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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 13 Bahasa Indonesia

Mykel was messing around with the list of the command system when he found a command for [Character]. He had no idea what was that for so he tried to use that command in the command prompt.

The purpose of the [Character] command was to find out the information of all the characters in the story. Out of curiosity, he checked Lyneth’s information and he could see everything about her.

[Name: Lyneth Leonis]

[Gender: Female]

[Race: Human]

[Hair: Medium-Long (Brown)]

[Height: 5.7 ft]

[Weight: 161 lbs]

[Size(s): 40 – 27 – 36]

[Age: 28]

[Status: Unmarried (Engaged)]

[Interest: Shopping, Spending money, Strong man, Mysterious guy, Sex, Mykel Alester]

[Networth: 109,512,000,000 Zeny]

[Story: Lyneth Leonis the daughter of Marvin Leonis, the owner of the Guild Association. She is engaged to Kastor Noble and she loves him because he is dependable and a strong man. Her love interest has changed because of her affair with Mykel Alester and she is now uncertain if it is the right decision to marry Kastor Noble or not.]


Mykel tried to tap on the [Edit] but then a notification appears in front of him.



“Hmm?” Mykel hummed as he looked at the command system. “This is interesting. I can modify Awakener’s status but not Character?” he continued as he leaned on the sofa in his hotel room.

“I wonder how long it takes for me to level up this Admin skill,” Mykel said as he rubbed his chin. “I have been meditating for the past few days but it didn’t even show any progression,” he continued as he sighed and stared at the ceiling.

While he was thinking about how to level up his [Admin] skill, the darkness slowly faded away and the bright sun started to shine. He looked at the balcony and he immediately stood up and went out to the balcony.

Mykel looked at the people on the street down below, they all looked so happy and relieved when the sun came back and the moon slowly descended. Then a notification appeared in front of Mykel, a big one that was.

[The demons have been defeated, congratulation to all the Awakeners who fought bravely and protected the humans! As the sun rises, a ray of hope comes to bring warmth and light to all the Awakeners]

While Mykel was reading the notification, he could hear a very loud rumbling from the sky. He looked up and saw the blue sky slowly fade away and everyone could see the stars gathered and forming themselves in various shapes.

[The Constellations have come to offer their help to those who seek power to defeat the demons! Every star you see in the sky is equal to the Gods and Goddesses that are interested in your small world. All the Gods and Goddesses will stay until all evil leave the small world of yours]

[As an act of generosity, all the Gods and Goddesses have prepared you a gift]

[You have obtained 2000 Arcana Coin!]

[You can access the shop through your status screen]

[Fight and the Constellations will always be there to help]

The moment the last notification disappeared, the blue sky slowly came back and went back to normal as if nothing happened.

Mykel took a deep breath and closed his eyes as he could finally feel the warmth of the su. While he was enjoying the sun he heard notification sounds from all directions that started to bug him out. He opened his right eye and he saw stacks of notifications then he opened his left eye and saw other dozens of notifications.

Mykel stared at them and he seemed unfazed by the notifications around him because not all those Constellations were a higher being, only a very small amount of them that could be called a real God or Goddesses. The system decided to mix them all together and became a single stack of notifications since Mykel wasn’t interested in a lot of them.

[41,523 Constellations are watching you with interest]

“If you’re here just to watch, then don’t bother me,” Mykel said as he looked at the notification.

The numbers were still the same and Mykel stared at it with disbelief, and it felt like he was being stalked by thousands of people and it was unpleasant.

Mykel sat down and looked at the ceiling as the Constellations were still watching him with interest.

“Fine, if you guys want to play, let’s play a game,” Mykel said as he put his cigarette in his mouth. “Those who are in more than one faction can stay,” he continued as he looked at the notification.

[34,992 Constellations are watching you with interest]

“Those who are in or more than two factions can stay,” Mykel said as he lit his cigarette.

[23,411 Constellations are watching you with interest]

“Those who are in or more than three factions can stay,” Mykel said as he puffed the smoke.

[10,024 Constellations are watching you with interest]

“Those who are in or more than four factions can stay,” Mykel said as he sighed and stared at the notification.

[3,742 Constellations are watching you with interest]

Mykel leaned forward since he finally got a bit interested in these constellations. “Those who are in or more than five factions can stay,”

[418 Constellations are watching you with interest]

“Those who are in or more than six factions can stay,” Mykel said as he held his cigarette with the ashes falling down to the carpet.

As soon as Mykel said that, the notification disappeared, and he immediately sighed as he leaned on the sofa. “What a letdown,” he said as he smoked his cigarette.

“It seems that she’s not interested in me yet,” Mykel said as he put off his cigarette. “What a hard-to-get Goddess you are,” he continued as he laid down on the bed.

Mykel’s phone vibrates and he immediately grabbed it from his pocket, he smirked because Jeanne messaged him and told him that she was interested in the deal. He then replied and told her to meet up in a fancy restaurant near his hotel.

“Hi, sorry that it took me so long to get here. The traffic was kind of bad since the sun came back up,” Jeanne said as she sat down at the table.

“You don’t have to worry about that. So, are you hungry? You can order anything that you want here,” Mykel replied and drank a glass of whiskey.

“I think I’m good…” Jeanne hesitantly answered as soon as she looked at the price of the food.

Mykel chuckled and then open the menu, he then snapped his finger at the waitress.

“Ready to take your order, Sir?” The waitress asked as she readied the pencil in her hand.

“Give both of us a medium-rare steak with the best meat you have here. Also, I would to have your finest bottle of red wine,” Mykel answered.

“Anything else, Sir?” The waitress asked as she looked at Mykel.

“That would be it, for now, thank you,” Mykel smiled at her and the waitress blushed then left.

“I can tell you like to eat steak since you have been staring at the table over there,” Mykel said as he tilted his head to the right.

Jeanne immediately looked down embarrassed because Mykel was right about it.

They both enjoyed their lunch and Jeanne was so shocked about the steak because it was the best food she ever had. After they ate their lunch, Mykel brought her to the weapon and armor store because she needed them to fight demons.

“Are you sure it’s okay for me to buy this, Mykel? All of the weapons here are so expensive,” Jeanne asked as she looked at the swords that were displayed on the wall.

“Would you rather have a cheap weapon and then it breaks while you’re fighting demons?” Mykel asked as he raised his eyebrow. “Don’t be so cheap about anything if your life is depending on it,” he continued as he looked at Jeanne.

Jeanne nodded with understanding and then she started looking for the right weapon for her.

Based on the story, Jeanne was a master swordsman and she was one of the best sword wielders in the story. Mykel suggested Jeanne use a sword as her weapon and she agreed with his decision, so in the end, Mykel bought her the best sword in the store.

“Thank you for buying all these for me,” Jeanne said as she looked at the sword in her hand and the armor in both Mykel’s hands.

“No need to mention that,” Mykel answered with a smile on his face.

“So, what do we do next?” Jeanne asked as she put the sword on her waist.

“What do we do? Of course, we are going to the tower,” Mykel answered while chuckling.

“Huh?!” Jeanne looked at Mykel with disbelief. “Right now? But I have never done this before!” she continued while she was panicking.

“I will protect you,” Mykel said as he walked and stood in front of Jeanne. “Do you trust me?” he asked as he lowered his body and looked at Jeanne in the eye.

Jeanne nodded shyly. “I trust you,” she replied.


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