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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 337 Bahasa Indonesia

“Ladies! It’s dangerous out here, especially in the middle of the night like this. Are you ladies going something? We can accompany you to your destination,” A man wearing a tank top asked.

“Sorry, we are not interested in a bunch of thugs like you. We are only interested in Aces,” Agnez answered as she pushed away the man gently since he was too close and reeked of alcohol.

“Then it’s your lucky day! Because we are all Aces, and we are silver ranks as well,” The man answered.

Agnez glanced at Lillith who was standing next to her, and then looked over her right shoulder to look at Gladis and Nia.

“Is that so? Then which one of you is the strongest?” Agnez asked as she looked at the four men in front of her.

The men were showing off who was the strongest while Gladis used her [Discerning Eye] to look at their status screens. She then whispered to Agnez about the skills those men had.

“Well then,” Agnez said as she walked toward the two guys on the right. “These two are mine, you guys can have the rest,” Agnez continued.

The men were smirking and raising their eyebrows repeatedly at each other. But before they could say anything, Agnez stabbed the two guys in the chest with her bare hands. She pulled out their hearts and popped them like water balloons.

Lillith grabbed her dagger and cut the guy’s head in the middle while Gladis and Nia killed the rest of them by breaking their necks.

Agnez threw the hearts on the ground as she looked at the skills she got from killing those men.

“Even though we have been here for a week, I can’t believe it’s so easy to farm level and skill and still feel fun to hunt them like animals. To think these ugly bastards try to hit on me is disgusting,” Agnez said as she pulled a handkerchief from the back pocket of her jeans.

“You find this fun? Are you sure that’s not because of the demon inside you?” Gladis asked.

“No, I have been like this even before I got possessed by Mazikeen. It’s just that both of us are quite similar,” Agnez chuckled as she kicked the dead bodies to the side of the road.

“That guy with black hair, he’s quite handsome though,” Nia said as she stared at the dead man with his eyes and mouth wide open.

“You find him handsome? Every man in this world and others is ugly. Only Mykel that I’m interested in,” Agnez looked at Nia in disbelief.

“Right, speaking of him. I heard from Lexus you and Miss Jeanne are sharing… You know,” Gladis said nervously.

“Yes, we had foursome once, and threesome twice,” Agnez answered as she threw the handkerchief.

Both Gladis and Nia were choking on their saliva when they heard the response from Agnez. The two of them were dumbfounded and didn’t expect to get that kind of response.

“That’s why I asked you two back there when we first met. Once you fell for his charm, you won’t be able to look at other men anymore. His dick is als-” Agnez said.

“Th-that’s enough…” Gladis flustered as she waved her hands.

“I’m just giving you a warning and a heads-up,” Agnez chuckled mischievously. “Anyway, did you guys get it? The skill that Mykel gave this morning?” Agnez looked at those two as she walked backward.

“The Limit Break?” Nia asked.

“I see, then everyone is getting that skill as well,” Agnez looked at the cloudy night sky. “It seems that we will be facing something or someone powerful,” Agnez mumbled.

(In Aersland)

“Jeanne? Are you awake?” Brynhilde’s voice could be heard from behind the door.

“Yes, you can come in, Hilde,” Jeanne said from the balcony.

Brynhilde came in in her sleeping dress, and she saw Jeanne enjoying the night breeze while staring at the big city around her. Brynhilde then joined her and watched the people walking on the street on their way home.

“It’s been a week since you came here. Do you like it here?” Brynhilde asked as she leaned on the railing.

“I still can’t get used to how people are treating me. I know that it wasn’t the first time people were bowing their heads at me, but seeing them all do that whenever I go out is a bit too much. Although it was a bit uncomfortable, I feel like I’m a part of them,” Jeanne answered as she looked down on the beautiful garden.

“Mykel said that I belong here, and I can see why. But, I feel like this isn’t my home,” Jeanne looked at Brynhilde, and she was surprised when Brynhilde was smiling at her.

“Are you sure it’s not because Mykel isn’t here? Because I know it’s not the case since you have been clearing towers and living in different worlds for days or even weeks. So, I think you just miss him and your home is where he’s at,” Brynhilde replied.

“Maybe you’re right,” Jeanne said as she tucked her hair in and shyly smiled. “But we will meet him soon because he warned us about the breakout. He even gave us this skill and wanted us to train so we can be ready for what’s going to come,” Jeanne looked at her status screen.

“Speaking of that, I think Nagy has found her passion now, and she hasn’t come back ever since she learn about that stuff,” Brynhilde said as she looked in the distance.

“Yeah. She has been researching about poison and looks like she could make some kind of doping from it and make her stronger. Not to mention how deadly those poisons were that everyone who smelled it could die. That’s a bit too dangerous, but as long as that’s what she wants to do, I guess that should be fine. Mykel brought her here for a reason,” Jeanne replied.

“Mykel has a plan for all of us, and it’s not just for his benefit but for ourselves as well,” Brynhilde said as she nodded her head in agreement. “It’s getting late, we should go to sleep because we will be training hard starting tomorrow, right?” Brynhilde looked at the clock tower in the middle of the city.

“Yeah, we should,” Jeanne walked back inside the room.

“Good night, Jeanne,” Hilde said as she walked to the door.

“Good night, Hilde,” Jeanne got on the bed and watched Brynhilde leave.

(In Leowa World)

“Wait! Wait! Master! No!” Rozan shouted as he watched his own creation get burned into ashes by a big flame. “I can still fix it though,” Rozan went down to his knees as he rubbed his face on the grass.

“Fix it? That thing is already out of control. You can’t fix something that no longer obeys your order,” Shelly said as she kept burning the creature until she was sure nothing remained. “Why do you want to create something like that in the first place? Just make something small like Gerrard. Look at them, they’re following his orders without a problem,” Shelly pointed at the crows around Gerrard.

“He’s not making it from scratch, and he used real crows to be possessed by the Homunculus. That doesn’t count,” Rozan answered as he slowly lifted his head from the ground. “What about you, Master? You made something unbelievable as well, and I want to create something like that,” Rozan looked at the sky and saw a garuda made of crystal flying around.

“Your understanding of the Alchemy skill is still too basic. You need to understand that an alchemy is a combination of science and magic. Even if you understand of the anatomy of a creature you’re going to make, you still have to understand that creature deeply, like taking care of a baby,” Shelly explained. “You want something strong without even thinking of their feelings and emotions, and not to mention you fed them with gemstones. It only made their emotions unstable,”

Rozan sighed as he looked at the [Alchemy] skill that he got from understanding the content of the magic book.

“I know that Mykel is waiting for us, but you need to calm down and take things slowly. Get some rest and think about the mistakes you made. You have been awake for the past three days,” Shelly said as she called the garuda down.

“Yes, Master,” Rozan said as he flew away to the city.


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