said nervously.

Mykel stared at her and raised his eyebrow. “After what you guys tried to do, I think bringing a weapon is the right thing to do. Also, do you think I need a weapon to kill them?” he asked with a straight face, the receptionist gulped nervously and didn’t know what to say.

“We are here because we got a message from Kastor that he wanted to propose about the future with us. So can you please inform him that we are here?” Lyneth explained with a smile on her face.

“Le-let me make a phone call real quick,” The receptionist said as she hurriedly grabbed the phone and called Kastor.

A minute after the receptionist made the call, Kastor and his assistant came out of the lift. He looked so stunned because he never thought Lyneth would accept his proposal.

“Lyneth… I mean, President Lyneth, it’s really a surprise that you’re here right now,” Kastor said and tried to act professionally.

“Yes, I heard about it from my assistant that you want to talk about the future. So here we are, and we are interested in your proposal,” Lyneth answered without showing any emotion or expression.

Kastor slightly smiled and nodded with understanding. “That’s really good news, but what with all the weapons?” he asked as he looked at Gunnar and the others.

“For my protection,” Lyneth answered as she stared Kastor in the eye.

“I see, please then follow me to the 50th floor, it’s a big meeting room that can fit everyone in there,” Kastor said as he pointed at the lift with his hand.

Everyone entered the lift and it made a beeping sound because of the overweight inside the lift.

“Please make yourself comfortable in there and let me bring the others here,” Kastor said as he pointed at the meeting room in front of him.

Mykel and Lyenth sat down at the round table and it reminded him of the table in the Hall of Arcana. Gunnar and the others were standing right behind them because they didn’t want to sit down because they couldn’t move freely if they sat down.

The door opened and Kastor entered the room with his assistant and all the president from the other associations that supported the Fraternity. They were looking at Mykel and Lyneth with despise, the same glare that those Awakeners made.

“Jeanne?!” Asmond whispered as soon as he entered the room and it made, Mykel and the others look at him.

Jeanne smiled and waved at him and they both looked so happy to be able to see each other again after so long.

Caesar entered the room with Enma and he looked a lot better even though he needed a crutch to help him walk. Half of his face was covered with a mask but they still could see his smile that he was so happy that Lyneth and Mykel were here.

Everyone sat down at the round table including Asmond, and Mykel was staring at the presidents from the different associations. Lillith leaned her head toward Mykel and she whispered that none of them were trying to do any harm to Lyneth.

“Before we start, how about I introduce you to these people from the other associations of mine? I believe you already know about them but let’s do it formally,” Kastor said as he stood up and pointed his hand at them.

After Kastor did introduce everyone to Lyneth and Mykel, he sat down and talked to his assistant about the proposal documents that he had prepared. Handrick had been staring at Mykel and he couldn’t help but point his finger at him which made everyone look at him with confusion.

“Before we start, can I ask a question to him?” Handrick asked as he looked at Kastor, Kastor nodded with understanding. “Mykel Alester, right? Can I ask you how it feels to see hundreds of people dying during the breakout because you decided to not help them?” he asked with his eyes squinted.

Mykel just stared at him and didn’t say anything.

“We admit that you have the best team of Awakeners in the world, but don’t you have a bit of sense of responsibility? You know that the more power you have the more responsibility you have to bear. Don’t you feel ashamed of yourself for being egoistic and inhumane?”

Mykel chuckled as he raised his eyebrow and stared at Handrick. “Sense of responsibility you say?” he said as he sat straight. “I’m being responsible for my power right now because I have been thinking about destroying this building the moment I set foot in this place. So, if you don’t have anything useful that’s coming from your mouth, shut it or I will start thinking of being irresponsible,” he answered with a straight face.

Agnez couldn’t help but smirk as she stared at Handrick while the others were silently staring at Mykel.


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