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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 22 Bahasa Indonesia

A white-haired guy wearing a tank top scoffed as he looked at Mykel. “You? Look at your body, you’re even smaller than me, and you said you’re going to make us the best Awakeners? I called it bullshit,” he said as he crossed his arms.

[NAME: Gunnar Fenmayer]

[LEVEL: 6]



[ARCANA COIN: 5,500]


[Herculean (Passive): Allow user to overcome pain and injury. The more pain and injury the User takes, the higher chance to make the User activate [Fever] (Triple the skills level exclude [Herculean]). (Current level 2. Chance of activating [Fever] is 6%]

“I hate to agree with this brain-dead guy,” A guy with glasses said. “Your appearance isn’t convincing enough,” he continued as he sighed and shook his head.

[NAME: Rozan Aubern]

[LEVEL: 5]



[ARCANA COIN: 3,900]


[Anti-Magic (Active): Allow the User to disable the skill [Magic] of the target. (Current level is 2. Disable the skill [Magic] of the target for 20 minutes)]

Lyneth just listened to them while she leaned on the wall with her arms crossed. Edith looked at them and she held Merlin so tightly because she found those two scary.

“Anyone else wants to speak up their mind?” Mykel asked with his hands in his pockets.

A guy who had been silently staring at Mykel with his man bun hair looked at others and stayed quiet.

[NAME: Gerard Tal]

[LEVEL: 7]



[ARCANA COIN: 2,500]


[Sixth Sense (Active): Allow the User to see the future for a short time. (Current level 3. Allows to see the future for 2 seconds, can only be used 5 times per day)]

[Eagle-Eye (Passive): Allow the User to see clearly in the dark and be sensitive to movements. (Current level is 2. Can see 60% better than other humans)]

A woman who chewed gum with a cap looked at Mykel. “I’m sorry but I’m not interested in people that seemed weaker to me,” she said as she kept chewing the gum and popped it.

[NAME: Agnez Maurice]

[LEVEL: 7]



[ARCANA COIN: 4,100]


[Sleight of Hand (Passive): Allows the User to create illusions with their hands. (Current level is 2. Allows the User to create two illusions at the same time)]

Mykel smirked and scoffed. “Do you think I’m weak?” he asked as he looked at every single one of them.

All of them chuckled and looked at each other then they all laughed except for Gerrard who only smiled while he looked down to hide his expression.

Mykel looked at Lyneth and she only raised her eyebrows and took a deep breath since she had enough of these people already. He leaned toward her and whispered into her ear, she then looked at him with a surprised expression.

Lyneth went to the desk next to her and grabbed something from her purse. She then gave something to Mykel while they were still laughing and mocking him.

“How about this,” Mykel said as he crossed his arms and they all immediately stopped laughing and paid attention to him. “If you can take this cheque that’s worth one billion zeny from my hand, then it’s yours,”

All of them immediately stood up and looked at the numbers on the cheque.

“That money is going to be mine!” Gunnar said as he grinned with excitement.

“Shut up brain-dead, you’re too big to move around. You won’t be able to get it from him,” Rozan said as he stared at Gunnar with annoyance.

“You’re just making it easy for me,” Agnez said as she shook her head with disbelief.

Gerrard only looked at them with a smile on his face.

“Alright, then follow me since this place is too cramped,” Mykel said as he walked toward the door and left the room.

All of them went to the 75th floor which was a training ground for Awakeners with nothing around it but steel walls. Mykel and Lyneth stood on the right side of the room with Edith and Merlin standing behind them while the four of them were standing on the left side of the room.

“Who’s first?” Mykel asked as he waved the cheque in his left hand.

“I will go first!” Gunnar said as he walked to the middle of the room.

Mykel walked to the middle and stood right in front of Gunnar. “Alright, you may try to take this from me,” he said as he grabbed the pack of cigarettes from his blazer’s pocket.

Gunnar used the opportunity and immediately dashed toward Mykel who was trying to grab a cigarette from the pack. He was so excited that he went straight like a bull but then suddenly a shoe sole appeared in front of his face.

Gunnar spun in the air twice and then landed right behind Mykel with his head first. Mykel lit his cigarette as he put the pack of cigarettes in his pocket. “Who’s next?” he asked as he puffed the smoke.

Everyone was surprised that it only took him a single move to take down Gunnar, then Rozan raised his hand. “I will,” he said as he walked to the middle.

“I see that you can use magic, huh?” Rozan asked with a smirk on his face while Mykel just stared at him with a straight face.

“Done talking? You can try to grab the cheque,” Mykel said as he wiped the ashes on his blazer.

Rozan used wind magic and tried to grab the cheque from Mykel’s hand but the wind suddenly disappeared since he had expected it. He then used [Anti-Magic] on Mykel. “How does it feel to be unable to use magic?” he said with confidence.

Mykel kept smoking his cigarette and Rozan felt something burning around him, he then looked at his shoes and pants that suddenly caught on flame. He used water magic so many times that he exhausted his stamina already to put out the fire.

“How?! I used Anti-Magic on you!” Rozan glared at Mykel with disbelief.

Mykel ignored him and looked at Gerrard and Agnez. “Who’s next?”

Agnez walked to the middle and unsheathed her sword then used [Sleight of Hand] to make illusions of her arms. Mykel looked at Agnez’s arms and there were six of them that made him feel a bit trippy by just looking at them.

Agnez swung her sword and Mykel dodged it without a problem, but the real problem was he didn’t know which one was the real one. He tried to get close but she kept her distance from him, he got a little bit excited and decided to use his full speed to get closer to her.

Agnez swung one of his swords but Mykel didn’t bother to dodge it because he knew it was just an illusion and kept getting closer. Since she knew that she couldn’t escape, she swung her real sword at Mykel but then Mykel grabbed the sword as he smirked and shattered the sword with his left hand.

Mykel grabbed Agnez’s whole face with his right hand and was about to slam her to the floor. Everyone closed their eyes because they thought her head would explode from that but Mykel held his strength and gently put her head on the floor.

Agnez was shaken because she thought she was going to die.

Mykel looked at Gerrard and raised his eyebrow and waved his hand. “You’re the last one, come on,”

Gerrard walked to the middle and smiled at Mykel then he readied his stance. Mykel scoffed and readied his stance as well while kept staring at Gerrard.

Mykel dashed forward and threw a straight punch at him but Gerrard dodged it perfectly and threw a left hook at Mykel. Mykel took a step back and Gerrard missed his hook and before he could pull his left hand, Mykel already threw a left uppercut at him and he barely dodged it.

Everyone was speechless when they watched those two fighting without getting a single hit even though their punches were so fast.

Mykel faked his jab and immediately used his right hook at Gerrard, but Gerrard knew about it and immediately took a step back.

“Try and predict this,” Mykel said as he walked toward Gerrard.

Gerrard activated his [Sixth Sense] for the fourth time and he was startled by what he saw. He immediately raised his hands with a smile on his face.

Mykel turned around and looked at them. “Here take,” he said as he threw the cheque on the ground then walked away.

All of them ran toward the cheque except Gerrard since he already knew what was going to happen, and before they could reach the cheque, the cheque burned into ashes. All of them were laying on the ground as they watched the remains of the cheque get carried away by the wind.

“Still have a doubt?” Mykel asked as he smoked his cigarette.


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