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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 137 Bahasa Indonesia

“That weapon! You defeated him?!” The demoness glared at the flame sword with disbelief. “How?! You, humans, are inferior to us demons! I will not let a single one of you alive!”

The demoness ran toward the battlefield where the Awakeners and demons were busy fighting each other. She then suddenly spread her hair and stabbed every single one of them, demons and humans were strangled by her hair.

“What’s she doing?” Gunnar asked and looked at all the demons and Awakeners were twitching uncontrollably, and then Vincze started to twitch as well.

“She’s controlling them and making them her marionettes,” Lillith answered after she looked at the demoness memories. “She’s using her hair and messing up their brains, she’s going to control them by manipulating their brains,”

“Oh fuck, does that mean we are going to fight Vincze and those Awakeners? How the hell are we going to do that without harming them or killing them?” Gunnar looked at Lillith with concern.

Nagy pointed at the demoness. “No, we can just cut her hair and they will be freed from her,” Nagy said and looked at Gunnar. “I also find her weakness, it was on top of her head and there’s a strand of hair from which her power came from,”

“I see, that’s a relief,” Rozan nodded his head with understanding. “Gunnar and I will take care of her hair while you guys tried to deal with the demons and Awakeners,”

“I will take care of Vincze, you guys can deal with the others,” Lillith twirled her daggers as she stared at Vincze. “Just kill the demons first because they’re a hindrance since the Awakeners aren’t even a threat to us,”

All of them nodded with understanding and started to walk toward the demoness and her marionettes.

Vincze stared at Lillith who was approaching him with a blank expression and emptiness in his eyes. Although the demoness controlled his brain, he moved normally as if it was the real him. Lillith wasn’t bothered by it because it didn’t change anything since she knew how to kill him and knew his weaknesses.

“I don’t know if you’re still conscious, but I’m not going to hold back and will treat you like an enemy,” Lillith stared at Vincze dead in the eye.

Vincze was still able to think and see but that was it, he couldn’t control his body, he couldn’t even blink. He was scared when he saw Lillith walking toward him and after hearing that, the only thing he had in mind was hope that he didn’t die by her hand.

Lillith ran toward Vincze and his body started to move and pointed his spear at her. She dodged every thrust that Vincze threw at her and kept moving forward like it was nothing to her. She knew every move and pattern of Vincze’s attacks that she could do it with her eyes closed.

Lillith weaved and suddenly she already was right in front of Vincze’s face. “No hard feelings,”

Lillith grabbed Vincze’s right shoulder and dislocated it in an instant then his wrist and fingers in less than a second. She then grabbed Vincze’s right arm and slammed him to the ground, she dislocated his right shoulder by twisting it forcefully.

Vincze could feel the pain and hear the cracking sound of his bones over and over from his shoulders down to all the joints of his fingers. He couldn’t do anything but cry and it was the most painful moment in his entire life.

Lillith sat on top of Vincze’s body as she stared down at him without even a pang of single guilt on her face. “Ah, you’re crying, does that mean you’re still in there?” she said as she raised her eyebrow. “I’m not done yet, so stop crying,”

Vincze was devastated when he heard that even though Lillith knew that he could feel the pain, she didn’t stop there and continued to torture him. He finally realized how crazy she was and was dumbfounded how could a person could be so heartless, but one thing he knew was that he didn’t want to mess with her ever.

“This sword is amazing!” Gunnar said as he stared at demons that he burned into ashes. “But I think this weapon is too heavy to wield,”

“Can you deal with the demoness, Gunnar? I will shackle her,” Rozan said as he put the Awakeners into the deep pit he made so they didn’t bother them while they were dealing with the demoness.

“Leave it to me!” Gunnar swung the sword around. “Gerrard! I’m going to need your help!”

Gerrard nodded with understanding as he shot arrows at the demons in the distance.

(In District 10)

“Shit, I’m not strong enough to fight this guy,” Sven fell to his knees with his face and broken armor covered in blood.

Sven weakly lifted his head and looked at the demon with long two horns that crossed at each other. The whole body was covered in hair like a bear and the demon was holding Sven’s scythe that he took from him.

“Human… weak…” The demon said with its glowing green eyes and long fangs as he approached Sven with the scythe dragged on the ground.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever,” Sven weakly said as he kept staring at the demon with annoyance.

The Awakeners were ordered by Sven to not fight the demon because it had the power to consume the human soul and made it his. The demon had consumed at least a dozen of souls and the gap between the demon and Sven was getting wider and wider. Vince had no chance against him, not after the demon consumed a dozen of souls.

“If we got some help, it would be great,” Sven groaned as he tried to stand up but his knees were trembling heavily and his head spinning.

“Did someone is asking for help?” A soothing woman’s voice could be heard from behind Sven.

Sven turned around and saw Zherlthsh and Vixelleth walking toward him. He was a bit surprised and kind of relieved to see them, but at the same time, he was a bit disappointed because he thought they were nothing but ordinary humans.

“Miss Zeth, Miss Vix?” Sven raised his eyebrows.

“We will take care of the demon from here on out. You can go and get yourself treated,” Zherlthsh said as she walked past Sven and approached the demon.

“But, Miss Zeth, you won’t be able to handle him!” Sven said with his eyes barely opened.

The demon was shocked when he saw two of them because their demonic auras were oozing out from their body. Only demons could sense them and it was the only way to tell if a demon was superior to them.

Both Zherlthsh and Vixelleth’s auras were nothing like any other demons, their auras were enough to cover everything in red and purple. Zherlthsh aura was dark red while Vixelleth’s was bright purple and it colored the air with their colors.

The demon was scared of those two that he started to walk backward with his hands trembling.

Zherlthsh dashed forward so quickly that it was impossible for anyone to see her movement at all. She was already standing in front of the demon and grabbed on his neck as he lifted him up.

Vixelleth glanced at Sven who was dumbfounded by what he saw. “Leave,” she said as if she was ordering him instead of telling him. Her gaze was enough to tell that she was threatening him and if he didn’t leave, he would regret it.

Sven nodded and slowly walked away and he ordered the rest of them to retreat as well because it didn’t matter how strong they were. If Zherlthsh and Vixelleth’s presence could scare the demon, they were stronger than the demon himself and it was better to not get involved in whatever those two were trying to do.

“So, you’re a new demon, huh?” Zherlthsh asked since she could tell how young the demon was and how the demon reacted to their presence.

“Demon? Strong?” The demon asked and didn’t try to resist at all because he was inferior to them both.

“Is uncle really being serious to bring this stupid demon down here? Isn’t he have thousands of demons that are stronger than him?” Zherlthsh asked as she looked at Vixelleth with confusion.

“Who knows, maybe he’s not interested in his plan since we know that he’s also trying to take the throne from him. Maybe he was preparing an army for that,” Vixelleth answered. “Let’s just kill him, we are just wasting our time here. We should go to the next tower, Mammon is it?”

Zherlthsh nodded with understanding and stared at the demon as she tightened her grip then she slammed the demon down to the ground. It was so loud that everyone was startled by it and couldn’t help but to look at what happened.

Sven saw the demon’s body splattered on the ground while Vixelleth was watching the demon with her arms crossed.

“Holy shit,” Sven said and immediately collapsed because he had endured the pain for too long.


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