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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 311 Bahasa Indonesia

“My father was lonely, and he created me because of that?” Luciel asked with a surprised expression.

“Yes, but he tried, many times. He realized, he couldn’t create a God with a mortal soul. He couldn’t create a God with just a singular soul, and the most important part was that he wanted to create someone exactly like him,” Mykel answered as he nodded his head. “He knew the answer, and that he had to sacrifice a part of him to create you,” Mykel continued.

Luciel and Beldathiel gulped as they stared at Mykel without blinking.

“Yes, he killed his own siblings to create you, but…” Mykel paused as he watched the cigarette had burned into ashes before he could smoke it for the second time. “He failed, two of his siblings managed to separate their souls and fled. Of course, your father could easily catch them if they were just a whole soul. They scattered into pieces, thousands of them,”

“With those many that got scattered, some of them managed to possess the Empyreanian. They fled from the Empyreanian and into other realms that the siblings had prepared for new civilizations that your father didn’t know about,” Mykel said as he pulled out his pack of cigarettes, but it was empty.

“Frustrated, knowing he almost got what he wanted, he looked at the Empyreanian. He realized every single one of them had a tiny piece of his siblings’ powers and fragments. So, he killed all of them, empty, not a single Empyreanian survived,” Mykel explained, and then sighed as he put the pack of cigarettes on the table.

“He knew it wasn’t enough, but he created you anyway and thought about hunting the remaining pieces of his siblings later,” Mykel looked at Luciel who was in disbelief.

“He didn’t create how you looked, your appearance. What you have right now, is the result of the six siblings and millions of Empyreanian,” Mykel said as he stood up and kept looking at Luciel.

“Your eyes, your nose, your lips, your hair, your body, they all belonged to them,” Mykel said as he pointed at Luciel’s body parts. “And as I said back then. Unfortunately, you’re not any of them. You’re no Gods, you’re no demons, you’re no angels, and you’re definitely not mortals,” Mykel continued as he leaned toward Luciel.

,m “You’re the only failure that he has ever created,” Mykel said with a serious expression and kept staring at Luciel.

Luciel looked down, and she felt a pain in her chest when she heard it from Mykel. She felt like Lucifer was the one who said it to her face, and she felt really uncomfortable.

“But he loves you, as how he loves all his creations,” Mykel sat down as he fixed his tie. “You were so small, and he took care of you for thousands of years. He watched the universe expanding, Gods and Goddesses raised as you grew older,” Mykel continued as he stared blankly at the bed.

“That’s when she came to offer,” Mykel said as he looked at both of them. “The one who protected the universe long before him. She realized the mess he made have destroyed the balance of those worlds. A demi-god shouldn’t live in a mortal world,” Mykel continued.

“Of course, he fought her, and he lost,” Mykel sighed as he raised his eyebrows. “She then gave a solution that he had to take responsibility for his own mess, and bring them back to where they belonged. She gave him permission to invade those worlds, but not by his own hands. She told him that his companions would be the ones who will invade those worlds to keep the balance,” Mykel continued.

Both Luciel and Beldathiel were shocked by the truth. They tried to process what they just heard, and Mykel let them be as he warped to the grocery store to buy a pack of cigarettes.

“If you’re still surprised by the truth, then you will be more surprised about what I will say to you,” Mykel said to Luciel as he lit the cigarette and sat down on the sofa.

“I’m ready. It’s not like I believe everything you say,” Luciel said.

Mykel chuckled softly as he smiled and nodded his head repeatedly.

“As we speak, he has collected almost every piece of his last two siblings. He has it, and he keeps it safe so that nobody would know where he hides it. But, that’s not something you’re asking, so I will skip that part for now and go to the main revelation of who you are, Luciel,” Mykel said.

“You know this already, about him sacrificing half of his power to be transferred into your body. Have you ever wondered why you’re not as strong as him even though you’re his other half, not to mention that you have six of his siblings inside you, and millions of Empyreanian?” Mykel asked.

Luciel didn’t respond to Mykel’s question, and she was thinking about it and just realized it. She then looked at Mykel with a confused look.

“Why? Why’s that?” Luciel asked.

“Because he sealed the power. He didn’t want the power to be wasted and be used by someone that’s imperfect,” Mykel answered so casually. “He will preserve it once he created the perfect one,” Mykel continued as he smoked his cigarette.

“What do you mean by creating a perfect one?” Luciel asked.

Mykel stood up and offered his hands to Beldathiel and Luciel.

“Come, I will show you something before I answer your question,” Mykel said.

Beldathiel grabbed Mykel’s left hand without hesitation, and so did Luciel. Mykel looked at Luciel’s hand as he raised his eyebrows a bit. He then warped away with those two to the Aersland World.

The moment they arrived, Luciel and Beldathiel could sense a tiny bit of divine power in that world. They looked around and were surprised when they saw everyone had white hair and gold eyes.

“What’s this place?” Luciel asked.

“They’re all the descendants of the Empyreanian. This is the last place that your father needs to destroy so he could complete his work,” Mykel answered.

Luciel and Beldathiel turned around to look at Mykel.

“You’re asking me what I meant by creating a new one. Go and take a look at that blimp in the sky, and you see that giant balloon filled with air. That’s you, your body, the vessel of those souls are now tight up inside your body. Now imagine if you poke a hole in that blimp, and added more air of pressure inside. What will happen?” Mykel asked.

“It would burst, explode,” Luciel answered as she stared at the blimp.

“Yes, your body is the result of all the souls as I said earlier. It’s not only your body that can’t handle it, the seal will break as well and take over your body. All the siblings will be set free, and the first thing they would do is kill him. Trust me, your father is no match for them if they’re combined into one,” Mykel said.

“Once they’re done, they might destroy all his creations as well. Your sisters, the Demon Kings, and maybe everyone that’s alive,” Mykel answered as he smoked his cigarette.

Luciel slowly walked forward as she kept staring at the blimp. Everyone was staring at her weirdly but was charmed by her beauty as well.

“So, he’s going to kill me? Or use me to create another me?” Luciel asked.

“Yes, and that’s your fate, Luciel. That’s why he won’t tell you the truth,” Mykel answered. “Now, I’m going to ask you. What would you do now once you know the truth?” Mykel asked.

“Why would I trust you? You can be making this all up,” Luciel asked as she looked at Mykel from over her shoulder.

“Mykel isn’t a liar, Lucy. He manipulates people, yes, but he’s not a liar. I have been observing him, I have confronted him, and I know what kind of person he is,” Beldathiel said.

Luciel looked at Beldathiel, and she knew Beldathiel so well. She wasn’t the type of demon who would be interested in anything, but after Luciel listened to what Beldathiel said, she started to waver.

“I will think about it, but I still have one last question to ask. Why are you telling me all this, what’s your intention?” Luciel asked.

“He’s a part of me, and that includes how I look at you as how he looks at you,” Mykel answered. “I’m trying to stop him, and try to work together so he won’t have to sacrifice you to fight her,” Mykel explained with a serious expression.

Luciel looked down and didn’t say a word. She was deep in thought, but her mind was still processing what she had heard and unable to think clearly. Mykel suddenly approached Luciel and offered his hand.

“I promise to bring you back once you got all the answers. Let’s bring you home,” Mykel said.

Luciel looked at Mykel’s hand and then she held it.

The three of them left the Aersland World and dropped Luciel in the Empyrean World.

“Were you making those all up?” Beldathiel asked as she climbed onto her bed.

“No, I was telling the truth,” Mykel answered.


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