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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 245 Bahasa Indonesia

“So, this Apillon World, what happened to them when you cleared the fifteenth floor?” Asmond asked Agnez as he looked at a normal world that looked so peaceful. The world was similar to a Roman empire, there were dozens of statues and tall pillars as the foundations.

“They worshiped Astaroth like a God, and we have to kill everyone who believed in him and freed those who believed in the real Gods,” Agnez answered as she kept massaging her neck. “This world is more advanced than you think, it was all thanks to the knowledge that Astaroth provided them. They have blimps, guns, and old telephone machines,”

“I see, so not all demons are really bad,” Roxanne said it out loud.

Agnez and the other others stared at her in disbelief.

“Not all demons are bad? Seriously?” Agnez asked as she laughed dismissively. “Of course, they asked something in return for that knowledge. Body and soul to sacrifice, nothing is free when demon offer you something,”

“A single life for a single knowledge, I see how it is,” Glen said as he nodded with understanding. “So does that mean, this Astaroth demon made these people bow before him and prevented them from going against him?” Glen asked.

“Yes, the servant of Demon Lord Molrocc is controlling and ruling this world. They were brainwashed and basically, not a single one of them tried to revolt or try to resist. All the Awakeners in this world were eliminated first when they invaded this world, so there are only ordinary people left here,” Sven answered.

“If there’s anyone who tried to resist, the whole world will be punished by the servant. So, by threatening them like that, whoever acted suspicious, they killed them instantly,” Vincze explained as he looked at Glen and the others. “Everything was moved by the strings, and they were manipulated until the illusion became their reality,”

Asmond looked at Agnez and the others and thought to himself what if it was him who was in their position. Would he be able to accomplish what they accomplished? Would he be able to bring everyone back to safety? Everything went through his mind and didn’t find a single answer.

They entered the city, it was as big as the kingdoms in Helmga World.

People were living peacefully, and they all recognized Agnez and the others. They greeted them and offered them food. The only difference from last time was the city was mostly abandoned, not because there were fewer people, but because those who were alive didn’t have the knowledge to maintain the technologies.

They didn’t waste their time looking around and went straight to the fifteenth floor where the Astaroth Tower was.

[The second world, Silian]

[Free Silian from the Second Demon Lord Molrocc’s army!]

The moment they entered the door, they were in the middle of a big courtroom. They looked around and saw three guys guarding the giant doors. They were wearing a tuxedo and white gloves, like a servant. They were surprised when they saw people appear in court and immediately pull a rope next to the door.

The bell rang from above, Asmond and the others looked up and saw a small bell. Then they heard another bell ring in the distance as if they were using the bell to warn about their arrival.

“Remember what we told you about Astaroth, these people are not friendly,” Agnez said quietly behind Asmond. “But it’s you to decide whether they’re hostile or not,”

“Don’t move, and drop your weapons!” One of the servants said.

Everyone could tell that all the servants were trembling in fear when those three looked at them. It was obvious they feared them, but they had no idea why they feared them, but it was possible that Molrocc brainwashed them.

“We are here to save you,” Roxanne said.

“Shut up! Put! Your weapon! Down!” The servant raised his voice, and they could hear his cracking voice from nervousness.

Asmond looked at his team and nodded his head.

Everyone put their weapons down so slowly, and then Asmond asked if they had to remove their armor as well. The servants looked at each other and then nodded their heads. The servant ordered them to remove their armor as well.

“Alright, we don’t have anything else with us,” Asmond said as he raised his hands above his head.

“Remove your shirts!” The servant pointed his trembling index finger at them.

Everyone removed their shirts and left them naked with only their underwear to cover their bodies. Everyone was shocked when they saw Agnez’s nape, back, and right arm. Almost half of her body was blackened and the veins were popping out as if her body was decaying for some reason.

“I will heal you as soon as the skill has been recharged,” Gunnar said to Agnez who stood in front of him.

“Sure,” Agnez replied as she massaged the back of her right shoulder.

“What happened to you, Miss Agnez?” Arum asked quietly.

Agnez smirked as she looked at Arum from the corner of her eyes. “You don’t want to know, it’s a mark that the demon lord left on my body when I tried to clear the Behemoth Tower. I’m fine though,” Agnez replied with a smile.

Lillith glanced at Arum for quite a while, and then suddenly the door opened.

“Well, well, well. Look what we have here, a group of sexy women and ugly men,” A man with black slicked hair in a black suit with a bowtie stared at Roxanne and all the women with his light brown eyes.

“What’s the meaning of this? We are here to save your world from the demon,” Asmond asked as he kept putting his hands up in the air.

“Shh! Shut it!” The man said as he walked toward them with a guy in full plate armor and a helmet that protected his whole face following behind him. “You invaders never know when to stop,” The man continued as he looked at each of them.

“What is it? Do you like that sword? Take it then,” The man said as he looked at the guy in full plate armor.

The guy in full plate armor grabbed Asmond’s sword and looked at it for quite a while. He put Asmond’s sword on his waist as Asmond glared at him with anger. The guy then looked at Dainsleif, and he took that sword as well from the floor, but it wouldn’t budge.

“Looks like the sword doesn’t like you,” Agnez said with a bit of a smile.

The guy in full plate armor decided to leave Dainsleif behind, and then he walked back to the man’s side after he moved all their weapons and armor away from them except for Dainsleif.

“Alright, bring all of them to the tower of grieve,” The man said as he walked away. “On second thought, I think all the women can come with me,” The man stopped as he turned around. “Except her, she must have a clap or something by the look of her condition,” The man pointed at Agnez with a grim look on his face.

The guy in full plate armor walked toward Roxanne and Arum. He grabbed them both forcefully, but then suddenly Rufus punched the guy on the helmet.

“Don’t you dare touch them!” Rufus said.

The guy in full plate armor unsheathed Asmond’s sword and cut Rufus’ whole right arm with it. Rufus looked at the blood falling to his torso and leg, then he fell to the floor in disbelief and was still in shock.

Asmond’s eyes were wide open as he stared at Rufus on the ground, and then he looked at Agnez.

Agnez smirked as she kicked Dainsleif up into the air and unsheathed it so easily as if the chain was made from silk and moved away from the sword’s handle. She swung her sword down vertically at the guy in full plate armor, but the guy managed to block her attack.

Lillith ran to the side and grabbed her daggers then threw them at the servants that guarded the door. She threw Gunnar’s shield and ax, Vincze’s spear, and Sven’s scythe at them.

“Don’t let them leave!” Agnez shouted as she pushed the guy back.

Agnez swung her swords ups, downs, lefts, and rights, but the guy could read every move she made.

“Ior! Protect me!” The man said as he ran toward the door.

The guy in full plate armor kicked Agnez before she could swing her sword at him, and then ran left to protect the man.

“Don’t chase them! That Ior guy is strong, you might die especially with Asmond’s sword with him,” Agnez said.

Vincze and Sven were about to leave the courtroom with only their underwear, but then stopped and closed the door.

“What do you want us to do, Asmond?” Agnez asked as she grabbed her shirt, pants, and her military trench coat on the floor.

“Stay here until we treat Rufus’ wound,” Asmond answered as he grabbed his armor on the floor.

“Fine by me,” Agnez replied as she looked at Dainsleif in her hand that she couldn’t remove from her hand.


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