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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 321 Bahasa Indonesia

“I know that everyone must have lost their appetite after what you saw, but please have something to eat. It’s another thing that we can offer other than a shelter,” Geller said as he looked at everyone with sincerity.

Lillith was cautious about Geller at first and thought he would poison them with the food, but it turned out she was wrong. He was indeed genuinely grateful for saving him and the people.

“Now that we have been gaining all this information. You haven’t told us about the location of the Breeder,” Agnez asked with her arms crossed as she leaned on the chair comfortably.

“We don’t know where it is since the last time we saw it was five years ago, and that was on the far east from here where they did the experiment. If you want to go there, then it would be difficult because the roads will be filled with Hormoid,” Geller answered.

“What about the subway? I believe the subways are connected to each place on this planet,” Agnez asked again as she looked at the mashed potato on the plate with a steak on the side.

“It’s possible, and we have prepared something for that actually. It’s just that I don’t think we have the braveness in our hearts to do it. Since you’re all here, then I will show it to you once you finish your meal and rested enough,” Geller answered.

Mykel didn’t bother to touch the food since his thoughts were too occupied with something else. He then looked at Edith who enjoyed the food right next to him.

“Edith, once you’re done eating, let’s go outside. There’s something that I need to know from the vision you had,” Mykel said.

Edith was nodding her head as she chewed the steak.

After Edith finished her meal, they both went outside the auditorium. Mykel brought Edith far away so nobody could eavesdrop on their conversation.

“In that vision, you said there were more of them, the demon princesses. How many were there?” Mykel asked.

“I’m not sure, but there were many of them. There was one that stood out the most. She had white hair like Brynhilde, she was the tallest compared to the others. She was standing at the front while Miss Vix and the others stood right behind her as if she was the one in charge,” Edith answered as she furrowed her eyebrows and eyes closed.

“So Luciel was in there as well. Does that mean I have achieved my goal at that time?” Mykel asked himself. “Is there anyone else in that room other than them?” Mykel asked.

“I don’t recall, I was too overwhelmed by the sea of flames that happened in the city,” Edith answered as she shook her head.

Mykel hummed as he stared at Edith. He was curious about her [Oracle] skill because it wouldn’t be called a fate, and it could be called a prophecy since it was just a vision. A prediction of the possible future, and Sif had something similar to Edith, but unlike Edith, Sif could see the prophecy whenever she wanted.

“It’s okay, you don’t have to try to remember it again. I know it’s painful to remember, so you can go back now,” Mykel said as he comforted Edith by rubbing her upper left arm with a gentle smile.

Edith nodded and then she went back to the auditorium.

Mykel was deep in thought, but he couldn’t figure it out himself since he didn’t know anything about it. He decided to warp away and went to meet the Gods who had been dealing with those for a very long time.

Mykel breathed the fresh air as he heard the sound of birds chirping and the running river. He looked at a small cabin house that didn’t exist before. He then decided to check it out because she might be there with Lyneth.

Before Mykel could open the door, Gaia was already opening the door for him.

“You came at the perfect time. We are going to have a tea party,” Gaia said with a gentle smile.

Mykel nodded and entered the cabin. He realized it wasn’t small at all when he entered the cabin. It was massive, as big as a mansion, and fully furnished. He was a bit surprised, and then he heard giggles and laughter coming from in front of him. He saw Lyneth smiling while Hera and Freyja were laughing at something.

“Oh?! Mykel!” Lyneth stood up and she was in a see-through white dress like Gaia.

“You look beautiful in that,” Mykel said with a smile.

Lyneth looked at the dress she was wearing, and she was flustered since it was rare for Mykel to compliment her. She didn’t even remember when was the last time he complimented her.

“Is there something you need, Mykel?” Hera asked as she put the teacup on her lips.

“Yes, I need the three of you to explain to me about fate and prophecy,” Mykel answered as he sat down.

The three of them shared a look, and they were curious why Mykel suddenly asked that question. Gaia then cleared her throat as she poured the tea into the cup.

“What do you know about fate and prophecy?” Gaia asked as she offered the cup of tea to Mykel.

“A fate is something that has been set, and nothing can change it, or so that’s what I believe. Prophecy is more of a prediction of the future which can be true or false,” Mykel answered as he grabbed the cup from Gaia’s hand.

“That’s correct, and that’s why there’s a saying about a false prophecy while there’s no saying of false fate,” Gaia replied as she nodded her head in agreement. “But that’s also wrong to call it a false prophecy because it’s only a prediction in the first place as you said. It has something to do with something else that can affect a prophecy,” Gaia continued.

Mykel was about to take a sip, but then he stopped because he was curious about what Gaia was going to say. Gaia smiled as she stared at the cup of tea in Mykel’s hand. Mykel then took a sip of the tea and it was nice, warm, and fresh. Mykel wasn’t a fan of tea, but he really enjoyed it.

“What you just did is called destiny. It’s something that plays alongside prophecy,” Gaia said.

Mykel furrowed his forehead and looked a bit confused.

“Right now, you just created a fate of enjoying tea with the Goddesses,” Gaia said with a smile as she put down the tea. “The prophecy was the event when you enjoyed the tea. What you just did right there was your destiny to drink the tea to complete the triangle of fate,” Gaia pointed at the cup of tea in Mykel’s hand. “If you didn’t drink the tea, the prophecy is false, and your fate of enjoying tea with the Goddesses will not exist,” Gaia explained.

Mykel was deep in thought and understood what Gaia was trying to say.

“Prophecy is a prediction of the future event while destiny is the action that’s necessary to fulfill the prophecy. With those two, the result will be called fate,” Gaia said, and then took a sip.

“That’s what it’s supposed to be, but not for us, the Gods since we already have someone that created our fate. Our action will not affect fate since everything that we do, it’s already predicted, written, on the thread of fate,” Hera said as she stared blankly at the table.

“Whatever you saw, that’s not called fate. It was only a prophecy and a destiny that you need to fulfill during the prophecy. It won’t be called a fate before it happens, so it’s up to you whether you will fulfill that destiny or not,” Freyja said as she rested her right cheek on her palm.

“Or maybe it could be the result of all of your actions that lead you to that prophecy. Do what you want because, in the end, it was you who created your own fate,” Gaia said and she sounded like she was trying to comfort Mykel.

Mykel nodded with understanding, and then he stood up after he emptied his cup of tea.

“I think I know what I’m going to do now, thank you,” Mykel said.

“We are all rooting for you, Mykel Alester,” Gaia said with a smile as she crossed her arms on the table. “I would never think I would say this, but, good luck,” Gaia continued and then took a sip of her tea.

Mykel smirked as he nodded his head, and then he warped back to Eil World.


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