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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 287: Cripple. Bahasa Indonesia

288 Chapter 287: Cripple.

“Are you seriously going to fight Mykel? After everything that we all saw together?” Athena asked with her eyes squinted and looked at Zeus sitting on his throne. “You used your mighty lightning bolt, but it didn’t even do anything to Mykel. I want you to reconsider it,” Athena continued.

Zeus stared at Athena with a sharp gaze without blinking his eyes. He then stood up and walked down the stairs.

“Athena, do you think I don’t know? You have been spending your time with them. I wonder if you’re still a part of us,” Zeus asked as he called his lightning bolt into his hand.

Athena furrowed her eyebrows. “What are you talking about? Even if I’m spending my time with them, that doesn’t have anything to do with this! You’re endangering everyone’s life if you do this!” Athena replied with her hands clenched.

“Athena is right, Zeus. It has nothing to do with this,” Themis said as she stared at them from her throne. “It’s not wise to face him, and I don’t think we will be able to fight him knowing he’s stronger than all of us,”

“Father, we can’t fight him,” Ares said as he slowly walked toward Zeus. “Please reconsider it as Athena said,”

Zeus glanced at Ares, and then he struck Ares with [Lightning Nimbus]. A circle prison made of lightning that electrocuted anyone who was inside. It struck hundreds of lightning bolts per second, and nobody would be able to withstand that.

“You disappointed me, Ares. I trusted you, but you betrayed my trust, and now you will have to pay for what you have done,” Zeus said as he watched Ares get paralyzed by the lightning bolts.

Everyone couldn’t do anything to help Ares because they didn’t want to get a taste of Zeus’ wrath. Athena then looked at Demeter since she was the only one who could calm him down.

“Zeus! This isn’t you,” Demeter said as she hurriedly walked toward Zeus. “Stop it, and let’s think rationally,” Demeter continued as she grabbed Zeus’ right arm from behind.

“You stay away from this!” Zeus said as he pushed Demeter away as he glared at her.

Demeter was so terrified to see Zeus’ wrath, so she immediately walked away and didn’t want to bother him. It was useless to go against Zeus, especially when he was furious because nobody could stop him.

“From now on, whoever goes against my words, I will punish them,” Zeus said as the thunder started rumbling in the sky.

Everyone glanced at each other, and they could tell the heavy storm that had happened outside Mount Olympus. The sea was raging, and the thunder was ripping the sky. Both Zeus and Poseidon had fixed their minds to fight Mykel no matter if they would lose or not.

While they silently looked at each other, the doors burst open. They all got startled and immediately turned their heads to look who dared to enter Mount Olympus hall at a time like this. They were surprised when they saw Hera glaring at Zeus and Poseidon with Persephone standing next to her.

“Hera,” Zeus said in disbelief.

Before Zeus could take a single step to approach Hera, Mykel entered the hall with a smirk on his face. Zeus was surprised to see him, and his face turned red and veins were popping on his forehead as he clenched his fists.

“I heard someone is still not satisfied with the result,” Mykel said as he walked past Hera and Persephone.

Poseidon swung his trident around and then threw it at Mykel at the speed of sound. Everyone watched as the trident flew toward Mykel, but then Mykel stopped it before the spear could hit him with [Telekinesis].

“Sending me one of your sources of power, so reckless,” Mykel said as he tried to control the trident with his left hand. He then grabbed the trident and he could feel the flow of the ocean the moment he touched it. “Now I have become the God of the sea,” Mykel continued as he stabbed the trident on the ground, and the sea started to follow Mykel’s command.

Poseidon tried to pull the trident back to him, but Mykel held the trident so tightly that it seemed that the trident was no longer listen to Poseidon’s command. He looked so surprised as Mykel scoffed and smirked at him.

Hera averted her gaze and saw Ares was being tortured inside the [Lightning Nimbus].

“Release him,” Hera said.

Zeus was focused on Mykel so he didn’t listen to Hera’s words.

“I said, release him!” Hera shouted and her voice echoed throughout the hall.

Zeus snapped back to reality, and then looked at Hera who was furious at him for torturing Ares. Although he was mad at Hera because she left him, he still wanted to please her to show that he would do anything for her, so he released Ares from the [Lightning Nimbus].

Hera hurriedly ran toward Ares, and then she gave enough [Arcana Coin] to him so he could recover from the wounds. His condition was so bad that he almost got fried by the lightning bolts, and he couldn’t even move a muscle.

“Let’s end this once and for all, Zeus,” Mykel said as he stared at Zeus. “Let’s not involve everyone else in our fight. I will fight both you and Poseidon, and I will not use any magic, only brute strength. The winner can have Hera,” Mykel continued.

Zeus and Poseidon stared at Mykel with suspicion.

“You can choose the place to your advantage so you can have the upper hand. How’s that?” Mykel asked

“Why would I want that if I have every god that will fight for me?” Zeus asked back.

Mykel scoffed as he chuckled and smirked. He then sighed as he cracked his neck and activated [Judgement].

Everyone fell to their knees and lost all their strength. Those who hadn’t experienced it before, were scared and terrified about what happened to their bodies.

“How ignorant can you be? Have you not seen how merciful I was back there? You think that I’m still inferior to you?” Mykel asked as he walked toward Zeus and Poseidon. “Bowing your head, kneeling and powerless. Bring as many Gods as you like, and they all will bow their heads before me,” Mykel continued.

Mykel grabbed Zeus’ long white hair and pulled his head so Zeus could see Mykel’s face. Zeus saw how terrifying Mykel’s smile was, and how par excellence his presence was.

“Now, tell me. Do you want to die here right now, or do you want to fight?” Mykel asked as he raised his eyebrows.

Zeus tried to nod his head, but his neck was so stiff that he couldn’t move his head at all.

“Answer me, or I will kill you,” Mykel said as he looked into Zeus’ eyes.

Zeus tried so hard to open his mouth and speak, but nothing happened.

“I see, so you don’t want to answer. Maybe this will help,” Mykel said as he stabbed Zeus’ right hand with the trident, and then he tore Zeus’ right wrist off.

Zeus started to scream, but he still couldn’t move his mouth and tongue to speak. Mykel then stabbed Zeus’ right shoulder and pulled it off his body.

Everyone could hear the scream, but they couldn’t see what happened, only heard the sound of bone cracking and flesh tearing. Hera and the others felt a deja vu because it reminded them how Ra was powerless in front of Mykel.

“What about you, Poseidon? I heard you were angry because nobody want you to be the Chariot Arcana candidate,” Mykel said as he pulled the trident from Zeus’ shoulder.

Mykel used his right foot to lift Poseidon’s body. He was still sitting on his knees and couldn’t move his body as he saw Mykel and the trident in his right hand.

“Maybe I should make you unfit to be a candidate,” Mykel said as he swung the trident, and then cut Poseidon’s right arm. He didn’t stop there and immediately cut off Poseidon’s left arm. “Look at you, you look good without arms,” Mykel said with a gentle smile on his face.

“I should cut off your legs as well, maybe you will look better without them as well,” Mykel said as he kicked Poseidon to the ground.

They could hear the screams of pain, and it terrified them. They didn’t remember when the last time they were scared shitless. They were no longer a God in front of Mykel’s [Judgement], they were all turned into helpless humans.

“To top it off, how can someone lead if he doesn’t have a tongue to speak?” Mykel said as he sat on top of Poseidon’s body. “Now, open your mouth, and I will do a little modification. It will sting a bit, but you will be fine,” Mykel continued as he smirked and forcefully opened Poseidon’s mouth.

Poseidon’s screams turned into gargles.

“Now it’s perfect,” Mykel said as he stood on top of Poseidon’s body.


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