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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 362: 361: Feeding On Life Force. Bahasa Indonesia

“I brought the apple as soon I heard about Lyneth’s condition, but how is she?” Freyja asked as she looked at Mykel who was standing outside the cabin since Angra was throwing tantrum.

“She’s asleep, and Gaia is with her in the bedroom,” Mykel answered. “It’s a bit crowded inside, so don’t be surprised,” Mykel said as he walked away from the cabin.

“Huh? You’re not going to stay? Where are you going?” Freyja asked as she looked at Mykel walking past her.

“To calm him down. I want to bring him to a place that’s befitting for him, or at least the place he would like to be,” Mykel answered. “Also, thank you,” Mykel said, and then warped away.

Freyja scoffed as she smiled, and then she entered the cabin to see what Mykel meant by crowded. The moment she was inside, she was surprised to see Artemis, Themis, Astraea, Athena, Aphrodite, Hedone, and Skadi in the cabin. They were all enjoying a cup of tea at the table.

“Why is everyone here?” Freyja asked quietly as she walked into the living room.

“Sit down and have some tea. We will tell you,” Hera said as she patted the chair next to her. “You can give the apple later since Lyneth is asleep at the moment,” Hera continued.

Freyja sat down and drank the tea as she looked at them with a worried expression. They all seemed restless, and couldn’t stay still for some reason.

“So? You haven’t answered my question,” Freyja asked.

“Goddess Gaia requested us to give our life force for Lyneth because she’s alone won’t be enough to satisfy the baby. It should be fine since we can replenish them in our own ways,” Hera answered.

“What? Gaia’s life force isn’t enough to satiate the baby? She’s the Goddess who created dozens of titans can’t satiate a single fetus?” Freyja asked and she looked shocked. “We are talking of a Demi-god baby here, and she looks like any normal baby,” Freyja said as she looked at the golden apple in front of her.

“It’s Mykel’s baby,” Aphrodite said.

“Well, you’re not wrong, but if she can’t handle the baby, how are we going to be able to give the baby what she needs? Humans take a lot of time to give birth, so are we really going to stay here for the next six months?” Freyja asked and she sounded unconvinced.

“Mykel said that he would find a way. He said that he needs to level up his Authority level to level five. He believed once he reached level five, he could make Lyneth an Awakener,” Skadi answered as he made the tea cold since she hated warm and hot drinks.

“And how’s that going to change anything?” Freyja squinted her eyes and looked at Skadi.

All of them smiled and shook their heads.

“Now that I see her like that. I’m starting to think twice if I want Mykel’s child,” Aphrodite said as she sighed in disappointment. “But, thinking to have his baby inside me, it’s…” Before Aphrodite could finish her sentence she bit her lips and giggled.

They all sipped their tea as they looked away because they forgot the personality of the Goddess of Love. Although Freyja and Hera reacted like that, they both were thinking the same thing as Aphrodite, they just hid it from the others.

“But you know. I think this is a really nice place to gather just all of us, women. We can talk about a lot of stuff, and away from the men,” Artemis said as she looked out the window.

“I agree. This is peaceful,” Athena answered as she sipped her tea.

They all had a small talk while they were waiting for their turn to give their life force to Lyneth.

(In the Empyrean World)

Luciel looked at Mykel with her eyebrows raised, and then looked at Angra sitting on his left shoulder. Angra wasn’t hostile toward Luciel even though she was a divine being. It might be because the Empyrean World was to his liking or Luciel was too strong for him so he didn’t want to pick a fight with her.

“What’s that?” Luciel asked as she pointed at Angra.

“My son,” Mykel answered.

“Your son is a beast?” Luciel asked with her eyebrow raised.

“Yes, you can tell by his left eye,” Mykel answered and pointed at Angra. “The reason why I’m here is because of him. I want him to live here for now,” Mykel said as he let Angra fly and explore the world on his own.

“Are you sure you want to leave your son here? You know that this place isn’t a place for a divine beast. Not to mention there’s nothing here that likable,” Luciel asked and then looked at Angra flying around the palace.

“He’s not a divine beast, he’s an evil spirit. You can tell by how happy he is to be here, and since you live here, I want you to look over him,” Mykel answered. “I’m not going to leave him here forever. I just want him to be in a place where he belongs for a few days. I will bring him back,” Mykel continued.

“What’s his name?” Luciel asked.

“Angra Mainyu. You can call him Ahriman, he likes that name more,” Mykel answered.

“Ahriman,” Luciel said quietly, but Angra immediately flew back and floated right next to Luciel. He was answering the call for some reason. “Ahriman?” Luciel looked at Angra and he immediately meowed at her.

Luciel opened her hands, and Angra looked at them for quite a while. He then landed on Luciel’s shoulder instead. She was quite surprised at how heavy he was and how he drained her power and stamina. It was nothing for her so she wasn’t bothered by it and ignored the tingling feeling.

“What’s this,” Luciel asked.

“He feeds on everyone’s stamina and magical power. If there’s nothing left, he feeds on lifespan or life force,” Mykel answered.

“I see,” Luciel rubbed Angra’s chin. “How are my sisters down there?” Luciel asked.

“Still unconscious,” Mykel answered. “As I said, it will take a while until they wake up. Also, how’s your plan going? I believe you’re unable to convince them?” Mykel crossed his arms and looked at Luciel.

“Yes. I should have known, and you also mentioned that they were created to be loyal to him,” Luciel answered as she sighed. “But, just because they’re loyal to him it made things harder down there because, without him, they don’t know what to do,” Luciel continued.

“How was the fight against Demon Kings? I heard they all tried to fight you to bring their daughters back,” Mykel asked as he approached her and played with Angra.

Before Luciel could answer his question, Mykel pulled something under his right sleeve. It was a folded piece of paper, and he gave it to Luciel as he stared at her and nodded his head.

“Yes, but they failed to fight me thanks to this new power. I also used your name, and they couldn’t do anything about it since they’re all down on your world. They didn’t want to make him get punished thanks to Belphegor’s warning,” Luciel answered and hid the folded paper under her left gauntlet.

“Really? Well I guess you owe me something and in exchange, you should accompany him here until I bring him back,” Mykel replied with a smile.

“Fine by me,” Luciel answered as she looked at Angra. “At least I have someone that I can play with,” Luciel continued as she put Angra in her hands and rubbed his cheeks.

Mykel chuckled and smiled as he nodded his head.

“Luciel, can I borrow your sword for a moment?” Mykel asked.

“My sword? Why?” Luciel asked as she furrowed her eyebrows since she felt like Mykel was there for another reason.

“I’m just curious, can I take a look?” Mykel asked.

Luciel pulled out her handleless sword from her left ribs and showed it to Mykel from up close. She then pointed the sword at Mykel, and Angra started to hiss at her so suddenly.

“I’m not trying to harm your father,” Luciel looked Angra in the eye, and it was enough to stop him from hissing at her. “Here, take it,” Luciel looked at Mykel as she wiggled the sword.

Mykel took the sword from Luciel’s hand and then swung it around.

“This sword can withstand Holy Flame, right?” Mykel asked as he looked at it from up close.

“Yes, since it was made from Empyrium, and you can say it’s the strongest material that exists,” Luciel answered as she put Angra in her arms. “Why are you so curious about it?” Luciel asked.

Mykel didn’t answer her question and didn’t hesitate to light the sword with [Sacrilege Flame]. Luciel was surprised to see there was a flame that could outmatch [Holy Flame]. On the other hand, Mykel was satisfied when the sword managed to survive the [Sacrilege Flame].

“This should work,” Mykel said to himself as he stared at the sword. “I’ll borrow your sword later,” Mykel looked at Luciel as he extinguished the flame, and then gave it back to Luciel.


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