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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 206 Bahasa Indonesia

“Take this, this will make you immune to the curse before you enter their territory,” Minak said as he offered an eagle’s feather headband to Minna. “I can only give this to twenty people because I only have that much. For the rest, I can’t do anything about it,” Minak continued as he looked at them.

Everyone looked at each other and furrowed their foreheads. They were all skeptical about that thing because it looked stupid and didn’t feel like it would help them at all.

Manna stared at the headband and looked at what it does. She was a bit surprised that it gave the User a [Status Resistence] skill level 1.

“Those who don’t have high level status resistance should be the ones to wear those,” Manna said as she grabbed the headband. “Does anyone here who still have a low level status resistance?” Manna asked as she looked at Asmond and his team.

To Manna’s surprise, almost half of Asmond’s team raised their hands. She was shocked that there were so many unqualified people with her, but she didn’t show it because she didn’t want to underestimate them. Those people didn’t even have [Status Resistance] skill, and were still having the individual resistance skills.

“We only have twenty of these, so I think you should decide which of your men to wear this,” Manna said to Asmond as she offered the headband to him.

Asmond looked at the headband and took it from Manna’s hand. He looked back and saw everyone staring at him, and it was the moment when he had to make a decision as a team leader. Mykel and Enma were judgingly staring at him as if they wanted to know who would be taking those headbands.

Asmond gave it to the people he trusted that might be able to help him. Enma kept staring at him and finally had enough of it by walking toward Manna.

“Can you ask him about what did the shaman do to his people?” Enma asked.

“Minak, what happened to your people when you sent them to their territory?” Manna asked.

“The smoke blinded them and the moment they walked through it, they were unable to breathe and died. The smoke wasn’t like any other smoke, it was so thin and barely noticeable. That’s all I know and these headbands were made by the shaman to protect his people from getting affected by the smoke,” Minak answered and looked at those worned out headbands that he looted from the enemies heads.

“So, is this magic? Then why it needs status resistance?” Enma asked Minna.

“It’s dark magic, it always has something to do with status resistance,” Manna answered as she looked at Asmond. “Are we done here? We have to move because this is just the beginning,” Manna asked him.

“Yes, we are done here,” Asmond answered as he nodded with understanding.

“Good luck, Manna,” Minak said as he grabbed her wrist.

“Yes, we will save your world again and this time we are going to end this for good,” Manna responded.

Eagres World was similar to Tirth World. There were no portals and the world didn’t get separated again after it was saved. Belphegor didn’t want to make it easier for the Awakeners by just killing the demons and went to the next floor. He wanted to make them suffer from exhaustion and the diseases that existed in Eagres World.

It took them a whole day to reach the waterfall that Minak mentioned. The new tribe already took over the existing tribes and forced them to follow the shaman. The shaman’s forces were getting stronger because Minak said that the animals were all controlled by the shaman as well as an observer.

“Have you taken care of all the animals?” Agnez asked Gerrard.

“Yeah, I took care of them. There were so many birds, bats, tigers, and deer out here. It’s quite hard to hunt them all down without getting noticed,” Gerrard answered as he sat down and stared at his bow.

“You already did a good job, you can rest now,” Agnez said. “Now we can rest at ease. Jeanne, Nagy, Lilly, Edith, wants to go and take a bath with me on the river?” Agnez asked.

All of them nodded and went to the river.

When they walked down to the river they heard splashing from the river. Mykel was on his own taking a bath and washing his face naked. Of course, Agnez took the opportunity to stealthily walk toward him with a grin on her face.

“Fancy to see you here,” Agnez said as she wrapped her arms around Mykel’s chest from behind as she stared at Mykel’s genital. “Want to play?” Agnez whispered.

Mykel turned around and saw Jeanne, Nagy, Lillith, and Edith staring at him from the riverbank.

“They can join or watch, that shouldn’t be a problem, right?” Agnez asked and started kissing Mykel’s right shoulder.

“A few hours won’t be enough and you know it. I also don’t sleep with those three,” Mykel answered as he walked to the riverbank and used fire around his body to dry his body and hair while Nagy and Edith looked away because they were embarrassed to see his naked body.

“Then we can do it once we cleared the twentieth floor. Maybe Jeanne wants to join us as well since we both haven’t played with you for a while,” Agnez said as she removed her bra and panties.

“You should be worried about the peeping eyes. There are people are coming this way right now,” Mykel replied as he put on his shirt and pants. “While you guys are here, there’s something I want you guys to do tomorrow,” Mykel said as he looked at them.

“There’s a totem that I want you guys to find,” Mykel said as he put his gloves on. “It’s important for the shaman, and once you find it, destroy it immediately,”

“A totem? What it looks like?” Jeanne asked.

“It’s something that your hand can wrap it around. It’s made of gold with a sapphire inside. You will recognize it once you see it for yourself,” Mykel answered. “Just don’t forget,” Mykel said as he walked away.

“He’s gone already, why are you both still looking away?” Agnez asked as she dipped herself in the water. “Is it because you can erase that image from your head,” Agnez continued with a smirk on her face.

Nagy and Edith’s faces went red because Agnez was right about it.

The next morning, everyone climbed up the hill because of how steep the path was. Mykel and Rozan were already on top since they flew away and didn’t have to trouble themselves to climb the hill.

“Is that where we are going to go?” Rozan asked Manna.

“Yes, but I don’t remember there’s a temple there,” Manna answered as she looked at the half-built temple. “Minak said that there’s smoke, and if I’m right about it, then the smoke should be right in front of us now, but I don’t see any,” Manna walked to the front and looked around.

“Maybe they don’t use it anymore?” Rozan asked as he looked at the air around him.

The moment Rozan said that, one of Asmond’s men started coughing. Everyone looked at him as he fell to the ground while he held his neck.

“Or not,” Rozan said as he looked around and used wind magic to neutralize the air around him.

It helped the man recover thanks to Rozan’s quick thinking and saved his life.

“Thank you,” Asmond said as he looked at Rozan.

“No need to mention, this is an easy task for me and I can protect you guys as long as you all stay near me,” Rozan replied.

While they were busy checking the guy’s condition, Edith squinted her eyes and stared at something in front of her. She suddenly tilted her head and saw something fly past her then hit a guy’s neck.

“Ouch!” The guy put his hand on his neck and felt a small needle like a cactus needle that he barely could see. “What the fuck is this?” He said as he pulled out and looked at it.

In less than five seconds the guy’s body was paralyzed and fell like a rock with his mouth foaming.

Gunnar was staring at the guy and then his neck got stabbed by dozen of needles. He brushed them off like it was nothing to him, and then he looked at the notification in front of him.

“Since we aren’t welcome here, I’m going to mess this place up,” Gunnar said and slammed the ground with his axe.

The ground in front of Gunnar shattered all the way to the temple, and the tribal people who hid behind and on the trees were falling down into the cracks on the ground.

“How do you like that?” Gunnar asked as he saw the trees were collapsing and falling down.


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