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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 391: Center of attention. Bahasa Indonesia

“Wh-who are you…” A man in advanced armor asked with a helm protecting his head and face. He looked at Mykel standing in front of him. “Is this the end,” The man coughed blood as he turned around to look at the whole city had turned into ashes and a giant circle building that rotated above the sky was slowly falling down.

The man’s left arm suddenly got pulled off, and he started to scream his lungs out. He fell to his back as he looked at Mykel slowly walking toward him with a smirk on his face.

“I’m the only God that you should fear,” Mykel put his right foot on top of the man’s chest. “My name is Mykel, and I will hunt every one of you who associate with Goddess Mara,” Mykel answered as he crushed and folded the man’s left leg into a small ball.

“Remember my name and my message, or I will destroy the rest of your world,” Mykel said as he spread his wings.

The man nodded his head repeatedly as tears came out of his eyes. Mykel then flew away and disappeared into the night sky.

“(You really take this thing seriously. Even Thor is quite angry when he watched you kill the people in Midgard,)” Loki giggled.

“(Not just him, Zeus and Ra were feeling the same thing,)” Mykel replied as he looked down at the mess he made. “(It’s been three months, and I think it’s time for me to rest after exploring hundreds of worlds and destroying them,)” Mykel sighed.

“(Things are happening up here, Mykel. The sky is a mess because she’s furious,)” Loki said.

“(Good, that means it works,)” Mykel replied.

“(Be careful out there, Mykel,)” Loki said.

(Back on Earth, in the courtroom)

“All the juries have decided and given their answers,” The judge looked at the juries. “Because of the lack of evidence, the defendant is innocent,” The judge hammered the gavel.

The plaintiff and her attorneys were looking at each other. They were all disappointed with the final decision that the judge made. They all immediately approached the judge to speak their minds for one last time.

“Thank you, Miss Evelyn. You’re really amazing and we will use your service from now on,” A man in a suit said as he shook her hand with a huge grin on his face.

A dark brown woman with yellow eyes. She didn’t wear any make up, but her white bright skin dazzled everyone. Her tight suit and skirt with her alluring body made the judge and everyone in the court couldn’t stop looking at her.

“If you want to win, just find me,” Nephilim answered with a smirk, and then she left the courtroom.

Nephilim left the courthouse and looked at the city in District 1. She walked on the sidewalk as she watched the giant screen where a woman was being interviewed in a morning talk show.

“Miss Lily, you look so gorgeous this morning. Of course, congratulations on your first movie, and its this successful. You’re really amazing,” The host said as she admired Lily’s beauty. “It’s been a while since we have an actress this talented, or I think you’re in your own league because nobody can be compared to you,” The host continued as she giggled.

“I only did what I’m good at, that’s all that matters,” Lilith answered in her sleeveless black blouse and showed off her white pale skin and cleavage.

“Do you have a new upcoming film that you can tell us and the viewers?” The host asked.

“I’m currently working on two films. There are actually more offers, but I can only work on two at the moment since this is my first time. I still have to adjust and more importantly, I have to focus and give my best on these two films,” Lilith answered.

“I’m happy for your success, Miss Lily. You’re so young and talented,” The host admired Lilth’s beauty.

“Speaking of young and talented, I think my fame is being divided by a new model that became the talk of the people as well, right?” Lilith asked.

“Ah! Miss Kiersha? I heard you both know each other before you became an actress and before she became a model,” The host was interested in the topic that she leaned her body toward Lilith.

“Yes, we do. We are like sisters since we have been living together for years, and now we are going our separate ways,” Lilith answered and smiled gorgeously. “But, there’s more than us, there’s another one. She’s a rising singer,” Lilith continued.

“You mean Safira?” The host was shocked with her eyes and mouth wide open.

Lilith just chuckled and nodded her head.

Nephilim smiled as she walked away after she had heard enough. She looked at the side of the road and looked at the magazine stall next to her. She looked at a photo of herself on the cover, and then she looked at the magazine next to hers. “A cure for cancer? Looks like all of us managed to become the center of attention,” Nephilim chuckled softly as she looked at Deviatris in her human form on the cover page of the magazine, and then walked away.

“District one is really the best District, don’t you think?” A woman was talking with her friend behind Nephilim.

“Of course. Have you not heard about their new congresswomen? They have been fundraising for everything, and our salaries have been raising like thirty percent since they were elected. You should move here, and it’s safe from the demons, what else can you ask for?” The friend answered.

“Who are they? Are they really that good?” The woman asked.

“They’re the best, they used to be Miss Lyneth’s assistants, the owner of the Guild Association. Congresswoman Vixen and Congresswoman Zeta, they’re really smart and beautiful. You must have seen them in the news lately,” The friend answered.

“I should think of moving then. The criminal rate in District Two to District Five has been raising for some reason. I heard there are at least three to four people die every day. Not to mention, the fourth breakout was quite a mess and they haven’t even paid for the losses,” The woman said as she sighed.

“See? I told you the Guild Association is the best. They’re arrogant sure, but that’s because they’re capable. They proved it and managed to keep everyone in their territory safe,” The friend replied.

Nephilim went to a small cafe and bought a black coffee since she started to like coffee. She then went to the dark alley and teleported back to the castle.

“Welcome back,” Hera said as she came out of Beldathiel’s room.

“Are you really going to stay here forever?” Nephilim asked as she put the bag and the document in spatial storage.

“You don’t like me being here?” Hera looked at Nephilim with her eyebrows raised.

“That’s not what I meant,” Nephilim sighed. “I will be going to my room if you need anything,” Nephilim continued as she walked past Hera.

“Mykel is here, everyone is being summoned into the hall,” Hera said.

Nephilim stopped and turned around. “Why he didn’t say anything to me?” Nephilim asked.

“He knew you were in a trial, so he didn’t want to bother you. Let’s go?” Hera offered her hand to Nephilim.

Mykel was sitting on the throne and looked at his [Admin] skill that was still level 5. Asmond and his new team were still not confident about clearing the thirtieth floors of the towers. On the other hand, Jeanne and the others had cleared the fiftieth floor except for the Lucifer Tower since it took them half a month to clear the fortieth floor.

“I guess I should give him some encouragement,” Mykel said to himself.

“Who?” Hera asked as she walked up the throne.

“Asmond,” Mykel answered.

Mykel closed the tab and looked at all the sisters who had gathered in the hall. Hera stood next to the throne and had been playing a mother role to the sisters. She enjoyed her stay there, and who knew she could tame them by just being a motherly figure that they never had.

All of them had made a master and servant pact with Mykel, and now they were all Mykel’s property to avoid Luciel from being punished by Mara. They all agreed because of that, and they didn’t regret it.

“Why are we gathered here, Mykel?” Beldathiel asked.

“It’s time to make a move, as we planned,” Mykel answered as he stood up. “Are you guys ready?” Mykel raised his eyebrow.

“I have been waiting for this moment,” Agnez said and unsheathed her new sword. A sword that was similar to Luciel’s handleless sword.


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