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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 385: 384: Brute Strength Fight. Bahasa Indonesia

Ares had turned into a giant, and his head was right below the clouds. He was being pushed by Zeus alone like a punching bag. The downside of Ares’ power was that the angrier he was, the bigger his body became. He was no match against an opponent of a small size while at the same time having more brute strength than him.

Zeus punched Ares’ knees, ribs, ankles, and crotch to his advantage because of how easy it was for him to fight Ares. He didn’t even break a sweat and fought Ares like fighting a giant log that wouldn’t fight back.

“Who do you think thought you how to fight, Ares?!” Zeus shouted as he jumped up high into the sky and punched Ares’ right rib with his bare hand. It was enough to send Area down to his knee. Zeus then landed on Ares’ knee and jumped up high toward Ares’ chin. “It was me who made you a God of war!” Zeus uppercut Ares’ chin and knocked him down.

Zeus was still up high in the sky, and he plunged to Ares’ face with his hands pressed together above his head. He was planning to crush Ares’ skull, but before he could land a hit on Ares, Thor threw Mjollnir at Zeus and sent him away from Ares.

Ares shrunk his body because he was unconscious, and Hera immediately flew toward him and tried to heal his wounds. Thor called Mjollnir back after Zeus was slammed to the ground by Mjollnir.

Athena and Artemis were fighting Poseidon with the trident in Athena’s right hand. She was carefully using that trident against him because if he possessed the trident back, nothing could stop him. Artemis on the other hand, she shot arrows and targeted his joints and heads from the distance to give Athena cover.

“To think the Goddess of war is using my trident. I never thought this day would come, but fortunately, you don’t even know how to use that weapon of mine,” Poseidon said as he dodged and weaved to find an opportunity to take the trident away from Athena.

“It doesn’t matter. Look around you, Poseidon, you’re far away from home,” Athena said calmly as she kept focusing on being offensive. “We both know that you will lose this fight,” Athena spun herself and released a powerful blow at Poseidon with the trident. She cut his arms deep and knocked him far away to give Artemis a chance to disable him.

“Athena! You’re heavily injured. Let me heal you,” Artemis said as she ran toward Athena.

“This is nothing, you shouldn’t get too close,” Athena replied as she slowly recovered from the heavy blows that Poseidon gave her. “I can’t believe we are really doing this,” Athena readied her stance as she watched Poseidon dash forward.

Although Poseidon seemed to have the upper hand, he was struggling because of the world he was in. It didn’t matter if he was more experienced and stronger than Athena if he couldn’t unleash his full power. He lost at least thirty percent of his power, and he couldn’t regenerate his wounds fast enough because there was no water around him.

Poseidon decided to get serious and he dodged every attack that Athena threw at him. Artemis couldn’t do much because Poseidon used Athena’s body as his meat shield so she couldn’t risk it.

“You’re too young to fight me, Athena,” Poseidon grabbed the trident’s head with his right hand.

Athena panicked, and she couldn’t overpower his strength at all. She was afraid that Poseidon would take his weapon back from her, but then a wing touched her right cheek, and it was Freyja. Freyja threw a flying kick at Poseidon enough to remove his grip on the trident, and then she landed right in front of Athena.

Freyja dodged every punch and blocked every kick that Poseidon threw at her. She was holding a short sword in her left hand and a dagger in her right hand. Although she had weapons in her hands, she used her fists and kicks to fight Poseidon.

Freyja was surprisingly stronger than Poseidon in all aspects, from speed, strength, and reflexes. Athena and Artemis didn’t realize there was someone stronger than Poseidon. Freyja then threw consecutive punches and finished it off with a back kick at Poseidon that made him roll over on the ground.

“I saw you were struggling, so I came to give you a hand,” Freyja looked at Athena as she folded her wings with a smile on her face. “You can rest now, and leave him to me,” Freyja continued as she sheathed her dagger and short sword.

“Thank you, Freyja,” Athena said and looked at Freyja with admiration.

Athena walked away but collapsed down to her knees as she held her left ribs. Artemis came in a hurry and helped her walk from the battlefield so she could treat her wounds.

“How’s Skadi?” Athena asked as she looked around for Skadi.

“She’s nowhere to be found, but it should be fine because Aphrodite and Themis were with her. I think they should be fine knowing that Hades would cooperate with us after Persephone begged him to stop making a mistake,” Artemis answered as she removed Athena’s breastplate.

“What about Ares?” Athena asked as she looked at the bruises on her chest and waist.

“He’s in a really bad condition, but Hera is treating him right now. Zeus didn’t hold back to fight him, and he was serious about killing him, but thankfully, Thor was there to stop him and now Hel is also joining the battle,” Artemis put her hands on Athena’s body to heal the internal wounds.

“I’m going to be fine. You should help Freyja,” Athena sat up as she groaned.

“I don’t think it’s necessary. She’s winning the fight, and she’s not even using her weapons to fight Poseidon. Let’s just head back and make sure Poseidon doesn’t use the opportunity to take his trident from you,” Artemis replied as she helped Athena walk. “The good thing is, I think Mykel’s plan is working because there’s no sign of Nyx resisting anywhere,” Artemis looked over her shoulder and saw how quiet the situation was near the tower compared to before.

(Inside the Tartarus Tower)

Lucifer was enjoying the wine that Nyx offered him. He looked at the reflection of himself on the wine.

“That’s what happened. He saved me from her grasp,” Lucifer said after he explained everything about the deal he made with Mara, and how it ended up backfiring at him. “I made the wrong choice, and I want you to not make the same mistake as mine,” Lucifer looked at Nyx.

“And now you lost your soul because he devoured yours into his body?” Nyx asked.

“Yes,” Lucifer answered simply as he drank the wine.

“And then what? Are you stuck inside his body now? How’s that saving you if you ended up inside his body like that?” Nyx asked and she sounded unconvinced.

“Because I got a knowledge that nobody, none of us would get. The knowledge about the truth of everything,” Lucifer answered with a serious expression. “The knowledge of why Mykel has become so powerful and can surpass all of us in just a blink of an eye,” Lucifer continued.

“What are you talking about?” Nyx squinted her eyes and looked Lucifer in the eye.

“I really want to tell you everything, but the only one who can give you the answer is Mykel,” Lucifer answered and drank his wine.

Nyx scoffed and started to chuckle in disbelief.

“Now I understand why you’re all here. Why Mykel is here, and why he used you to lower my guard. In the end, it’s all for his benefit, isn’t it?” Nyx smiled as she shook her head. “I don’t think so. I don’t want to join hands with him, not after what he did. He ruined our plan and goal,” Nyx continued.

Lucifer didn’t say anything as he stood up. He slowly stretched his wings as he walked away, but before he left, he turned around to look at Nyx. She was lowering her head with the pain and anger written on her face.

“I regret treating you that badly. If I knew that your loyalty, no, your affection toward me. I should have given you everything that you want,” Lucifer said. He saw everything from the original story that Nyx did everything for only one reason. To avenge his death, and that led her to her own demise. “I really wish you don’t make the same mistake as mine, Nyx, and I’m sorry,” Lucifer continued.

Nyx lifted her head and those words made her feel warm inside. She looked at Lucifer but he was already gone.

Lucifer landed right next to Mykel who was watching the battle in the distance.

“How does it go?” Mykel asked.

“She’s considering it. Just give her time,” Lucifer answered.

“Then we should wait,” Mykel offered Lucifer his pack of cigarettes.

“Yes,” Lucifer took a cigarette and put it in his mouth.


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