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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 274: Kastihel World. (4) Bahasa Indonesia

275 Chapter 274: Kastihel World. (4)

“Hey, do you want to listen to this song? I think you will like it. Come here,” A woman said as she grabbed Mykel’s hand toward the PC.

Mykel listened to the song through the speakers behind him as he leaned against the desk. He was touched by the song the moment the violin started playing the melody.

“I was thinking, do you want to make an arc with this kind of song as the background music?” The woman asked.

“Sure, but I will make the demon backstory for it,” Mykel answered as he nodded his head.

“Wait, so you like this song? It’s really that good isn’t it?” The woman asked with a huge smile on her face.

Mykel opened his eyes and saw everyone staring in his direction. But they weren’t staring at Mykel, but at the four skeletons that were hung on the tree.

Mykel stared blankly at the tree as he took a deep breath and exhaled deeply. He then closed his eyes again and enjoyed the song before it ended very soon.

The song ended as the spirits faded away, and it made Asmond and the others lose a piece of their feelings with them. They understood what had happened to Delenise and the people that followed him. It left a bad taste in their mouths because of how evil the king and the ministers were based on the diary.

“I think we are done here, and it’s better if we rest here for today,” Agnez said as she sheathed her sword. “I need something to wear so I can give Mykel’s shirt and blazer back,” Agnez continued as she looked at the oversized shirt and blazer that she wore.

“Speaking of Mykel, he has been oddly off ever since we came here,” Jeanne said as she stared at Mykel. “But I guess we shouldn’t bother him and let him be,”

Everyone was chilling in the courtyard because it was a nice place. It made them feel like they were on a picnic as they enjoyed the food they brought with them.

Agnez was on her own wandering the castle to look for something to wear. She wasn’t bothered if there were demons in the castle until she heard the sound of a piano somewhere in front of her.

Agnez followed the sound of the piano, and it wasn’t the same as before because the Swan song only played with a piano. The sound was getting clearer as she kept walking toward it.

The sound was coming from the room in front of her with the door slightly open. There were lights from inside the room, and she decided to take a peek. She saw Mykel playing the old piano as he tried to play the swan song.

“Mykel?” Agnez asked.

Mykel ignored Agnez as he kept playing the piano. She then entered the room and realized it was a big chamber with a big bed inside.

Agnez checked the wardrobe and found a nice red dress that was covered in dust. She cleaned it up and cut a few parts of the dress with her sword.

“I never thought you can play the piano,” Agnez said as she looked at herself in the mirror and Mykel at the same time.

“There’s nothing that I can’t do,” Mykel answered.

Agnez furrowed her eyebrows and noticed a painting on the wall through the mirror. She turned around and saw a drawing of a man sitting in a piano chair with a woman playing the violin next to him.

“They must be Delenise and his wife,” Agnez said as she approached the painting.

A man with brown hair and green eyes stared at the woman with black long hair and brown eyes.

Agnez wanted to ask about a lot of things to Mykel, but he looked like he didn’t want to be disturbed. She then decided to leave him alone after putting Mykel’s shirt and blazer on the bed.

The morning came, and they all left Medelha Castle.

“Hmm? There’s a new page,” Gunnar said as he checked the book.

“Read it,” Agnez said as she nodded up.

“I didn’t remember how did I survive, but I did. All the lords of the Kastihel Kingdom were surprised when they heard about the death of Lord Delenise. The only thing that came to my mind was to flee to Castle Nenhaz where Lord Allevo lived. He was the closest friend of Lord Delenise, and I was welcomed to his magnificent castle and his people,” Gunnar said.

“The magnificent Nenhaz Castle. Which one of the four is the castle?” Agnez asked as she looked at the castle on the opposite side of the Kastihel Kingdom.

“It’s said here that the castle had the tallest tower in the Kingdom,” Gunnar said as he flipped the page and read the Nenhaz Castle based on Benustrus’ description. “Also there’s a drawing here, and it looked like the flower was being treated by two hands,” Gunnar showed the drawing to everyone.

“Then that must be it,” Agnez said as she pointed to the northwest where the tower could be seen from behind the castle in the center of the kingdom. “Let’s get moving,”

The distance from where they were to Nenhas Castle was around 3 miles or 4,8 kilometers.

“I’m wondering what if we decided to go to the castle in the center first? Do you think what will happen?” Asmond asked.

“If you want the answer, we should try it then. I’m curious about it as well,” Agnez answered as she looked at the widest castle in front of them with eight towers on each corner.

They reached the castle in the center, and when they tried to walk across the bridge, an invisible barrier blocked their path. They couldn’t even walk onto the bridge, and it made them all think as they continued their walk to the Nenhaz Castle.

The Nenhaz Castle didn’t have a giant wooden gate like what Medelha Castle had. The whole area of the castle could be seen from outside since it was only protected by fences made of silver. The gate itself wasn’t that big, and they could open it easily.

“Any story that Benustrus want to tell us?” Jeanne asked Gunnar.

“Lord Allevo was the second richest person in the Kastihel Kingdom. There were rumors that went around that his wealth was enough to make himself a second Kastihel Kingdom if he wanted to. He was the smartest and the wisest person in the kingdom, and his kindest could be compared to Lord Delenise,” Gunnar said as he read the page.

“He decided to use his wealth to build a cathedral in the middle of his castle as a shelter for the orphans who lost their parents because of slavery. People loved him, everyone did, and that was why both Lord Delenise and Lord Avello were close,” Gunnar continued.

“His love for the children made him a wifeless man because he was so busy making all the children the happiest people in the kingdom. He oftentimes visited the cathedral and listened to the orphans sang him songs once a week. His favorite song was Miserere Mei Deus,” Gunnar said, and then closed the book.

As soon as Gunnar mentioned the name of the song, they could hear beautiful voices that were almost angelic to their ears. The voices came from the cathedral as Benustrus said in his diary. They then decided to check out the cathedral first.

Agnez opened the door into the cathedral and was immediately welcomed by a scenery of preserved bodies of men with candles nailed to the pillars. Their hands were stacked to each other above their heads as the rest of their bodies were hanging down.

“The priest and the priestess took care of the children and loved them as how Lord Avello loved them. They devoted themselves to protecting the children, but that didn’t end well as Ministress Convael betrayed Lord Avello and butchered all the things that he loved,” Gunnar said.

“The drawing is changed here. The hands are bloody and it looks like the hands were being dragged on the table and leaving blood trails. Also, the blood covered the petals here,” Gunnar showed the drawing to everyone.

While everyone was too focused on the drawing, they heard screams and shrieks from behind outside the cathedral. It startled them, and then they realized that the screams and shrieks came from behind the cathedral.

“Those screams sound so painful to hear,” Nagy said as she stared at the wall.


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