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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 363: 362: The Table Had Turn. Bahasa Indonesia

Luciel went back into the palace with Angra on her shoulder. Mykel left as soon as he gave back the sword to her and said he had to take care of important matters.

Luciel sat on her chair while letting Angra explore the palace on his own. She then grabbed the folded paper that Mykel gave her in secrecy, which was a bit weird for him to do since nobody was there with them.

[After a few days since that battle, Mara has been keeping her eyes and ears on us. I have been keeping an eye on Lucifer and Mara because of that. When I wrote this message, Lucifer is trying to get in Mara’s favor and so far, Mara is still skeptical about his plan.

The plan is that he wants to kill both of us, and in exchange, he will be Mara’s pawn. He wants Mara to let him loose, and destroy all the worlds including the Aersland World.

He’s planning on killing you next so he can get all his siblings’ powers back. They both want me dead so badly, and they start to understand who I am, and they want to stop me before I become more powerful]

Luciel pressed her hand to her mouth as she read the letter.

[I know it’s worrisome, but I can take care of it before they can make a move, and I can guarantee you that. You don’t have to do anything and just trust me on this one, but there’s something I want you to do.

You should have realized by now about the power that Lucifer unsealed from your body. You’re no longer nobody, Luciel. You have become a Celestial being because of it.

I believe you should meet the requirements to be able to become a part of us, the Constellations. I’m not insisting on you becoming a part of it, but it’s safer for you to be a part of the Constellations so I can protect you if anything happens.]

Luciel averted her gaze from the letter and looked at Angra yawning and resting on the throne. She was thinking about the fact she was no longer a nobody as Mykel said. She also wondered how it would feel to be a part of the Constellations since she had been watching Lucifer become the second most feared being.

She wanted to follow Mykel’s suggestion, not only because that was what he wanted, but because of her own interest. She hesitated because she was afraid of Mara, and she might be using her like how she used Lucifer.

Luciel turned over the page and saw a single sentence written in the middle of the paper.

[Don’t be afraid of Mara]

She chuckled as she shook her head. She then looked up and said in her head that she wanted to join the Constellations. A notification immediately appeared right in front of her face and it startled her since it was the first time she had seen something like that.

“(How does it feel to be a part of the game now?)” Mykel’s voice could be heard inside her head. “(This is good because I can speak to you directly whenever I want,)” Mykel continued.

“(Is this safe? You said that they both have been watching and listening to us?)” Luciel asked.

“(It should be, and even if she can hear us here, that’s fine by me. She should have noticed by now that you have become a Constellation,)” Mykel answered. “(With that being said, I have prepared a gift for you,)” Mykel continued.

A notification appeared in front of Luciel, and it was a gift that Mykel mentioned. He gave her a hundred million [Arcana Coins], and even though it was a lot, she had no idea what the coins were for or how valuable they were.

Mykel explained the basics about becoming a Constellation, and how [Constellation Points] work. She understood the basics since Mykel explained it in detail, and she got herself a title as [The Celestial].

“(You can see yourself through status command. Try to say open status out loud or in your mind,)” Mykel said.

Luciel used the command and saw her own stats on the screen.

[NAME: Luciel]

[Rank: 90]




[ARCANA COIN: 100,000,000] [SHOP]


“(Looks like you’re almost beating all the existing Gods and Goddesses just because one of the nine powers has been unsealed. Your rank is determined by how many skills you possess, but that doesn’t matter because based on the skills you have now, you’re already above them. Especially with the Spatiokinesis and Elementumkinesis,)” Mykel said.

“(But I can tell that you’re still stronger than me even with these Celestial powers that I possess,)” Luciel replied as she checked what [Spatiokinesis] and [Elementumkinesis] skills were. Turned out [Spatiokinesis] skill allowed her to manipulate space while the [Elementumkinesis] skill allowed her to manipulate all elements.

“(Who knows. Even though he couldn’t win against me, he was only half of himself. I might lose instantly if he used his kinesis power. I was quite lucky,)” Mykel answered. “(But enough about that. There’s something I want to discuss with you when he came back,)” Mykel said.

Luciel hummed with understanding as she checked the rest of her skills.

(In the Void Cloud)

“Look at what you have done,” Mara said.

“What do you mean? I have no idea what you’re talking about if you don’t tell me,” Lucifer asked as he tried to move his broken wings.

“Luciel has joined the Constellations,” Mara answered as she stared at Lucifer from the corner of her eyes.

“That shouldn’t be possi…” Lucifer paused as he realized that he was indeed the one who made it possible. “The power I unsealed,” Lucifer continued.

Lucifer didn’t know for how long he had been held captive in the Void Cloud, but it felt like he was there for a few hours. It was the longest time he had been in the Void Cloud, and the longer he stayed the stronger Mykel became.

He knew that time flew faster in the Void Cloud, and he didn’t want Mara to waste both of their time.

“Mara, how long are you going to keep me here? Don’t you see what Mykel is trying to do now? While you’re enjoying your time torturing me, he’s enjoying his time getting stronger,” Lucifer asked. He was unable to lift his head anymore and could only move his mouth.

Mara approached him and grabbed his chin with her left hand. She forced him to look her in the eye as she gripped his jaw so strongly.

“I will give you what you want, but you will have to do something for me,” Mara said.

“Say it, I will do whatever you want,” Lucifer replied.

“Make a pact with me, Lucifer. A master and servant pact like how Mykel did to those Demon Princesses,” Mara said and she chuckled mischievously.

Lucifer went quiet, and for a split second he regretted his decision, but it didn’t matter anymore. He believed as long as Mykel’s existence disappeared, that was good enough since he didn’t mind being Mara’s lackey. Mykel’s existence was more dangerous than Mara’s.

“Fine, I will do it,” Lucifer answered seriously.

Mara put her left thumb in front of his lips, and something came out of her thumb. Lucifer drank it and it was smoother than water as if he was drinking a dew.

“Now your soul is mine, and mine only,” Mara said as she chuckled softly. “You can leave now,” Mara released him and he could use all his skills back. He immediately teleported back to the Empyrean to recover.

Lucifer came back to his palace and fell down on all four as the black smoke came out of his body. He spent a lot of [Arcana Coins] to recover himself.

“How long have I been away,” Lucifer said, and the moment he stood up, he saw Luciel and Mykel standing at the entrance. “My-” Lucifer suddenly was unable to breathe or move a muscle in his body.

“Welcome back,” Mykel said as he pulled out the handleless sword that was stabbed next to Mykel.

“You don’t know how long I have been waiting for your arrival,” Mykel grabbed Lucifer by the neck and lifted him up. He then threw Lucifer to his throne. “I had enough of your little game with Mara, and it will end right here, right now,” Mykel lit the sword with the [Sacrilege Flame] and then stabbed Lucifer in the heart and pierced through the back of the backrest of his throne.

“You think I didn’t know, don’t you?” Mykel asked with his eyebrow raised as he smirked and stared Lucifer in the eye.


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