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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 129 Bahasa Indonesia

“Who are you?!” Agnez stood in the middle of the darkness with nothing on her as she stared at a woman who had three horns on her forehead and batwings on her back that covered her face and body with it. “Are you a spirit who possessed my body?”

The spirit chuckled mischievously as she slowly opened the wings to reveal herself. A long dark red-haired woman that it dragged on the ground stared at Agnez with her all-black eyes. She smiled sinisterly at Agnez and Agnez could feel the violence that was oozing out from the spirit’s body.

“A spirit you say?” The woman’s asked as she walked toward Agnez so arrogantly with her chin up.

The woman was two times taller than Agnez and she stood right in front of Agnez and stared down at her.

“You can call me that if you want,” The woman smirked as she rested her hands on her waist.

“What do you want from me?” Agnez asked and showed no fear in her eyes.

“I will live inside your body and I’m going to give you power that nobody else can achieve,” The woman answered as she reached out her hand at Agnez.

“Power? I’m not stupid enough to let myself trust a demon,” Agnez replied and stared at the woman in the eye.

“How cute,” The woman said as she bent her knees to look Agnez in the eye. “Sadly, I’m not asking a question and there’s nothing you can do once I’m already inside your body,”

The woman disappeared and Agnez felt like her body was being pulled out forcefully and that it was hard to breathe.

“Agnez?!” Gunnar yelled as he shook Agnez’s shoulders and it was enough to put her back to her sense.

Agnez looked at them and she looked so confused about what happened because they all looked so worried. She turned around and saw the circle was gone and everything inside it, she didn’t remember anything from the moment she lost her consciousness.

“What happened?” Agnez asked quietly as she held her head with her right hand because her head felt so heavy that she might collapse again anytime soon.

“What do you mean what happened? You’re the one who did this,” Rozan answered and pointed at the mess she made. “Are you sure you’re, okay? Your left eye is red,” he pointed at her left eye and everyone noticed it as well because it looked like a blood stain.

Dougal stared at Agnez and immediately walked away because he had become the chief of the village. Agnez knew Dougal had been staring at her and so she stared at him and asked for some kind of explanation.

“I need water,” Agnez said as she leaned on Gunnar’s shoulder because all her strength felt like it was being drained in an instant. Edith immediately grabbed a bottle of water and helped her drink, she emptied the whole bottle and asked for more.

Gunnar carried Agnez on his back as they all walked back to the village because they couldn’t continue with Agnez in that condition. Dougal provided them a house to live in, a house that belonged to one of the giants that became sacrificial for the ritual.

Three days had passed and Agnez’s condition didn’t get any better, she got even worse and her fever was so high that her sweat dried out in less than a minute. Gunnar and the others didn’t know what happened to her and so Gerrard decided to stop the attempt and back home so she could get the best treatment. Kastor was worried about Agnez’s condition as well and knew it was for the best for everyone to stop the attempt.

Agnez had been suffering for whispers that wouldn’t let her be, and it took a huge toll on her body and mind. Even now, she was still hearing the whispers from that woman’s voice, it made her head spin like crazy.

They left the tower and it was another disappointment for Asmond because he thought he could gain something from clearing the Behemoth tower. He was a bit mad at Agnez who suddenly got sick and because of her, she wasted his time but he didn’t dare to say anything and kept it deep inside.

Lyneth with Zherlthsh and Vixelleth came to the hospital after she heard about what happened to Agnez. She asked about what happened and Rozan explained everything to her while Zherlthsh and Vixelleth listened from the distance.

“I never thought it would be possible to bring her out to this world by possessing a body,” Zherlthsh said as she stared at Rozan. “I’m talking about Agnez who managed to contain our sister’s power inside her body,”

“Agnez won’t survive if it keeps going on like this, and if Mykel knew that we killed one of his people, we are in grave danger,” Vixelleth sighed and looked at the ceiling and could sense her sister’s presence from the top floors. “We should pay her a visit and drain the demonic power in her body to release the pain,”

“Zeth, Vix, come on, we are going to see Agnez,” Lyneth looked at both of them as she stood in front of the lift.

The three of them walked the hallway and saw Gunnar and the rest of them waiting outside the room. Gunnar said that Agnez’s condition was getting worse and the doctor said if her condition worsened, there was nothing he could do to save her life.

Lyneth entered the room with Zherlthsh and Vixelleth, they saw Agnez was sleeping and it looked like she was in a coma. The room was so cold that it struck Lyneth’s bones and the reason was to lower Agnez’s body temperature.

“What happened to you,” Lyneth asked with a worried expression and tried to hold Agnez’s hand but then she immediately pulled her hand because it was so hot like boiling water.

“Please stay here, both of you, let me call the best doctors to treat her!” Lyneth said and then left the room.

Zherlthsh and Vixelleth grabbed Agnez’s hands and they took the demonic power from her body. Even though both of them were suffering from the burn and while they were draining the power, Agnez suddenly opened her eyes and pulled both of them toward her.

“You dare to take my power?!” Agnez asked as she glared at both of them then she choked both of them as she pushed them to the wall.

The banging sound alerted Gunnar and the others but when they tried to enter the room, the door wouldn’t budge. Gunnar tried to open the door using force and hit his shoulder on the door but it was the same as if some kind of force prevented them from entering.

“Gunnar! Stop it! Look!” Rozan said as he pointed at the small square glass in the middle of the door. “Vix and Zeth were in danger!” he said as he saw both Zherlthsh and Vixelleth being pushed onto the walls.

Agnez stared at Gunnar and the others who were staring at her from outside the room then she smirked at them as she tightened her grip on their necks.

“Sister, it’s us!” Zherlthsh said as she tried to free herself but she couldn’t outmatch Agnez’s strength.

“Ah…” Agnez stared at both of them back and forth. “My younger sisters, how I miss you both so much,” she removed her hands from their necks and stared at them both with a sinister smile.

“Let us take your power away for a moment, we need that woman to be alive,” Vixelleth said as she coughed and rubbed her neck.

Agnez chuckled and put her hands on top of Zherlthsh and Vixelleth’s heads. “Take these,” she transferred almost all the power on them then fell unconscious.

Gunnar and the others finally could open the door and they ran toward Agnez to put her back on her bed.

“Zeth, Vix! Are you alright?” Edith asked with a worried expression and then saw a hand mark on their necks. It looked like their skin got burned by Agnez’s hand.

“We are fine,” Zherlthsh answered as she stood up and looked at Agnez.

Gunnar and Jeanne looked at each other because they were the ones who brought Agnez back to bed. “Do you feel it? Agnez’s fever is gone,” Gunnar asked.

“Yeah, her fever is gone,” Jeanne nodded her head as she touched Agnez’s hand.

Zherlthsh and Vixelleth started to feel the overwhelming power of their sister, they both couldn’t contain the power themselves even though they were far stronger than Agnez and not to mention that they shared the power.

They left the room and used the portal to go back to the castle.

Both of them started to scream in pain and slowly turned themselves into their true form. They broke and destroyed everything around them with their wings, tail, and claws as they walked toward Beldathiel’s room.

They entered the room and saw Beldathiel was sleeping on the bed, then they both immediately walked toward her and touched her back with their hands to transfer the power to her.

Beldathiel opened her eyes and noticed the feeling on her back. “This warmth, I know who this belongs to,” she said quietly. “Mazikeen,”


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