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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 307: True nature. Bahasa Indonesia

308 Chapter 307: True nature.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know how did this happen,” Brynhilde said shyly as she stared at the soaking-wet blanket and bed in front of her.

“It’s normal, for some women. We also have been doing it all day, there’s no need to apologize,” Mykel answered as he chuckled and stared at the sunrise. “Although, I never thought you would be this kind of a woman,” Mykel continued as he put on his blazer. “Also, I think everyone could hear your voice,” Mykel looked at the door.

Mykel could tell people were listening from the stairs away from Brynhilde’s room. There were six maids and four servants that were currently standing on top of the stairs.

“This is embarrassing…” Brynhilde said as she sat down on the sofa but immediately felt a sting.

“Was it too much?” Mykel asked.

“No, I was the one who wanted it,” Brynhilde shook her head with her red face. “It will go away, so, I think I will have to take another bath,”

“Then I will go and have a talk with your parents while I wait for you,” Mykel said as he approached Brynhilde, and then gave her a kiss on her forehead.

Mykel left the room, and he could hear footsteps running down the stairs. He went downstairs and saw maids and servants pretending to clean the palace. His chuckle was enough to make all of them panic, and they slowly moved away.

“Where’s his and her majesties?” Mykel asked the maid who tried to run away.

“Th-they’re in the audience room, God Mykel,” The maid answered, and then walked away hurriedly and quietly.

Mykel went to the audience room, and it wasn’t that big, but it could fit a hundred people inside. Bryndel and Hildegarde were surprised when they saw Mykel enter the audience room.

“God Mykel? Is there anything you need?” Hildegarde asked with a bright smile on her face. Mykel looked at her [Character] story and knew that she was happy that Mykel slept with Brynhilde. She was also expecting an heir from Mykel.

“I came as to why you look so happy, Empress Hildegarde,” Mykel answered. “Unfortunately, I’m not planning on making an heir with her, or at least not at the moment,” Mykel said.

Both Bryndel and Hildegarde looked so confused rather than angry or disappointed.

“I still need her in the battle, it’s the same as Jeanne. Those two play an important role in this,” Mykel explained before they could ask the question. “I’m not going to abandon her, so you both should be at ease,”

“We have heard how hard it was and how terrifying the Lucifer Tower was. Are they really going to go down there? And if they do, that’s going to take months or even years to explore that tower, right?” Hildegarde asked.

“Yes,” Mykel answered simply.

In the original story, Asmond and his friends cleared all the twelve towers except for the Lucifer Tower. They knew it would be impossible to clear the fiftieth floor of the Lucifer Tower since the demons were more powerful than the ninetieth floor of the other towers.

At first, Asmond didn’t realize that until he defeated Zherlthsh on the hundredth floor. He thought that he would fight Azrael when he entered the portal, but he was teleported to the tenth floor of the Lucifer Tower.

It wasn’t just the Azrael Tower, but all the towers ended up sending them to the Lucifer Tower. With that being said, all the Awakeners from hundreds of different worlds worked together to clear the Lucifer Tower.

Some of them decided to stay in the tower and made a place for them to stay. A second home was what they called it. A place where humans and other races gathered with the same goal and purpose.

They made a town in the Lucifer Tower on every ten floors. The people who lived inside the tower weren’t only Awakeners but also ordinary people that decided to help them like blacksmiths, alchemists, and crafters. The people that Asmond saved, the people that owed him for what he sacrificed.

“Then, the Crown Prince will have to be away for years?” Hildegarde asked with a worried expression.

“No, but she will accompany me for a while. The Lucifer Tower, I will handle it myself,” Mykel answered. “She can become the new Emperor once I think it’s time for her,” Mykel looked at Bryndel and Hildegarde.

“It’s an honor that my daughter can serve you,” Bryndel said with a serious expression.

“Don’t let anyone know the truth. Keep it a secret for as long as you can until I let you speak the truth. The fewer people know, the lesser the risk,” Mykel looked at both of them.

They both nodded their heads, and then the three of them could hear Brynhilde’s voice outside. She wasn’t alone, in fact, there were two men’s voices talking with her.

“Your majesty, may we enter?” A man asked as he knocked on the door.

“You may,” Hildegarde looked at the door.

Two men came in one with long hair like Bryndel, and one with short hair like Hildegarde. Degardyn and Gardel, the older brothers of Brynhilde who competed with her for the throne.

They both looked at Mykel and immediately went to their knees.

“We heard that you came to visit, and we both came here as soon as possible. God Mykel, welcome to our humble world,” Degardyn said.

“You came here didn’t just to greet me, isn’t it? Do you want to join me? Like Brynhilde?” Mykel looked at both of them.

They both lifted their heads and looked at Mykel with surprised expressions. They both then nodded their heads in agreement.

“That can be arranged, but right now there’s no job for any of you. We have cleared the Mahazael Tower and Lucifer Tower. I will come back when I have a job for all of you,” Mykel said as he offered the invitation to Degardyn and Gardel.

They both looked so happy when they got the invitation. They stood up, and then Gardel looked at Brynhilde who had been smiling and staring at Mykel nonstop.

“What’s wrong Crown Prince? You look so happy,” Gardel asked with his eyebrows raised.

Brynhilde stopped smiling, and then looked at Gardel as she shook her head. Mykel then approached her and put his hands on her cheeks. He rubbed them and made her blush.

“She’s mine now, and that’s why she’s so happy,” Mykel said as he kept staring Brynhilde in the eye.

“Congratulation, Crown Prince,” Degardyn and Gardel said at the same time.

The Empyreanian were created to obey orders and they couldn’t betray anyone. They were the most faithful, boring, and curious beings that Lucifer and his siblings created. Their only real purpose was to satisfy the soul in heaven by accompanying them. Sex, drinking, talking, laughing, sleeping, and other things that will satisfy the souls. They lived to entertain, and nothing more.

“I have been away for too long. I should go now,” Mykel said as he watched Agnez’s feed. She and the others were on their way to the Satan Tower.

“Please come and visit us again, God Mykel. We will make a grandiose feast just for you,” Bryndel said.

They all nodded in agreement.

“I will let Brynhilde know when I will come to visit,” Mykel said, and then warped to the Satan Tower.

Mykel sat on the stairs as he waited for Agnez and the others to come.

“Two towers left, you really honor our deal,” Mykel said to Lucifer.

“And once it’s over, I will not hold back anymore,” Lucifer answered.

“Of course. I owe you one,” Mykel said.

Lucifer didn’t say anything, but Mykel didn’t expect a reply either.

Agnez and the others arrived, Gerrard was surprised when he saw Mykel waiting for them. He told everyone that Mykel was waiting for them.

“So, you’re joining us here?” Agnez asked with her eyebrows raised.

“Looking at how you guys struggled in the Samael Tower, I feel a bit pity,” Mykel answered with a smirk.

“You were playing with us. You did that on purpose, didn’t you?” Agnez asked with her eyes squinted.

“Why would I do that?” Mykel asked back.

“He’s lying,” Lillith said.

Mykel chuckled softly as he stood up. “There’s no time to chit chat, let’s go,” Mykel said as he entered the tower.

“Yep, he’s playing with us,” Rozan said as he scoffed and smirked.


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