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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 149 Bahasa Indonesia

“That’s it? Are we done here?” Agnez asked as she pulled her black hair back with blood on her glove and smeared it all over her hair. She looked around with her steel scabbard that was wrapped with leather in her hand and covered with blood.

Jaste wiped the blood on his lips as he stared at Agnez who was unscratched even though everyone was focusing on her. He understood why she was the leader and he could tell that she wasn’t even using half her power to fight them.

Although Agnez didn’t use half of her power, Jaste and the others also didn’t use everything because they had to save it for the fight on the fifteenth floor. They didn’t want to risk going all out when the outcome had been decided the moment Agnez swung her scabbard at them.

The blonde-haired guy was laying on the ground and stared at Agnez for quite a while, he just realized how amazing she was and he fell in love with her. He then stood up as he groaned and put his right hand on his left ribs.

“What’s your name?” The blonde-haired guy asked as he approached Agnez.

“Agnez,” Agnez answered as she rid the blood on the scabbard by swinging it around.

“Agnez…” The blonde-haired guy mumbled under his breath and tried to carve that name in his head. “My name is Cygnus,” Cygnus said as he offered his hand for a handshake.

Agnez furrowed her eyebrows and stared at Cygnus’s hand, but she ignored his offer and turned around with her military trench coat that was draped over her shoulder and slapped Cygnus’s hand.

Cygnus smirked a bit as he clenched his fist and watched Agnez walk away, he then walked back to check on his team’s condition.

“See? It’s faster and easier this way,” Agnez looked at Kastor then walked past him and looked at Gunnar and the others. “Let’s get going, we still have to clear another tower today,”

Agnez and the others walked past them and went to the north side of the village.

“Wait!” Jaste shouted as he ran toward them. “We will be joining you guys,”

Agnez turned around and saw Jaste and Cygnus with their teams running toward them.

“We want to join as well,” Cygnus said as he caught his breath. “Can we?” He asked with his eyebrows frowned.

“As long as you all follow my command then I will allow it,” Agnez answered with her arms crossed and stared at them through the black glasses she wore.

“Fine by me!” Cygnus smiled and nodded with understanding.

Jaste looked at the man in the white robe, the guy nodded, and then Jaste looked at Agnez as he nodded with understanding.

All of them entered the portal and were immediately welcomed by a notification.

[The servant of the second Demon Lord Razkalen of Behemoth has been waiting for this moment]

[Kill the servant and the Triev world will be reunited]

It was a vast land with dried grass and big trees were far from each other making it look like they were in the middle of a savanna. A giant creature like a human with the skin and head of a tiger was staring at them from the distance in front of the tower.

The demon tiger roared at them and inflicted fear on those who had low [Mind-Stability] skill levels.

“This should be easy, let’s go and end this quickly,” Agnez said as she unsheathed her sword and started to walk toward the demon with Gunnar and the others following her from behind.

“I heard that you have become a decent Awakener, Asmond, why don’t you show it to us?” Agnez asked and stared at Asmond over her left shoulder. “Maybe she will reconsider her decision,” Agnez smirked and teased Jeanne as Agnez glanced at her.

Asmond stole a quick glance at Jeanne and she didn’t react to Agnez’s words, but if Agnez really thought he could make it happen, there was no reason for him to not do it.

“I will do my best,” Asmond said with a serious expression.

Agnez looked away and couldn’t help but smile while Gunnar and Rozan could see her expression clearly since they were right next to her. She then cleared her throat and looked at Asmond while she was holding her smile. “Good, now show us what you got,”

Asmond looked back. “Enma, Kastor, let’s do this!” Asmond said as he stared at both of them.

Asmond started charging toward the demon with Enma and Kastor then followed by their team. Jaste and Cygnus were staring at Agnez with a bit confused but then they both decided to follow Asmond and charged at the demon.

Enma ran past Asmond with her shield ready and Kastor was right behind her while the demon stood still and kept staring at them unfazed.

“Agnez, are you seriously going to let them have it? I thought you want to take care of the demon yourself?” Gunnar asked with his shield in his left hand.

“Of course not,” Agnez answered. “It’s just that I know something that they don’t,” She continued and looked at them running toward the demon in the distance.

Mazikeen informed Agnez about the servant, even though the demon looked normal and not menacing like the others, it had unbelievable speed and accuracy. Mazikeen mentioned that the demon could gouge eyes in a split second with its claws that the victim didn’t realize until darkness and pain started kicking in.

“So the claws are the most dangerous part of the demon?” Rozan asked after he listened to Agnez’s explanation.

“Yes, it could extend for a few inches and it could tear anything with ease,” Agnez nodded her head in agreement. “I’m just wondering if it’s true and used them as bait,”

The demon slowly lowered its body and dashed forward shocking Enma, but she was in time to raise her shield. The demon scratched the shield and it cut her shield like it was made of cardboard that exposing her body to the demon. Kastor reacted immediately and thrust his sword at the demon but the demon dodged it and ran past them.

They looked back and saw the demon showing its long claws, the demon was ready to tear everyone’s body open with its claws. Luckily, Asmond was there and he watched everything, he immediately used his [Nemesis] skill to fight the demon.

Asmond swung his sword at the demon so quickly that everyone could only see his afterimages. The demon itself was still able to dodge all Asmond’s attacks and fast enough to do a counterattack.

Asmond knew if the demon scratched his sword, his sword would be cut in half so he didn’t want to bother to parry or block the demon’s attack. He dodged the long claws and slowly adapted to the growth in his body after receiving the same amount of power that the demon had.

The others hesitated to join them because they didn’t want to hurt Asmond by accident, so they all just watched him in the distance. Jaste and Cygnus were amazed by Asmond’s skills and ability to match with the demon’s speed.

Asmond managed to thrust and cut the demon but he wasn’t fast enough to be able to swing a deadly blow at it. He started to struggle because the duration of his [Nemesis] skill was about to over, and he knew that he wouldn’t be able to match with the demon’s speed and strength.

“I think it’s time for me to join the battle,” Agnez said as she looked at her left arm.

Agnez activated [Demonic Possession] and she realized after testing it out for the past few days about the skill. She got an extra skill that appeared the moment she was in a [Possessed] state, and that was [Demonification] which allowed her to take over a percentage of the power that the demon possessed based on the [Demonic Possession] skill level.

Agnez activated the [Demonification] and half of her face slowly turn pale red, she felt like her face was burning but it was bearable. The [Demonification] was slowly coming down to her neck, shoulder, chest, and all the way down to the left side of her body.

“I have been wanting to try this,” Agnez’s voice was vibrating and it sounded like a demonic voice combined with hers. It’s like Mazikeen and Agnez’s voice was overlayed with each other.

Gunnar and the others looked at her transformation and noticed her left eye was glowing red like a demon.

“Now, to top it off, I shall use this skill as well,” Agnez said as she activated [Harmony] skill.

Agnez was so excited and she could feel her chest thumping really hard.

“It’s showtime,” Agnez said as she moved her sword from her right hand to her left hand.

Agnez took a giant leap and it was so fast that she already reached the area where Asmond was in less than three seconds.

Asmond was surprised to see Agnez suddenly appear next to him with her left arm ready to swing her sword downward at the demon.

Agnez cut the demon in half and the demon wasn’t even fast enough to react to her speed.

[You have cleared the fifteenth floor of Behemoth Tower]

[You are the first to clear the fifteenth floor]

[Please enter your name]

[Enter the Tower of Behemoth to enter the sixteenth floor]

[The blue portal to your original world is now open!]


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