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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 150 Bahasa Indonesia

Asmond stood still and stared at Agnez’s back, he was staring at her and didn’t even blink his eyes. It wasn’t awe or admiration, it was more of a shock of fear when he saw a glimpse of a sinister grin on Agnez’s face that didn’t belong to her. A face that only a demon could make, a face that shocked him to the core because it was terrifying to look at.

Nobody saw what Asmond saw because they were far away from him and they didn’t notice Agnez’s presence until she suddenly appeared next to him.

[You have saved the Triev World from Demon King Behemoth!]

[All the floors that belonged to the Triev world are now being reunited!]

Jaste and Cygnus were panicking because the ground was trembling heavily since it was the first time they cleared the world.

“Asmond, are you alright?” Kastor asked as he ran toward him.

Asmond kept staring at Agnez who was hiding her face by looking away.

“Asmond?” Kastor raised his eyebrows and grabbed Asmond’s left shoulder. “What’s wrong?”

Asmond snapped back to reality and looked at Kastor with a shocked expression. “Huh? Oh, nothing,” Asmond answered as he shook his head.

Agnez turned around and walked past Asmond, he got chills all over his body.

“Miss Agnez,” Asmond called nervously.

Agnez turned around and just raised her eyebrow without saying a single word. Her face was normal and Asmond was a bit confused because he was sure saw a demonic face on Agnez’s face.

“What?” Agnez asked.

“N-nothing, I thought I saw something,” Asmond answered as he shook his head.

Agnez furrowed her eyebrows and then walked away.

[For your achievement, the Constellations have prepared you a wonderful gift!]

Mykel stared at the achievement but then another notification appeared in front of him.

[Would you like to donate your [Arcana Coins] as a gift to the [User(s)] who cleared the fifteenth floor of the Behemoth Tower? The minimum donation is 500 [Arcana Coins]]

[Yes.] [No.]

Mykel tapped the [Yes] button and then a blank screen with a bar appeared in front of him.

[Please enter the amount of [Arcana Coins] that you want to donate. (An [Arcana Chest] cost is 50,000 [Arcana Coins])]

Before Mykel could type in the amount of [Arcana Coin] that he wanted to donate, a notification appeared.

[God Loki has donated [40,000] [Arcana Coins]]

[Goddess Aphrodite has donated [40,000] [Arcana Coins]]

[Goddess Hera has donated [50,000] Arcana Coins]]

[Goddess Mara has donated [150,000] [Arcana Coins] and bought [Exclusive Arcana Chest] for the User [Asmond Redfeld]]

Mykel stared at the live feed of the Constellations that donated their [Arcana Coins] for the gift. He was so close to donating a half million [Arcana Coins] so Gunnar and the others would get one chest each.

Loki, Aphrodite, and Hera seemed to be sending a message to Mykel that it would be best to not stand out because all the Constellations could see the live feed. He then donated [10,000] [Arcana Coins] because that amount was still reasonable and not suspicious at all.

[Thank you for your participation!]

[You have gained 20 [Constellation Points] from donation!]

[You have gained 300 [Constellation Points] from your [Recipient(s)] achievement!]

[2,320/10,000 [Constellation Points] to level up your [Authority] to level [2]!]

Every 500 [Arcana Coins] that was donated or gifted was equal to 1 [Constellation Point]. Mykel gifted each of his recipients 100,000 [Arcana Coins] back then and it was equal to 2,000 [Constellation Points].

Mykel was informed that [Authority] level 2 needed a total of 100,000 [Constellation Points] to reach level 3. A level 3 [Authority] needed 1,000,000 [Constellation Points] and he understood how hard it was to level up [Authority] since they would need billions of [Arcana Coins] to spend.

“Would she notice if I gifted millions of Arcana Coins to them? Knowing that I have become a God, she must be paying more attention to me, and I’m too scared to try it,” Mykel said in his mind.

The donation screen disappeared and then a new one appeared.

[A total of [11] [Arcana Chests] and [1] [Exclusive Arcana Chest] are being delivered to [Triev] World]

Mykel looked at the sky and the chests fell right in front of Asmond, one of them looked different from the others and that would be the [Exclusive Arcana Chest] that Mara bought for Asmond.

The moment Agnez and Lillith saw the chests, they both turned around and looked at Mykel. He just smirked and nodded up at the chests.

Jaste and Cygnus were staring at the chests, but the moment they wanted to touch them, Agnez pointed her sword at them.

“What do you think you’re doing? You did nothing and you expect us to let you have some?” Agnez said and then Gunnar, Sven, and Vincze walked toward them and blocked them from getting closer to the chests.

“We just want to look what’s inside the chest,” Jaste looked at the chest behind Gunnar’s massive body. “I’m not going to take anything and I don’t think we dare to take it from you after we saw you just cut the demon in half,”

Gunnar looked at Agnez and waited for her response, she nodded her head and let Jaste, Cygnus, and their teams look at the rewards.

Asmond looked at the notification from Mara and mentioned the chest that she bought just for him. He looked at the glowing chest right in front of him with Enma and Kastor, he then opened it and was overwhelmed by the rewards.

Mykel stared at the jet-black block of material in Asmond’s hands, and he saw Asmond was wreathed in a smile as he laughed with disbelief. He didn’t know what kind of material was that, but if Mara was the one who gave it to him, it would be a Godly material and it would be nice if he could take it from Asmond.

“He would give me some if I ask him, but that would only bring me trouble,” Mykel said to himself as he walked toward Agnez and the others.

Mykel stood in front of the chests and most of the [Arcana Coins] that were spent on the donation came from Loki and the others. Basically, it all belonged to Agnez and the others, but he saw two extra chests and they didn’t need more of them because they already had more than enough.

“Kastor, Enma,” Mykel called them both who were busy listening to Asmond’s explanation of the material and scrolls in his hands.

Kastor and Enma turned around and looked at Mykel, then Mykel pointed at the two chests from the left.

“Those two are yours, you can have them since we already have one each,” Mykel said.

Kastor and Enma were shocked and looked at Mykel with disbelief.

“Really? Can we really have those?” Enma asked as she pointed at the chest.

“Yes, you need a better shield anyway, so it’s yours,” Mykel nodded his head and gently smiled at Enma.

Enma ran toward the chest and immediately opened it, she saw the same rewards as the other chests. She took the [Blessed Damascus Steel] and looked at it with a huge grin on her face as she chuckled and made cute noises.

Mykel didn’t bother for them to have the material since if it didn’t forge carefully it would become a very bad quality weapon and armor. Knowing there was nobody on Earth that could process that material, they wouldn’t last that long.

Mykel turned around and saw the giants standing in line and staring at them in the distance. He then looked at Agnez and tilted his head toward the giants, she nodded with understanding and walked toward them with Mykel and Edith.

Lark and Dougal were standing next to each other as they watched Agnez walk toward them.

“Thank you for saving our world, Agnez Maurice,” Lark said as he went on his knee to look closer to Agnez.

“You sounded a bit disappointed there, Lark,” Agnez said with her arms crossed. “Were you hoping for chaos to happen when we entered the fifteenth floor?”

Lark laughed and nodded his head. “Yes, we were hoping something like that but you were amazing over there. Not to mention the demon inside your body is really powerful,” Lark answered.

“It’s better for you to keep your mouth shut about it and keep it a secret to your grave,” Agnez said and stared at both Lark and Dougal. “If you say my name to someone else, I will kill every giant in this world and I will make sure you will suffer,”

Lark bursted out laughing and it attracted everyone’s attention, but then he shook his head.

“There’s no reason for us to do something like that because you have gained our respect. There might be stronger people out there but right now, you’re the one that we follow. So, if you need more muscles and brute force, you can count on us,” Lark said and all the warriors were nodding their heads in agreement.

“Alright, that’s fair enough,” Agnez said and then walked back to grab her chest.

Lark quietly stared at Mykel and squinted his eyes because he felt a far more dangerous aura inside his body. By comparison to Agnez’s aura, it was like a sun compared to earth, it made Agnez’s dangerous aura look like it was nothing compared to Mykel’s.

“What a petrifying aura,” Lark said under his breath.


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