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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 124 Bahasa Indonesia

“What do you want?” Mykel said with his voice barely coming out of his mouth. His voice sounded like he was being choked and his pipe was being squeezed so tightly.

A massive presence was surrounding Mykel and he felt like someone or something was getting closer to him. He opened his eyes but saw nothing but darkness until a flash of light struck the void and saw a body that covered the space with its black gown.

“You have done enough,” A voice that belonged to Mara echoed in the space and it was enough to make Mykel’s whole body and heart tremble because of the vibration.

“What do you mean I have done enough?” Mykel tried to let out his voice but only a tiny bit of air came out from his voice.

The presence swiftly changed its position and it sucked him toward it as if the momentary gravitation pulled him in. A presence that was so big that it could create its own gravitation was really terrifying to imagine especially after he knew how big that body was.

Mykel knew that the massive body belonged to Mara but he couldn’t comprehend her existence at all. It was as if he created a being that could be called a real omnipotent God.

“You have given people enough peace, and nothing is eternal and so peace should be replaced with chaos once in a while,” Mara answered.

“Enough peace? Replaced it with chaos? I have done both of them! What’s your real purpose, Mara,” Mykel stared at nothingness and moved his eyes around. “Are you taking sides now?”

“No, I’m taking your presence for a moment of time and let the flow move as it is without interference,” Mara answered and her voice sounded a bit quieter than before.

“So your purpose now is to trap me in here while Lucifer sends his demon armies into my world?” Mykel slowly could regain his body and moved his fingers.

“That doesn’t mean anything since you have prepared for the worst,” Mara answered and her voice became quieter again. “It’s not your world in the first place since you don’t belong to that world,”

Mykel went quiet and glanced toward the voice.

“Who are you, Mykel Alester? A single existence that could rewrite fate with unbelievable knowledge of worlds,” Mara asked.

Mykel could hear a rustling sound of cloth rubbing each other. He looked to his right and saw a presence, a presence that was as tall as him and it stopped the moment he noticed.

“Why? Does that bother you?” Mykel asked back and kept staring at the presence.

Mara chuckled as the presence slowly disappeared and left Mykel alone in the void.

Gunnar and the others were gathering in Lyneth’s office and they all looked so worried because of Mykel. He went missing and it had been a week ever since he cleared the Belphegor tower, and they checked Veatika to find him but couldn’t find him there as well.

“This isn’t the first time something like this happened,” Lyneth said as she looked at Edith since Edith told them about when Mykel suddenly disappeared into thin air.

“Vix, Zeth, you can’t find him anywhere?” Lyneth asked with a worried expression.

Zherlthsh shook her head. “We couldn’t find him anywhere but we know that he’s fine because we know him more than anyone else,” she gently smiled at Lyneth.

“Mykel, where are you?” Lyneth sighed as she leaned on her chair.

Lillith knew exactly where Mykel went because Hera told her about him. The reason why Hera told her about him was that Lillith knew Mykel’s existence and who he had become. She kept it a secret from the others and pretended that she knew nothing about it.

“We can’t stay here and do nothing, we should clear another tower since we still have two weeks left. We need to use the time we have left to prevent some of the towers from breaking out,” Jeanne said and looked at Agnez and Gunnar.

“Which tower? There are seven towers that need to be cleared,” Agnez stared at Jeanne from the corner of her eyes with her arms crossed.

“How about Mahazael tower? It’s in District 3 and it’s better to keep District 1 to District 3 safe from the breakout, right?” Jeanne answered and looked at the others.

“I wouldn’t go there if I were you,” Vixelleth stared at Jeanne with a serious expression.

Gunnar and the others looked at Vixelleth with curiosity.

“Do you know anything about the tower? I thought you’re not an Awakener?” Agnez asked with her eyebrows furrowed.

“Mykel told us to warn you all about the towers, he had anticipated if something like this happen. If you want to clear a tower, with your current strength, you might be able to clear Behemoth tower but you will need a lot of people,” Vixelleth answered and of course, she lied about it.

Rozan and the others looked at each other because they didn’t believe her since her existence alone was suspicious. It didn’t matter who she was because the only person they believed was Mykel and Mykel alone.

“I think we should try it, we can leave after the eleventh floor if we think it’s too hard for us,” Jeanne said and looked at Agnez since she was the leader of the team.

Agnez stared at Vixelleth who had been smiling at her while Agnez was thinking if she could believe Vixelleth’s words at all.

“It’s Mykel who told her, don’t you guys believe her? We can ask Zeth since she knew Mykel,” Jeanne said as she pointed at Zherlthsh.

Everyone looked at Zherlthsh because they knew how close and daring she was toward Mykel.

“Is that true? Mykel told you about the Behemoth tower?” Agnez stared at Zherlthsh.

“Yes,” Zherlthsh lied without hesitation.

“It seems that we got the answer,” Agnez sighed and grabbed her sword. “You said that we need more people? How many that Mykel suggested?” she stared at Vixelleth.

“As much as you can bring, the more the better,” Vixelleth answered.

Agnez squinted her eyes with suspicion. “Let’s bring the Fraternity with us,” she said as she walked toward the door.

“We are going to bring them with us? Are you sure? They’re going to drag us down,” Rozan replied and stared at Agnez who stood in front of the door.

“Well, we can’t use our best Awakeners since we are going to need them during the breakout. We will use the Fraternity as our meat shield and they will be fine with it,” Agnez answered as she looked at them.

Gunnar and the others just raised their eyebrows and were a bit surprised by her answer.

“Come on, we have no time to waste,” Agnez said as she left the office.

Everyone followed Agnez while Lyneth made a phone call to Kastor to inform him about the joint team to clear the fifteenth floor of Behemoth tower.

“I like that woman,” Vixelleth said with a smile on her face as she looked at Zherlthsh.

“I wonder if she’s really like that or is it because Mykel influenced her,” Zherlthsh replied and she seemed to be interested in Agnez as well.

(In the Void Clouds)

Mykel was thinking of a way to deal with his situation and he couldn’t communicate with the Constellations as well because all his skills were prohibited in the Void Clouds. He was so desperate that he tried to open the [Admin] skill and to his surprise, he was able to use it.

Mykel tried to use the command system but his request was declined.

“Of course, but at least I know that I can still use it. No wonder I can’t level it up since it’s not actually a skill, it’s the system itself,” Mykel sighed and stared at the command system.

While Mykel was busy trying to find a way around the command system, he felt a sudden presence that appeared behind his back that gave him a chill down his spine. He immediately closed the command system and turned around to see the presence.

“What do you want?” Mykel asked as he stared at the presence.

“They entered the Behemoth tower and as we speak, they’re struggling to clear the eleventh floor,” Mara answered.

Mykel was surprised to hear that Gunnar and the others decided to clear the Behemoth tower. He was so confused because why they chose the Behemoth tower over any other towers. The Behemoth tower was the second hardest tower and he should have warned them to not enter that tower as well.

“Why are you so surprised, Mykel Alester?” Mara asked and Mykel could tell that she was contented by the fact they entered the Behemoth tower.

“Do you know who suggested them to enter the Behemoth tower? It was them, your two little devils,” Mara said.

Mykel was bewildered and Mara suddenly chuckled mischievously.

“It seems that you can never trust a demon after all,” Mara said.


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