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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 266: Master and Serpent. Bahasa Indonesia

267 Chapter 266: Master and Serpent.

Mykel healed his melted hands with [Arcana Coins], and then he blasted Nidhoggr with [Scarilege Flame]. He was amazed by how strong Nidhoggr was, and how he could endure the flame and Mykel’s [Judgement] skill.

“Let’s see for how long you can endure it. We still have fifteen minutes left,” Mykel said as he flew up.

Mykel looked at Nidhoggr’s forehead and dove down as fast as he could. He threw an axe kick right on top of Nidhogger’s head with the [Sacrilege Flame] on his foot. It was enough to make Nidhoggr feel the pain and slowly made him descend from the Yggdrasil tree.

Nidhoggr’s face was emblazed by the flame, and he decided to shake his head as he breathed a cold breath to extinguish the flame. Mykel was expecting Nidhoggr to be able to extinguish the flame, but it turned out that even one of the strongest beasts couldn’t do that.

Nidhoggr removed his body from the roots and started flying down. When Mykel followed him from behind, Nidhogger used his massive body to slam it on Mykel. Since the body was so wide and big, Mykel could land on it and felt like he was inside a deep and massive valley surrounded by scales.

Hundreds of thousands of corpses were preserved and stuck in Nidhoggr’s skin.

“This is only a small part of his body, I wonder how many corpses and bodies that are stuck in his body,” Mykel said as he walked and checked his surroundings. “Can’t waste my time mesmerizing this, time is ticking,” Mykel continued as he spread his wing and then flew away.

Mykel healed his hands and leg as he flew down and tried to catch up to Nidhoggr’s head. He lit Nidhoggr’s body with [Sacrilege Flame] as he flew down, and he felt like an arsonist.

Nidhoggr went through the gap between the two mountains into the dark valley. Mykel kept lighting Nidhoggr’s body as he followed Nidhoggr into the valley.

Mykel couldn’t see anything until he flared the whole place with normal fire. He could see the black river underneath and millions of skeletons scattered around the river and on the cliff.

“Hvergelmir, are you trying to extinguish the flame there? I would love to see if one of the magical water can help you extinguish the flame,” Mykel said as he floated and watched Nidhoggr dove into the river.

The moment Nidhoggr sunken into the river, it exploded and created a massive explosion. Mykel watched as hundreds of thousands of serpent-like creatures went to the surface with missing body parts from the explosion.

Hvergelmir is the river where Nidhoggr and other serpents lived. It was said it was the place where Nidhoggr and the serpents tormented the bodies of the dead. They fed on those bodies, and the river itself came from different sources and made the river itself toxic and poisonous.

Nidhoggr went to the surface after bathing himself in the river, but his body was still being devoured by the flames. He growled in pain and agony, as he kept trying to extinguish the flames on his body.

Mykel descended and froze the river below him. He watched Nidhoggr struggling to survive, and the flames were so quick to devour his body. Mykel could tell that in less than ten minutes that Nidhoggr’s whole body would disappear.

After three minutes of watching Nidhoggr struggle, he suddenly stopped resisting and accepted his fate. The sound of majestic growls had turned into the growls of a whimper.

Mykel slowly walked toward Nidhoggr who lay down helplessly.

“If I don’t have this flame, there’s no way I can tame you. I don’t think I can even hurt you,” Mykel said as he kept walking and extinguished the flame in his right hand before the flame melted his hand.

Mykel flew away and floated right in front of Nidhoggr’s left eye. He didn’t know if Nidhoggr could see him or not since the flames were devouring Nidhoggr’s face.

Mykel waited until more than half of Nidhoggr’s body got devoured by the flame.

“Let’s see if it’s going to work,” Mykel said as he activated [Obedient] skill.

[Select a target to put [Obedient] skill]


[Are you sure you want to put [Obedient] skill to [Nidhoggr]?]

[Yes] [No]

Mykel took a deep breath as he tapped the [Yes] button.

[The [Obedient] skill has been successfully applied to [Nidhoggr] and now he will obey your orders and commands!]

Mykel smirked as he scoffed, and then he flew toward Nidhoggr to extinguish all the flames on his body by sucking them all back into his hand. He also deactivated [Judgement] so Nidhoggr could use all his power to survive and heal all the wounds.

Mykel landed on top of Nidhoggr’s head and put his hand on it. He activated [Beast Taming] on Nidhoggr, but it failed, which surprised him because he thought [Obedient] could surpass the [Beast Taming] skill requirement.

“Looks like we have to work on our relationship from now on,” Mykel said as he patted on the scale in front of him. “Just rest well, and don’t move until you’re fully healed,” Mykel commanded.

Mykel flew away as he took one last look at Nidhoggr, and then flew back to the surface. The moment he landed on the surface, he was surprised when he saw Thor, Freyja, the Valkyries, Skadi, Loki, and all the Gods standing in front of him. Not only them, but he saw elves, giants, and dwarves at the far back.

“What are you guys doing here?” Mykel asked with his eyebrows furrowed as he rubbed his hands to clean the ashes from his hands.

“We are here for Nidhoggr, we heard his roar, and we thought something happened and we are here to stop him from whatever he’s doing,” Thor answered with Mjolnir and Gungnir in his hands.

Mykel hummed as he nodded his head with understanding. “I see, but you don’t have to worry, I was trying to tame him,” Mykel said as he fixed his hair.

“What?! Do you understand that this will be the end of us?!” Thor asked in disbelief.

“What’s the problem? I already tame him so I already took care of him,” Mykel answered as he grabbed a pack of cigarettes from his pocket. “Sort of…” Mykel said as he lit his cigarette.

Everyone made perplexed looks on their faces, and then Thor walked past Mykel. He looked down and he couldn’t see anything since it was covered by thick fog. He then jumped down on his own with Mjolnir and Gungnir readied to strike Nidhoggr when needed.

A minute hadn’t even passed yet, and Thor had already come back up in disbelief and petrified by what he saw on the river.

Mykel stared at him with a smirk and then started to chuckle. “What’s wrong? I told you, didn’t I? I already took care of him,” Mykel said as he puffed the smoke.

Freyja and the others looked at Thor for confirmation. Thor nodded his head repeatedly as he took a deep breath and exhaled deeply. They all then looked at Mykel in disbelief, because Mykel just prevented the prophecy of Ragnarok and the fall of the Aesir.

Hera and Hel approached them, and then came down from Fenrir’s back.

“Did you tame him?” Hera asked with curiosity.

“Not yet, but he’s now following my commands and orders. To put it simply, I own him now,” Mykel answered as he flicked the ashes from his cigarette.

“How?” Thor asked.

“You know me, I have my own way,” Mykel answered as he turned around and looked at the cliff. “This is just the beginning, since there’s still one more serpent that’s threatening your world, right? Jormungand?” Mykel asked as he stared at Thor from the corner of his eyes.

The Gods, Elves, Dwarves, and Titans were gasping when they heard Jormungand’s name. Thor was speechless and blinked his eyes repeatedly as he stared at Mykel with a shocked expression.

“You’re going to tame him as well?” Thor asked.

“Why not? But it would be a problem since Jormungan lives in Midgard. I can’t just fight him or the whole Midgard will get swallowed by the sea,” Mykel answered as he flicked the cigarette down the cliff.

“Sorry that I made you worried,” Mykel said as he patted Thor’s left shoulder.

Thor nodded his head as he gulped.


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