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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 338 Bahasa Indonesia

“Fucking damn it!” Sven said as he groaned in pain. He looked at his right hand was chopped off by Sigrid.

“You’re weak,” Sigrid said as she looked down and pointed her sword at Sven’s neck. “Although, you’re not bad for surviving for this long against the five of us,” Sigrid continued as she offered her hand.

Sven grabbed Sigrid’s hand, but it wasn’t to lift himself up. He tried to pull Sigrid down so he could steal her dagger and stab her, but she didn’t even budge.

“Still fighting until the end, admirable. Now get some rest,” Sigrid said as she punched Sven’s face with full power.

The group around them cracked and Gunnar hurriedly ran toward them to heal Sven before it was too late. Sven almost died from that punch alone, and thankfully his skull was strong enough or his brain would be squashed like an orange.

“We will continue the training once he wakes up,” Sigrid said as she walked away to train with Rangrid and the others.

Gunnar carried Sven over his shoulder as he watched how disciplined the Valkyries were. They trained nonstop and put their hearts into becoming stronger even though they were already so powerful.

If the Valkyries were allowed to enter the towers, it would only take them a month to reach the 100th floor. They weren’t just strong, but they were also intelligent and quick-witted since their instincts had been sharpened throughout hundreds of wars and years of studying.

“Miss Sigrid, can we ask something more personal?” Vincze asked.

“Go ahead,” Sigrid answered as she dodged the thrust of Rangrid’s lance.

“You’re currently the leader of the Valkyrie army, right? What makes you special from the others other than your strength?” Vincze asked as he made a distance since he didn’t want to die on an accident.

Sigrid grabbed Rangrid’s lance, and then pulled it toward her. She immediately used her shield to punch Rangrid the moment she was in range, but Rangrid did the same thing and clashed two giant shields at each other. It created a massive shockwave that knocked both of them back quite far away while Vincze got thrown away.

“What makes me different from the others?” Sigrid asked as she fixed her shield and stared at Vincze crawling and standing up. “I’m the bringer of victory, that’s the meaning of my name,” Sigrid answered.

“Rangrid is a shield destroyer. She’s our bravest and the one who destroyed enemies’ front lines with her lance and shield. There’s no shield that she can’t destroy,” Sigrid pointed at Rangrid who was staring at the sharpness of her lance.

“Kara and Hildr are the storms in the battle. They killed more than any Valkyries combined. Skeggold is the axe, and she could split the mountain with her axe. She was the one who destroyed the enemies’ formations,” Kara pointed at those three with her sword.

“Lastly, Brunhild, the battle armor. As long as she’s alive, the enemy will never achieve victory,” Sigrid looked at Brunhild standing tall with pride in her full plate armor.

“To answer your question, why I’m the leader is because of the names we have and the roles on the battlefield. It’s not about who’s the strongest because not all Valkyries are strong, some are intelligent, and some are powerful in healing rather in combat,” Sigrid answered as she swung her sword around.

Vincze hummed as he looked at the Valkyries working and cleaning the mess that Nidhoggr made. He didn’t have any more questions and decided to rest with Gunnar under the shade.

“There was a Valkyrie, that was the strongest compared to all of us. I still believe that if we all fought her, we would lose,” Rangrid said as she looked at Vincze.

“There was someone like that? We are not talking about Goddess Freyja, right?” Vincze asked.

“No, it was a very long time ago. Her name was Keres, and she was the death bringer on the battlefield. While we the Valkyries have our silver or gold wings from our armor, she has black wings on her back. We have silver and gold armor, but she has black and purple armor,” Rangrid answered as she stared blankly at the forest.

“Her claws could destroy the shields. Her armor was impenetrable. Her scythe cut down the mountains. Her laughter was a sign of the war. Her folded wings meant victory. Her stillness was the sign of hunger for more battle. She was truly maleficent,” Rangrid explained as her eyes squinted because of how terrifying those memories were.

Vincze turned around to look at Gunnar because they both knew that name. That was Agnez’s Benefactor, and Gunnar wouldn’t forget about it since after the demonic cult slowly faded away, Agnez told them about her Benefactor.

“Wait, isn’t she a Goddess?” Gunnar asked.

“Yes, we found out about who she was and how Odin found her. Turned out she was the daughter of the primordial Goddess from the south, Nyx. We didn’t know much about Nyx, but Goddess Freyja said that she’s one of the primordial Goddesses from the south,” Sigrid answered.

“And where is she now?” Gunnar asked.

“She left because she found it boring to fight weak enemies,” Randgrid answered.

They all heard Sven groaned and slowly regained consciousness. Everyone looked at him, and he slowly opened his eyes.

“Now, who do you want to be? A shield breaker, the bringer of victory, a battle armor, or a storm in the battlefield, or destruction of enemies?” Sigrid asked.

“We want to master all of them, and our boss chose all of you for a reason. So we will train until we can beat all of you by ourselves,” Vincze answered as she grabbed his spear.

“How greedy, but let’s see if you can meet our expectations,” Sigrid said as she stood in between the others. “Raise your weapons and shield humans!” Sigrid readied her shield, and so did the others.

“Yes ma’am,” Vincze said as he held his spear with both hands.

(On Earth, Fraternity Building)

Vixelleth was chilling in Enma’s office, and she looked bored while playing with her phone. Enma had been stealing glances at her, and it made Vixelleth a bit curious.

“What is it, En?” Vixelleth asked with a gentle smile.

“I’m just thinking that you have been away the past few days. You used to be staying in my apartment. Did you meet someone else?” Enma asked.

Vixelleth looked at Enma from the corner of her eyes with a smile. She then stood up and walked toward Enma.

“Me? Meeting someone else? Why would I do that?” Vixelleth asked back as she massaged Enma’s shoulders. “I’m just worried about my sisters, and I miss Mykel as well,” Vixelleth answered.

“Mykel?” Enma turned her head and looked up at Vixelleth.

“Yes, Mykel,” Vixelleth said as she kept massaging Enma, and didn’t realize she made Enma aroused by the lust aura she released.

Before Enma could grab Vixelleth’s hand, someone knocked on the door. She was startled and cleared her throat while Vixelleth casually walked away.

“Come in,” Enma said as she fixed her suit.

It was Asmond, and he was wearing his armor with the sword on his back. He looked at Vixelleth playing with her phone on the sofa, he then looked at Enma who was staring at the document.

“Are you busy, En?” Asmond asked.

“No, what’s wrong?” Enma asked back.

“I’m trying to reach Mykel, but his phone was out of reach. Not just him, but Gunnar and the others as well, so I was wondering if you know where they are,” Asmond asked as he sat down on the sofa in front of Vixelleth.

“They’re all on vacation, and they won’t be back for an indefinite time. That includes not clearing any towers,” Vixelleth answered as she kept playing with her phone.

“Oh, I see…” Asmond looked at Vixelleth as he nervously played with his hands. He then looked at Enma as he took a deep breath. “Enma, we are planning on clearing the Abaddon Tower,” Asmond said.

“On your own?” Enma asked while Vixelleth stared Asmond in the eye.

“No, with my team and the others,” Asmond answered.

“Yes, that’s what I meant. Do you think you can do it?” Enma asked as she looked at Asmond with a serious expression. “We are talking about the twenty-first floor right now, and nobody has ever touched that floor before. Are you really confident that you can make it out alive?” Enma asked again.

“Yes, we got a new skill from our Benefactor, and I believe we will be able to clear the tower on our own now,” Asmond answered with confidence.

“What kind of skill?” Vixelleth asked.

“It’s called Slaughter,” Asmond answered.


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